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  1. You can get the overlays that came with the Flashback at the Blue Sky Rangers' eBay store: https://www.ebay.com/str/blueskyrangers
  2. I haven't checked in on this game in a bit, but I just played a few times and Wow! This is really imaginative and engaging. I like everything about it, and I wanted to contribute a bit, if that's OK. (I'm better at proofreading than playing video games, so this is in my lane. 😀) On this first screen, the usual phrase would be "In the year 2105" but maybe "the" won't quite fit? Maybe "It's 2105, and cargo ship Costaguana…" would work. Or how about "April 2105 – Cargo ship Costaguana…" On the screen above, there should be a space before "while." If you add the space and move "while" to the next line, that will likely fix the other issue of the period after "team" being on the wrong line. I might also add "and" before "good luck." On this screen, "urgently" isn't quite right in the context of the message. "Promptly" would be a good substitute. "Please schedule it promptly. Thanks." Finally, the screen above should have the period after "reactor" inside the bracket. [Both near the reactor.] I'm OK with the prompt to call the elevator, even if it's disabled. It's like pushing the call button on a real elevator. You won't know it's not working unless you give it a try. Great job on this game!
  3. Here are some great places to start: Freewheeling Games has released free downloads of some games: http://fwgames.ca/roms_new/ Christmas Carol is a free download that you'll want to get: https://www.carolvsghost.com/game/pg_game.html And the programming sub-forum always has lots of in-progress games to try out: https://atariage.com/forums/forum/144-intellivision-programming These links will keep you busy for quite awhile.
  4. Very nice stuff, although the NFL Football screen is so boring! I know the stats disappear when the play begins, but I’d have combined two screens and at least put some points on the scoreboard. That said, I need a birthday gift for a friend, and the Utopia acrylic would be very cool. I may have to send them some money.
  5. It sounds just like the famous Wilhelm Scream sound effect, used in more than 400 movies, and in this game you'll hear it a lot!
  6. As the introduction page says: “Use your Intellivoice to hear enhanced sound effects during the game!” If you do an A/B comparison, you should notice the difference. It’s sort of like some games having enhanced music when an ECS is connected.
  7. There's a small typo in that link. Go to https://www.carolvsghost.com/book
  8. Many of our hearts hurt for you, Óscar. Remember, you are never alone when you have friends.
  9. Those two transistors turned out to be the cheap & easy fix for the black screen on my console. Definitely worth trying.
  10. @wolfy62 How's the quality of the hat? We haven't done any hats or tote bags before, so I'm hoping they're decent.
  11. The same creative minds who are bringing you the Intellivision Virtual Expo 2020 have created an official t-shirt for the event: On the front you'll find a mash-up of classic Intellivision space games, and the back features the various countries around the world where Intellivision enthusiasts live. The shirts are digitally printed to order and ship direct from Spreadshirt.com. Right now there's a 15 percent off promo that ends October 11, so be sure to redeem that offer if you order this weekend. The next promo before the expo is October 21-22. Just to be clear, no one here gets any money from orders; they're sold at cost. Visit https://shop.spreadshirt.com/thompson to order an actual shirt for the virtual expo. Note that domestic shipping should take about 2-3 weeks. International shipping is more like 3-5, so keep that in mind if you want a shirt by November 21. No doubt someone out there will ask "What's an expo without a tote bag?" Anticipating that "need" I've also put an official tote in the shop to help attendees carry their virtual stuff around. Somebody suggested a baseball cap, so there's one of those available, too. That's it for now. We hope to see you on November 21.
  12. If you set the DIP switches on the Ultimate PC Interface for the type of controller you’re using (standard or Flashback) instead of Autosense, you won’t have to hold down a controller side button at startup.
  13. Maybe you could start a Kickstarter campaign to finance your copy. 😏
  14. I think I remember reading that you can play the game you bought on one console at a time. Same as if you'd bought one game cartridge BITD.
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