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  1. ZQX-ONE real TI. I have '99 score: 9900 and it is an excellent game!
  2. With joystick, first I did not realise to drop stones on the caveman to increase the score
  3. Thanks for sharing, I did not know that! but my beta has the broken C symbol, however the caveman looks better than in this version ? (in Classic99) newer version (with good C symbol): Beta version:
  4. It is pretty difficult. Agree some games I started to enjoy also more in this competition and some i did not know they existed.
  5. Hi Greg are you able (or someone else) to update the table at the 1st page, below is the complete table. @arcadeshopper Microsoft Word version: TI99ATARIAGECOM-HIGHSCORECOMPETITION.docx TI99.ATARIAGE.COM - High Score Competition Table 2015 Game Score User August Munch-Man 153,840 globeron September Miner2049er 12,780 Cschneider October Micro Pinball 147,200 Vorticon November Crossfire 8,600 iwantgames December Never-Lander 275,320 Opry99er 2016 Game Score User January Parsec 133,100 mizapf February TI Invaders 17,460 Count9929A March Slymoids 74,155 Count9929A April Donkey Kong 335,800 marc.hull May Guardian 295,710 djugel June Spot-Shot 81,250 marc.hull July Barrage 666,090 InfernalKeith August TI Scramble 86,610 djugel September Protector II - - October (extended to October) 11,250 mizapf November Centipede 67,024 mizapf December Alpiner 56,268 globeron 2017 Game Score User January Tetris 405 iwantgames February Bouncy 10,143 arcadeshopper March Major Tom Platform D Opry99er April Henhouse 32,180 globeron May Frogger/TI Toad 55,250 jwild June Defender 836,800 jwild July Shamus 37,520 jwild August Buck Rogers 140,138 jwild September Star Trek SOS 1,312,525 jwild October Titanium 27,472 jwild November Q*Bert 102,585 globeron December Driving Demon 27,139 globeron 2018 Game Score User January BigFoot 27,450 Vorticon February Jet-Pac 32,525 Sinphaltimus March Jungle Hunt 28,110 magestyx April HeroX 25,050 ti99iuc May Break Free 35,365 jwild June Popeye 101,290 globeron July Perfect Push 6,464 Tursi August Pole Position 104,500 globeron September Flying Shark 53,375 PeteE October Mummy's Tomb 73 Vorticon November Cave Creatures 27,410 Opry99er December St. Nick 28,240 globeron 2019 Game Score User January Munch Man II 191,295 globeron February Chisholm Trail 65,650 jwild March Adventure 300 jwild April Blasto 44,840 chue May Borzork 11,600 jwild June Bouncy’s Obstacle Course E83,374 jwild July Tutankam 140,860 jwild August Sabre Wulf 10,530 jwild September Moon Patrol 68,100 chue October Turmoil 156,430 jwild November Eric in Monsterland 7,875 jwild December Knight Lore 17% 2 items jwild TI99.ATARIAGE.COM - High Score Competition Table 2020 Game Score User January TIX 303,028 jwild February Centipede 79,488 mizapf March Burger Time 404,050 jwild April Tex Turbo and the Big Bug Battles 82,500 FarmerPotato May Spot Shot 120,880 jwild June Arcturus 111,620 pixelpedant July Wing War 1,071 PeteE August Bounce 'N' Pounce 187,706 jwild September War Zone II 108,900 MarkSetGo October Midnight Mason 16,100 pixelpedant November Superfly 62,600 pixelpedant December Astro Fighter 109,500 MarkSetGo 2021 Game Score User Cancelled Blackhole 238,550 globeron January Skyway 49,205 jwild February Cave Creatures 18,620 Count9929A March Moon Mine 83,910 jwild April Superstorm 129,650 jwild May Junkman Jr 8,900 pixelpedant June Road Hunter 79,790 globeron July Treasure Island August September October November December 2022 Game Score User January February March April May June July August September October November December 2023 Game Score User January February March April May June July August September October November December
  6. July 2021 ----------- Treasure Island by Data East 1983 FinalGrom99 - TreasureIsland.BIN Disk. Editor/Assembler option5 - DSK1.TREASURE TREASURE.dsk TreasureIsland.BIN
  7. Here is more info. https://atariage.com/forums/topic/315554-how-to-see-if-a-chip-is-for-pal-or-ntsc-vdp-tms9929an-tms9918an-ntscpal-50hz60hz/
  8. Roadhunter. Big family edition I did several years ago with Classic99.
  9. Roadhunter. Big family edition I did several years ago with Classic99.
  10. (Forgot to submit Junkman Jr..) Road Hunter 17,840.
  11. I could not find the exact launch date of the TI-99/4A beside June 1981 (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Texas_Instruments_TI-99/4A) and I waited until June 15th (half-way June 2021) to create this video. The TI helped me to go into IT . 40 Years (June 1981-June 2021) - The TI-99/4A Home Computer and I still use it every week. See the comments below the video to experience it yourself in an online emulator. #ti99 #homecomputer 40 Years TI-99/4A Home Computer. It was launched in June 1981 and it is still operational. #ti99 Want to experience a TI-99/4A yourself? * Online emulator - js99er.net (select button Software - More - TI Invaders) Direct link: Munch-Man - https://js99er.net/#/cart/munchman * Windows emulator - http://harmlesslion.com/software/classic99 * or install it on your RetroPi (Raspberry)
  12. For the power adapter you can buy a 110v to 220v converter I did that for some TI devices, or order from Europe these adapters work well. You can also make your own eg. cut off the cord of the USA adapter and use a meanwell adaptor (I have instructions as I did it for a TI-99/4 series)
  13. Not based in Aussie, but used to come down every month for business and still have calls every week (I am based in Bangkok , similar timezone). I did sent 1.5 year ago a brand new speech synthesizer to someone, not sure if he is on the forum here.
  14. This sales guy wants to sell me 3x touch screens in 1 go with a familiar computer on it. Always fun to play Munch Man and TI Invaders in the store.
  15. Wow, very nice graphics and I enjoyed the game! All levels look good, wish I had this game in the '80s as a kid!
  16. (the The Orphan Chronicles refers to this publication of Texas Monthly - April 1984) https://www.texasmonthly.com/issue/april-1984/ https://www.texasmonthly.com/articles/death-of-a-computer/ Here is the article republished: Infoworld Part 1 https://books.google.co.th/books?id=vi4EAAAAMBAJ&pg=PA59&lpg=PA59&dq=infoworld+joseph+nocera+1984&source=bl&ots=M5y272hl_9&sig=ACfU3U1aKUjCZvSJT5gzlA8J5q4RYH_fsQ&hl=en&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwj595bova3wAhUjyjgGHR81DfkQ6AEwC3oECA8QAw#v=onepage&q=infoworld joseph nocera 1984&f=false Infoworld https://books.google.co.th/books?id=wy4EAAAAMBAJ&pg=PA63&dq=infoworld+joseph+nocera+1984&hl=en&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwi1s_v6va3wAhX6wjgGHRUpC58Q6AEwAXoECAAQAg#v=onepage&q=infoworld joseph nocera 1984&f=false
  17. Too late for submission. 1300. Will do another try.
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