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  1. You might try testing or replacing the two 2N3906 transistors closest to the CPU. That cured the black screen on my Intellivision (not a System III). Good luck! My repair notes are in this thread:
  2. When you get to the game’s title screen, press F7 to change the control mapping so you can use your keyboard.
  3. Perfect! The -s1 command is already present in the command line window, so that's not the problem. You probably don't have the "ecs.bin" file in the directory where jzIntv is located. You can find this file online. While you're at it, grab the "exec.bin" and "grom.bin" files and throw them in your jzIntv directory. The emulator comes with some generic versions that sidestep copyright issues, but you're better off with the genuine bios files. BTW, with access to the command line you can control other things about how the games display, but that's a subject for another day.
  4. What do you have to do to launch the emulator (on your computer?)?
  5. Are you using some kind of graphic interface, or are you typing a command to select the game ROM and launch the emulator?
  6. Regardless of what's inside, the added venting on the top and bottom seems like a really good idea.
  7. If you don't have the -s1 switch in the command line, jzIntv will crash when you launch Flintstones (or any game that requires the ECS).
  8. What kind of a problem are you having? Make sure you have the ECS enabled with the correct flag in the command line: -s1 After you launch the game, press F7 to enable the ECS keyboard mapping.
  9. It's actually easy to do, as you just prepare a new micro SD card and put your ROMs on it. Do a Google search for "PowKiddy V90 Custom Firmware" and you'll get links for how to do it and where to get the firmware. (You'll need to use Windows software to configure the card's partitions.) If you've ever set up EmulationStation on a Raspberry Pi, this is a snap by comparison. jzIntv software: https://github.com/salvacam/jzintv/releases/tag/2021-02-22 It's based on an older version of the emulator, so it doesn't have the latest features and fixes, but it otherwise gets the job done.
  10. A quick Google search shows that many of the "lost" games mentioned in the video have come out in recent years. No need to imagine what they look like on Intellivision. Here's Rocky & Bullwinkle: A video covering games that were announced for Intellivision that were eventually released as home-brews would be interesting, but of course that's a moving target, as more are always in the works.
  11. Additional clicking is required to see them, but they apparently do include overlays.
  12. Your CIB copy of Fantasy is on an LTO cartridge, right? I don't see the difference. How do you feel about Antarctic Tales and H.E.L.I.? Regardless of the titles, they're clones, just like many homebrew games. Do you put those on your LTO Flash?
  13. If the keypad mylar is in good shape, the next thing is wiring/connections. Check the wiring harness inside the controller (photo 1) and use a multimeter to check for continuity at the plug end (photo 2). A little DeoxIT on the plug wouldn't hurt either.
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