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  1. The games can look however you want them to. They're not supposed to look one way or the other. Please stop projecting your preference on everyone as if it's the only way. It's not incorrect to want everything sharp and clear any more than it's incorrect to want it blurry. I never use fake blur on any emulator. I don't understand why dithering triggers some people so much. I like sharp clear pixels, seeing a checkerboard doesn't bother me. RGB cables have been a thing for the Megadrive as long as it has existed, so the capability and option was always there. Please stop talking to us like we're idiots because we aren't fretting about this.
  2. I prefer the first one. The older I get, the more I appreciate the simplicity in it's design compared to the other big SNES platformers. All you have to do is run left to right and avoid hazards, the bonus rooms don't get you anything so you can ignore them. The two sequels over complicated it with too many things to collect in each level. I think it nails it with the tropical island atmosphere, whereas the second one was too dark/dreary and the third one took place in Canada.
  3. The NT Mini is a NES/Famicom system and marketed as such. It makes no more sense for it to have Atari/Intellivision/Gameboy/Mega Duck/etc than it would for the Super NT or Mega SG. I think it's a crappy way to keep people on the hook. They're showing off what they're products can do, but keeping it gated behind a very expensive machine produced in small quantities. I don't like Analogue or the Mister community for different reasons, but at least with Mister you know where it stands.
  4. Does anyone else feel a little bit miffed that NT Mini Noir users already got a massive jailbreak with a lot of extra/unrelated cores, including a Genesis core? It doesn't really matter to me as I have a retroarch setup and a mister so I'm not short of options for playing most of these games, but the powers that be don't seem to think all of Analogue's customers are created equal. I've never bothered jailbreaking my Super NT as I already have a flashcart. I will give them a little credit with the Mega SG as the Colecovision core is a true bonus. I know all of this stuff isn't official or supported or acknowledged by Analogue, but we're not stupid and anyone who only ever bought a Super NT might be justifiably frustrated.
  5. I'm in need of a working recapped Game Gear board revision VA0 or VA1 for a mod I have on order. This is what I have for trade. Gameboy Color with IPS screen mod (brightness control is attached to the IR port, I'll throw in my small loose cart collection as well) Everdrive N8 Famicom (with blank 4GB micro SD card) Everdrive N8 NES Mega Everdrive X5 Mega Everdrive V1 deluxe edition (with blank 8GB SD card) I'm in North Carolina 27707
  6. I have to post this here because it's a big deal for me. After about 6 years of owning the game, I finally cleared level 10 of Monster Manor on the 3DO. It's a notoriously frustrating map with a ton of enemies and hardly any ammo to deal with them. Worse still, there are many dead ends that will unleash hordes of spiders and grim reapers that you won't be able to defend yourself against due to the sparse ammo dumps. This took me roughly an hour to complete. Here's the map in case anyone else out there is struggling with this level. Even the game's developer couldn't finish it during his playthrough on youtube. @thegoldenband you might appreciate this one! The yellow dot is the location of the talisman piece you need to exit the level and the exit is marked by the white X in the bottom left corner, just above the red + sign which is me.
  7. Fenrir now allows exporting the internal memory to the SD card! https://www.fenrir-ode.fr/firmware.html#download
  8. I just realized that Tony Perkis IS White Goodman.  Mind blown.

  9. That's not what I mean. The games are not public domain. The OP was referring to ROM support as a standard feature. I think Nintendo would take notice and act if a small company like Analogue was selling and profiting off of a device that openly allows playing illegal copies of NES/SNES/whatever games. In the case of the PC Engine, I think Konami owns all of that. I agree with the OP that ROM support is a necessary feature, but we're not the ones taking on the risk of incorporating it into a commercial product.
  10. It's also 2020, where huge corporations like Nintendo have the power to nuke small outfits like Analogue if they feel that their products are encouraging piracy of their back catalog. It's a very fine line to straddle.
  11. This is one of the reasons I don't like discord at all. There's a lot of information now that's only found there and can't just be googled. You're kind of forced to join it or be entirely out of the loop.
  12. So how does it handle the BIOS? Does the user need to supply the proper system cards? If so, that would blow.
  13. I know Primal Rage is not properly emulated in MAME due to some proprietary anti-piracy hardware on the board.
  14. Saturday 10/3/20: NES: Pac-Man Championship Edition - 2hrs NES: SMB 3 - 45 minutes Sunday 10/4/20: Atari 8 bit: Pac-Man Arcade (tep392) - 90 minutes Apple II: Ms. Pac-Man - 15 minutes
  15. Gooseberries are an acquired taste, but I've grown to love them.

  16. That's why I love it too, I always learn about something new with each issue. I don't think a US-based retro gaming magazine would be nearly as interesting, it would just be a NES love-fest.
  17. I've tried to enjoy the A8bit version of Super Pac-Man, but something about the controls feel off. Changing directions feels unresponsive or maybe inputs are being missed. Pac-Man feels like he has some weird speed changes. Regular or Ms Pac-Man using the same joystick feel fine.
  18. Just use emulation, god almighty. I don't understand the way some pigeonhole themselves into "FPGA or real hardware, no exceptions".
  19. The 32X and Saturn hardware are nothing alike. All the 32X is are the two CPUs, a framebuffer, and some RAM + the Genesis underneath it. The Saturn is the Saturn. Not to mention that 32X emulation (via software or FPGA) requires the mixing of the Genesis video signal with the 32X's, so you'd need to have a Genesis core on the MODE as well. It's not a reasonable or feasible ask.
  20. Trying my hand at Texas brisket tomorrow for Sunday dinner.

    1. zetastrike


      I'm doing it the same way.  I just took it out of the oven.

    2. zetastrike


      It was tougher than the brisket from the local bbq joint.  It wasn't overcooked, I think brisket is just like that unless slow smoked.

    3. BigO


      I haven't noticed it being particularly tough when prepared that way. I know that slicing it "on the diagonal" helps with that (not that I've personally sliced it, I just eat it 🙂).

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  21. 😲 Please please someone dump it. How do you go through the trouble of making a brand new game for old hardware and release it in such an asinine manner?
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