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  1. The Corcomp floppy diskcontroller is working now with Myarc. for DS/DD disks.
  2. (Myarc Repair tips (not selling)) First of all @Shift838 / Chris with his great support, I am trying to get my Geneve 9640 working. Until this weekend I came finally to a result I can work with the item (with a lot of troubleshooting cabling in between) I connect it via the GBS8200 v5 (repeat v5), the two v4 I got somehow I could not get a stable sync. (and the screen was kind of split in 4 parts and/or jumping all over) Situation: * Now I can get the screen, but it is still not stable (letters are moving)...I can live with it * but I still loose once in a while the signal (I start to doubt it is the cabling, especially the HS-Sync, I can do it one more time, but done so many times, that I think this is not the problem) Connectors, all seem to be okay. * is it the LCD-TV (VGA), I do not think so (I have tried 3x different type of TV screens) * is it the GB8200 v5? (maybe) * but can it be something someone experienced which is Geneve Card related? @fabrice montupet (I was actually expecting that after 20-30 years everything works in perfect condition like my TI-99/4As 🙂 but I have no clue about capacitors (and how many), I also read about a PAL-chip or so? * is it maybe better to test with the other jumper setting (to change from RGB to Composite ? and bypassing the GB8200 v5 device) ? * For the rest what I can see is the Geneve9640 working (with a normal TI FDC I can read disks MDOS 6.5 and load GPL and the TI) (I have not tried anything graphically) * TI FDC is working (floppy is 720k) * but I also tried the other FDC for DS/DD -- the BWG controller, Myarc gives an error and I tried the Corcomp FDC DS/DD same issue it does not work * and I have a Corcomp 512K ramdisk (but no powersupply, so need to fix this first to see if that load, it seems that Myarc sees it) (I have not tried the Horizon3000/Rambo Ramdisk, but I have some issues with that in my normal TI setup). Not sure which one I prefer yet in which box.
  3. Hi @mizapf is this already part of the latest MAME release, if so how do we start it and in which TI emulator?
  4. I was not able to convert to TIFILES in the webinterface of TIPI, but I downloaded them and converted them in TIDIR (they showed up as v9t9 file format) and became TIFILES then I uploaded them back again to TIPI (via the webinterface) and I was able to copy them with DM2K with ForceCMD it did not work to Horizon (I think I have Horizon Ramcard issues, but cannot pinpoint yet when the issue happens). but I could not run the DU2K directly from TIPI nor the DSK, so I think the files are corrupted, let me test in the weekend again, I have other DU2K files and do the process one more time. Also I will do my homework to read through all the TIPI updates again on AtariAge to make sure I asked questions which have not been answered before. So far I am happy with the TIPI with the card in the box, because it is a bit easier to transfer between PC and TI. (as I used to have TIPI as sidecar and the nanoPEB as sidecar and was transferring files only via the RS232 interface, it takes 15 min for 720k disks...), now it is faster (if the ramdisks work properly)
  5. (Sorry maybe not large in filesize) but I am unable to copy the DIS/FIX 128 files like DU2K, DU2L, etc. while the rest I could copy of the TIPI to disk. This video in the beginning is showing that I cannot read these files (also not with DM2K tool nor ForceCMD).
  6. (Sorry maybe not large in filesize) but I am unable to copy the DIS/FIX 128 files like DU2K, DU2L, etc. while the rest I could copy of the TIPI to disk. This video in the beginning is showing that I cannot read these files (also not with DM2K tool nor ForceCMD).
  7. It seems that copying Dis/Fix 128 is not working (I think I read somewhere that large files could not be copied) is that correct ? Also it seems I cannot copy with DM2Kv2.6 from DSK0.subdirectories (but I can list them) should this supposed to work to copy from DSK0. (or only from DSK1. DSK2. DSK3. DSK4.)
