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  1. Hi ! It's horrible to open it, I abandoned ^^ but i see exterior difference on my two light gun, made in taiwan for one, and made in japan for the other. you are right But no one of my light gun have metallic joystick plug.
  2. Just amazing ! where you found this ? and nice collection
  3. Add of my "new" 5200 system and my poor dog with my games
  4. lulrik

    lulrik collection

    Some photo from france ;) Atari and other beautiful objects. You can see it in my collection post. Thanks
  5. lulrik

    [Wanted] 5200 system

    Hello, i'm back from holidays, sorry for delay, i apologize. I found a 5200 system but I might be interested, i sent to you PM
  6. Oui une 5200 j’espère que l'envoi va bien ce passer.
  7. Salut Urbinou Merci encore, je ne savais pas non plus que tu était par ici. Il y aura une petite mise a jour dans une ou deux semaine le temps que le colis arrive / Hi Urbinou Thanks again, I do not know you are here There will be a small update in one or two weeks the time the package comes at my home
  8. Hello For completed my collection of Atari 8bit, i need a 5200 system with two controller and some games. The problem, the 5200 system is not sale in E.U. I'm student, live in french. and i need your help for found this console Thanks and have a nice day/night My collection need this
  9. Thanks for your feedback I hope it will help you
  10. Indeed ... i think 50$ for shipping US - EU for PAL 5200 prototype I will not try to see the price
  11. Thanks ! I keep I keep .... Yes ... but the shipping cost to france + the price of 5200 is too expensive ^^ I look for a good deal ... if you see it
  12. Yes ! this game is fantastic for playing with my friends Very thanks
  13. I called mine "Deux mille six cent" I like things easy
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