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  1. Did the ROM Vault issue ever get resolved satisfactorily?
  2. For the answer, check the post by @Elektronite right above yours.
  3. It's the icon just to the left of any topic titles that are in bold.
  4. It's the little "page" icon at the far right of the tool bar.
  5. Oh, I don't know. Anyone who can demo Sharp Shot 2020 for 3 straight days deserves some respect. Just kidding, of course. I expect the games will be great, and I'm excited to eventually get more details about the Amico.
  6. Rev will be uploading the finished version of the Showcase vol. 1 manual later today (if anybody reads those).
  7. Logos are one thing, but most of the Intellivision game publishers in the 1980s acknowledged the Intellivision trademark on their boxes, so that's not really an issue. If this box is supposed to be traditional Mattel style, it misses the mark by quite a bit. The back is nothing like what Mattel did. I agree that nobody needs permission to make a box for something that officially doesn't have one.
  8. Are you sure? I dont see that on the box. It says Intellivision is a trademark.
  9. And that kind of generous updating is exactly why one huge download is not the best way to post these files.
  10. Me too, but Joe is always improving the darned thing and adding flags & features! 😊
  11. And I have always thought this is not a friendly way to include those notes. With more people using jzIntv, and with the LTO Flash software now including an easy launcher, maybe a conventional Read Me file could be included now. Without using a command line, how would you ever make the notes appear? Unless I am missing something.
  12. I like it. Very impressive visuals during gameplay! Thanks for the extended video. I do have a small suggestion, if you don't mind. At the start of the game, the story would read much more naturally if you try to avoid splitting phrases between screens (whenever possible). Here are a couple of examples that would be improved by keeping phrases together: The other meteorites impacted in various points of the planet, [ BREAK ] creating climate changes and other disasters. Here's another example: The scanners detect deep underground tunnels [ BREAK ] and strange life forms at the bottom of said tunnels. There are a few others that could read better also. I'm sure your team can spot the others. This will make the presentation more polished and professional, something this game deserves.
  13. Great looking game. Will the non-CIB versions come with instructions?
  14. Snark! Snark! – Enjoy non-stop social media battles with other internet trolls as you trade insults and post career-ending statements.
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