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  1. Very cool demo! It's going to get longer each month? I'd never think of that; my brain is too one-dimensional. I'll definitely be checking back to play more.
  2. It was a simple soundboard app that played 12 different Intellivision game sounds when you pressed the "keys" (crowd cheer, razz, Yer Out!, etc.) Developed by Realtime Associates, Inc. for both iOS and Android. Here's a website that has some info. Thanks for checking!
  3. I keep checking the App Store for the Moon Patrol demo, but then I wondered, is there any chance the IntelliSound app will reappear? I loved fooling around with that app, and having the Intellivision keypad on my phone’s screen was cool. Any chance of that happening?
  4. The box and screen images are larger on the new pages, which is nice. But it doesn't look like the detailed information about the unreleased games is available anymore. There's just this page.
  5. Whether you learn the game title when it's revealed or when you open the box, it's still a surprise. Just sayin'. Kind of like recording a game to watch later – you need to avoid all contact if you don't want to know the outcome.
  6. Unless I'm mistaken, the rounded font on the title screen shows that your Super Pro has the Tutorvision's graphics chip inside.
  7. The 8-Bit Guy has just posted a follow-up video. Besides sharing his adventures in doing a composite video mod to his Intellivision II, he also gives his first impressions of Defender of the Crown and Hover Bovver. Too bad he neglected to plug in an Intellivoice.
  8. If it's still not too late… Mark Thompson mthompson Lake Villa, IL
  9. I suspect @Tommy Tallarico will point out that every segment of the video shows a room full of people watching one person play a game, which is the opposite of what he's said the Amico is about.
  10. The short game clips look very, very good. I can't wait to try them out.
  11. Welcome! @intvdave normally responds to emails, but now that you've joined AtariAge, you could also send him a PM. It being summer in the U.S., maybe he's just "off the grid" right now.
  12. I would add that if you haven't been to nanochess.org, Óscar has several of his Intellivision games available there. Some are in the store, and a few others are free downloads.
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