  8. Maybe the fixes are not applied, I found some docs about that, but need to study it (and see if I am able to fix it myself, I am not so good at these hardware fixes...) and kind of have it working (so try not to break things). http://www.unige.ch/medecine/nouspikel/ti99/horizon.htm
  9. The troubleshooting is more on the software (not the hardware I think, or maybe with the PEB box config, it might be the causing issues). The battery holders, IKEA batteries en wiring in between these + black tape is my unprofessional work, but the batteries keep the data on the chips when I turn it on/off, now testing overnight, hope it works. Not too sure how long these batteries last and if they get charged with the board. It is a wonder that it is working. The idea was to use this for the Geneve 9640 I am installing (everything works, except probably an issue with the video via the GBS8200 device, waiting for new ones hope that solves it), but I have too many issues with the Horizon that I will leave it for the TI-99/4A and probably use the Corcomp Ram512 with the Geneve if that works. These are my latest troubleshooting activities, now with ROS842C and DM2Kv2.6 things work better now it seems (but still need to figure out Power On=Off (I do not like the SHIFT pressing), using MENU (it seems to hang the card) and even in the video I got the card hung more to the end. I noticed that when loading the ROS842 from DSK1. it sometimes goes to the TIPI (even it is at >1800), so I renamed ROS842CC then it loads from the floppydisk. No clue why that is happening. (furthermore with DM2K I can browse DSK0.subdirectories, but I cannot copy from it (probably TIPI DSR issue ?) and I cannot copy DIS/FIX 128 file types of the TIPI). Furthermore it seems that files with "/" in it also could not be copied but in this video it worked (maybe it is DM2K v2.5 related). Not sure if it is important (maybe too many cards and floppy diskdrives connected to draw the power?) *everything runs at 38 degree Celsius outside temperature, I think much higher in the box) * slot 1. Flex Interface card to the TI via extension cable to the Speech Synth to TI-99/4A * slot 2 (and empty 3) Horizon3000/Rambo card (occupying 2 slots) * slot 4 TI RS232 Card * slot 5 (UCSD P-code card) * slot 6 (TIPI PEB card with TIPI/Raspberry connected to it, using extension cable to easy switch between >1000 and >1800 * slot 7 Corcomp DS/DD Floppy Disk Controller (FDC) with DOS Miller Graphics ROM0 / ROM1 * slot 8 TI 32K (needed for the UberGrom XB Suite 2.7 and/or FinalGrom 99 to work, not sure for the Horizon3000/Rambo) * 2x 5.25 Floppy drives (via the internal wiring to the Corcomp FDC) * 1x 3.5 Floppy drive (using the external wiring to the Corcomp FDC) (I think I heard before that a PEB box cannot handle it, but it seems to work on my box using internal power). * Power is quit silent, not sure what the capacity is in W(attage) (everything on an power extension cord ? 10 (Amp?) with 4x devices (PEB Box, TI-99/4A, LCD TV, Raspberry PI to the USB port of the Extension cord (I guess min. 2A, it is a green port supposed to be 3A?). .cc @F.G. Kaal
  10. Thanks. That worked! Mapped in TIPI. DSK1. To directory called TIMP, thus DSK1.TIMP and TIPI at CRU >1000 plus was using the 80 column version and came up with FPGA.
  11. Do i put the Menu file on DSK5? Because i did not copy the MENU file, is that maybe the cause it is locking up...hmmm
  12. These seem to work better so far I tested and can assign 3200 sizes, but I have issues when I turn off the Power Startup function, after a while I loose the disks on HRD. Not sure if it is battery related as i replaced these recently as on the pictures above. Now testing with ON. But i do not like pressing the SHIFT key on startup to bypass the HRD. And now testing if the batteries work when the device is powered off for a longer time. Thank so far for all the help!
  13. Hmmm...troubleshooting like crazy this morning ( i put the videos online at my youtube TI99 VIDEOS), but now I also realise that there are newer ROS versions...will try the latest 8.42c and DM2K 2.6 as well.
  14. My highest need to practice a bit more Spot Shot dump. 74.190 lvl 12
  15. For the Horizon3000/Rambo I need to double check it it can copy, seems that disksizes cannot be more than 1600 (so I can have 4 ramdisks with this size DSK5,6,7,8). but I just replaced the old Rechargeable batteries with a system to be more replacable, but it did not fit completely and used a lego brick under it....the card anyway occupies 2 slots in the PEB. Still testing if programs remain if he power is off. (Also note holding the SHIFT key when booting the card with FG99 or XB27 suite otherwise it looks it hangs).
