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  1. I normally played with the airplane as far as possible up. And shoot the bases behind the mirror aiming the cross. But believe can only hit 2. The one on the left you have to wait until it shoots then go to left and shoot behind the mirror. In level 3 i go to the right wait until they shoot and then to the left behind the mirrors cannot hit them as well. I did get a form of RSI in my arm playing the game and stopped, never had that before....maybe getting old?
  2. This is also the 1st game played where I got RSI and could not move my arm anymore. I even changed to another Joystick controller, but did not play that well as the Suzo Arcade Joystick DB9 joystick. ( for DB9 to USB connection I am using this handy one (and software Joy2Key on Windows to map the directions / button) https://joy.sophics.cz/dual-joystick-usb-adapter/ Or get something like this with USB adapter:
  3. But I just built a whole RS232 network and connect to a PC use the Tools of. Ti99-geek.nl. HDX server on PC. And CFHDXS1 for file transfer and DSk2PC tool for DSK transfer and DM2K. Version 3. For transfers where you have multiple DSK1. Etc. multiple file transfer based on CRU address and with directories
  4. see the PDF 1. More generic File Transfer options from PC to TI: www.globeron.com/freedownload/services/TI99/TI-99-4A-PC-transfer-v1.12.pdf (but I need to include the other options, like a bare console TI without 32K and cassette player
  5. Classic 99 + joy2key mapping + joystick 98.000 Very addicted game. Good game play. Joystick gives better gameplay than keys I find. What I do not understand how to enter initials (I press with the mouse at the bottom and enter characters, but I do not see a Keyboard or so). Not sure how this works.
  6. (Ref: the TP99 Othello version above) Here is the original listing of the TILT 100 magazine, which has the TI-99/4A basic program version of Othello (Author is unknown). https://www.abandonware-magazines.org/affiche_mag.php?mag=28&num=379&album=oui Othello listing:
  7. In 1991 I have used TP99 v1.0 to convert some programs: * Othello (I think this came out of a French magazine called TILT, I have the magazine and will check) (later in 2014 or later Tursi helped to get it to work in Classic99) I like this TP99 version. I think my father had it in TI Basic or Extended Basic but was slow, I think that was the reason to see if it was faster. * Doolhof (Maze) tried to convert it out of a HCC magazine looks like * Cassette labeler I wrote myself to print labels for my music Cassette/Tape boxes in condensed mode (using a Brother ML1709 or ML1724) (I also have all the labels on another disk) 0047-TP99-Othello.dsk 0070-TP99-System.dsk 0071-TP99-Programs01.dsk 0072-TP99-Programs02.dsk 0073-TP99-CassLabeler.dsk 0080-TP99-SourceOthello.dsk 0081-TP99-ProgramOthello.dsk 0082-TP99-Othello-fixed.dsk <<< works in Classic99 0084-TP99-Programs-Doolhof.dsk
  8. Or look at Ubergrom wih UART to make RS232 inerface http://www.ti99-geek.nl/ Other option is nanopeb, but that worked once for me.
  9. @PeteE i managed to get 1 level done without hitting cars, but even avoiding to hit cars is difficult! Nice two ways to play the game.
