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  1. I can help with some of this too, but there are more than 100 and counting. It would help to work from some kind of list. Are you looking for just "officially released" games, like the ones on Rev's list? Or are you hoping for literally everything that's been either sold or just demo-ed?
  2. The voice in Hover Bovver is excellent.
  3. That artwork looks great! Nice logo, too. I think I’d even make it a bit larger.
  4. The Intellivision versions of Jr. Pac-Man and Donkey Kong Junior certainly are excellent. I can understand why people who prefer multi-carts or emulation would want to be able to play them. But I admit I don't know the issues in releasing ROM versions.
  5. Wait, the first post says this set will come in a box. Maybe put a clear sleeve on the outside of the box that the overlays can stay in. Then nobody would have to open the box to use them!!
  6. Click the white text in the blue box at the top. Or the arrow in the top corner.
  7. Besides turning the music on and off, you can also change tracks by pressing 4 & 6 during the game. Check out the instructions to get the full experience.
  8. Very cool interview. Thanks for posting the link here!
  9. It’s a great game, but you really have to pay attention to the slope of the green when you’re aiming your putt.
  10. Those two transistors can also go bad, and it's a cheap & easy fix. Your board looks pretty baked in that area. Here's the thread I created to document what was wrong with my Intellivision (it turned out to be those two transistors): But you're right about that white component looking suspect. Good luck.
  11. Rev will update the list on the first page, but in the meantime here are the manuals for The Secret Government Waffle Project and Sea Venture. Sea Venture IR-0030.pdf Secret Government Waffle Project IR-0032.pdf
  12. Geez, don’t do that. Discuss ideas instead of text formatting. You’d be annoyed if someone jumped on your lack of complete sentences even though your meaning seemed clear.
  13. Very interesting! Thanks for doing all that work and making the video.
  14. Yes, the Intv II membrane is attached to the keypad, so it's a different animal from the original controllers. You do have to be careful when opening up the Intv II controllers, and part of the challenge is knowing where the plastic tabs are so you have less of a chance of breaking them. I couldn't find any good photos, so I took pictures when I opened my controllers up and posted them here. In fact, that whole thread might be helpful if you decide to attempt a repair. Good luck!
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