  16. I used XB 2.7 Suite for this, but if you have the programs for EA also will work (go to Fred's website ti99-geek.nl) This is working to copy with DM2K, but list with DM1K S
  17. I just tested the HRD3000/Rambo with DSK5, also could not get it working with FORCECMD, but my TIPI was at >1800 (but it also does not work with my Corcomp Ram512K disk, even when TIPI is at >1000), both were installed in the same PEB slot (maybe should try another). I just dumped the DSRs of all the devices to @F.G. Kaal
  18. What about: * Hen Pecked and Chick Coop (and turn on the lovely sound!) * I believe there are a few more for the TI, need to check on that * (and I believe Defender and a similar version (not on the TI-99/4a)--> Stargate (
  19. Thanks Matt for the ideas, I need to try them out. I have not tried to remove the path, maybe if I remove one of the DSKx. (e.g. DSK3. as empty path), then I can use the real DSK3. floppydrive in parallel. Because some modules like Multiplan, search for a disk called TIMP (TIMultiPlan) DSK.TIMP.xxxxx and I think the UCSD Pascal P-code card as well (last time you mentioned that was not possible with the TIPI ? or maybe create an option for future releases? like DSK4, etc. but then DSK.diskname pointing to a directory, I think that will work). Windows share, I need to investigate as well, that makes it easier to rename files probably (as it is not possible in the browser interface?).
  20. I made the extension now, that works with the manual switch between >1800 and >1000 without opening the PEB box. thank for this idea!
  21. I will try to see if Fred Kaal can change his DM2K program to work with the DSRs. but I am now wondering how do people use TIPI and Diskcontrollers together ? What is the best setup with the TIPI ? >1000 then TIPI is the preferred device for DSK1. DSK2. DSK3. DSK4. but then I cannot access my 5.25 diskdrives (DSK1. and DSK2) and 3.5 inch drive (= DSK3 + DSK4 apparently) as the Diskcontroller is on >1100 and Corcomp ramdisk on >1400 > 1800 for TIPI, then the Diskcontroller at >1100 is the preferred one for DSK1. DSK2. DSK3. and DSK4. and then I cannot save to TIPI DSKx...(or maybe DSK0. ? if Disk Managers allow it) > DSK5, DSK6, DISKR are occupied by the >1400 Corcomp 512K Should there maybe be a kind of variable to set DSKx on the TIPI (e.g. 7, 8 or 9) to have flexibility to save to any DSKx ? (then we can leave it on CRU >1800) (I try to avoid to change the jumper each time to change CRU addresses)
  22. I am managed what i wanted to achieve. Send the Myarc start up disk files from a PC over Wi-Fi to the TIPI (in PEB) and save them on a disk 720kb. I used TIImage tool to create a myarc startup disk, but also used my own because if the GPL,GPM, etc files needed and a changed autoexec including TIMODE and RAMDISK 360 commands (see also this video why this is needed) . Then TIimage tool can export the files to a normal pc directory but i used TIDIR to do this The Myarc disk has files like SYSTEM/SYS, LOAD/SYS, DISK/SYS i renamed these in TIDIR to SYSTEM1SYS, because of the / you will get strange charcters when uploading to the TIPI (and on TIPI you camnot rename files in the http page?) Then with Finalgrom FG99 using the FTPCMD created the myarc disk copying files 1 by 1 (MY TIPI is at CRU <1800 and files in DSK4) CD 1800.DSK4 COPY SYSTEM1SYS 1100.DSK1 Takes a long time 512 blocks ( I feel it can be much more faster, but it works!) And same for all other files, LOAD1SYS, DISK1SYS, AUTOEXEC, GPL, GPM, GPN, GPO, GPLREADME (takes around 1 hour to copy from TIPI to DSK). Now used the Exbas 2.7 suite (ubergrom) And any diskmanger like DM1000 to rename the files DiSK/SYS SYSTEM/SYS LOAD/SYS Then my other system with Myarc, started the floppy and it works to start to the MDOS prompt Then GPL to get into the TIMODE.
  23. The disk controller is the Corcomp DS/DD, with the MG Eproms, need to double check, because the Corcomp ram 512 overwrites the titlescreen. By changing the CRU to <1800 Fred Kaal's DU2K can now read the normal DSK1 to 3, but not DSK6 or DSKR. It can also read DSK0. And then browse in directories, like DSK0.DISK.FORCEFTP. and list the files. However copying from DSK0 gives now errors. (Thus having TIPI on <1000 is better as we can copy multiple files between directories) How does the CRU sequence work? Are DSKs assigned how they appear starting from the lowest number? First 1100, occupies already DSK1. to DSK4. Then 1400 DSK1. to DSK6. And DSKR (no clue why the ramdisk needs 1 to 5) TIPI on 1800 but cannot access DSK1 to 4. Only DSK0 can be reached I will try <1200 to see if that works for DSK0. And explore scripting with the Force cmd tool Let me know if you want me to help testing with the ramdisks
  24. On the retropie i do not get further than around 5600-ish...
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