  10. Maybe nice, Spectrum used to have "movie-pictures" loaders (like Rambo) and if I am correct Ton Brouwer wrote a program to load those headers from cassette tape. I had a friend with a Spectrum and loaded many of those, but some came from another source (cannot remember exactly, must be 35+ years ago) nanopeb format .dsk (use TIDIR to change to another .dsk format) 0189-SpectrumGraphics02.dsk 0189-SpectrumGraphics03.dsk SPECTR1.DSK SPECTR02.DSK SPECTRU1.DSK
  11. Based in Netherlands? (Dutch green TI manual and Praxis bag). Maybe to your interest: http://www.ti-99.nl/ and http://www.ti99-geek.nl/ there are still TI meetings in NL. Also TIjdingen magazines are all in PDF format (in Dutch language)
  12. Does zero mean in 4 rounds to get 200,000 ? (how is the game called then "zigzag and collect" or zero hero
  13. I have the same issue that colours are not correctly displayed. Maybe with the GBS8200 there are pots to change colours, i have not tried it, or with the Genie device program the chip directly to do adjustments. I have also done this before and works http://www.ti99.com/ti/index.php?article151/signal-composite-sur-l-interface-pal-pha2036 But I was trying to find an alternative to the modulator. If you have the PHA2037 SCART it is sharp It looks humeur and ciro are selling these: https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&source=web&rct=j&url=https://atariage.com/forums/topic/295278-interface-pha2037-mini-project-pal-rgb-scart-for-eu-6-pin-ti-994a/&ved=2ahUKEwjKt4vE2MHrAhW0oekKHSdOBGwQjjgwAHoECA8QAQ&usg=AOvVaw0hCbIwyDrQ5pc4kf0FLoEC
  14. The European consoles have a 6-pin DIN plug for video/audio and normally connects to a PAL modulator box and antenna cable to a TV (I only have 2 of these and output is okay, but not that sharp). Also I have a SCART version, but in Asia it is very hard to find a monitor/TV with it as it is more for the European market, but there are TVs with Component input. The European TI-99/4 and TI-99/4A Video/audio connections are Component output (Yp / Pb / Pr) and with a self-made cable it works on the TV (I have 3x European consoles here). For another (Geneve 9640) project I had a spare GBS8200 board (these are quite cheap around USD 20) and has Component input as well. You need to use the yellow button panel 'SW' button to select Component input and now you can output to VGA as well. It gives a reasonable sharp output. For the sound you can use a converter from tulip (cinch/ component connector) to 3.5mm audio and connect to a speaker with Aux input (or to the TV/monitor if it is supported). (Maybe not that good as the F18A, but now you output to VGA and still use the original video chip 9918 (/4) or 9928 (/4A).
  15. Hi Wolfgang! Good to hear from you! I will try to create a fresh SD card in that case, I thought there was maybe an easy script to use. (I still have my other SD-card of the older Raspbian version 1.6x ).
  16. Last time I updated to the new image (buster) on RPI 3B+ (I think I turned it 1x off without proper shutdown). now I cannot do CALL TIPI. (TIPI is on >1000) * but I can reach it via Wi-Fi and can see the files and directories, (and I can ssh into it) * tipi.log does not exist (I now created a tipi.log file) * but get all these errors * "settings" and "RPI configuration" does not do anything * "about" does not work * daemon shows errors TIPI-About.docx TIPI-Daemon.docx Is there a way to fix this (or completely re-image and drag and drop the files again?)
  17. Thank you for all the drawings! (this is going to take some time for me, but very helpful!)
  18. Same for normal chrome and incognito. (And also tried the settings to allow the site). Weird...it must be the browser with some new features? 20200818_201112.mp4
  19. Hi @ti99iuc / Ciro - the interface looks good, but it is the same issue with the sound (i do not hear anything) @Asmusr in js99er the sound works! (I need some more time to analyse it), will try tonight.
  20. This morning I tested again (when temperature is cold) and loaded from floppy disks and adding PEB cards one by one. Except HRD3000. It seems al working so far, like MYART and loading pictures GPL, XBEA, only TI ARTIST loads until 1st screen and then locks up (might be speed or incompatibility). I need to study (in the weekend) which components are the 5v voltage regulators and capacitors and to add heat sinks. ( the card is getting quite hot, also because of the climate here. Maybe i need to built a mini datacenter rack with an airconditioner built-in).
  21. Nice, I know your game shelf, let me test this tomorrow. Is there a direct link to munch man only? Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  22. see picture, directly soldered on the board. the others are socketed, like above the MDOS 1.00 eprom. Stacked with a cable soldered to it. is there any software to test it ( or a command like myarc can test)
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