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  1. Never mind. I figured out how to edit the emulator parameters and insert the -v1 flag.
  2. I was able to install jzIntv pretty quickly and copy over the bios files. It works very well, but how did you get Intellivoice (and ECS) working? I don't see any config files in the directory. Do I need to create one?
  3. Great! Thanks for the update. I didn't really expect Pole Position to be a great experience. It really requires a spinner or trackball. I went ahead and ordered one earlier this week and should have it in a few days. Seems like most people feel this is a decent little device, and there are lots of online resources. Setting up a Raspberry Pi is a pain, but getting jzIntv to run on this should be a snap. You gotta love drag and drop.
  4. For the foreseeable future, it's a one-off, but I'm glad you like it. In my mind, it would include an embroidered patch, which I based on the STS-3 mission insignia.
  5. Basic stuff like Asteroids, Moon Patrol, BurgerTime, Jr. Pac-Man, Pole Position, that kind of thing. Thanks for giving it a try.
  6. @Intellinate Do you use yours to run MAME? I like arcade games from the 70s and 80s and am wondering if this would be decent for that.
  7. You don't have this overlay. Mine uses real space shuttle gauges and indicators. The box is my prototype.
  8. Looks great! Is the computer boxer a random pick? Will the player know what the computer boxer's strengths are?
  9. Looks like you're missing this one:
  10. If both fighters were the same color, some punches would disappear as they got close to their target. That's probably why Mattel avoided it. I'm supposing only certain colors are available for the boxers, but maybe using black for the computer boxer would work. The boxer could still be in color on the selection screen so the player knows what kind of opponent he's fighting, but then change to black for the match. The colored number above the ring would stay as an indicator. Will the number of rounds be changed from 15 to 12, as professional boxing began doing in 1982? And while we're at it, the selection screen should probably be updated to say "Choose Boxers" instead of "Choose Men." A one-player boxing game would be great.
  11. It didn't help that Intellivoice games cost quite a bit more than the standard Intellivision titles. That fact plus the cost of the Intellivoice itself made the project an uphill climb. If they would have built voice into the Intellivision II, that would have been a nice selling point.
  12. Michael Hayes demoed both X-Ray and DILLIGAS during his Virtual Expo presentation (15:35 to 22:10): As someone already mentioned, the x-ray on the box of the Intellivision console, controllers, and cartridge is very cool.
  13. You can get the overlays that came with the Flashback at the Blue Sky Rangers' eBay store: https://www.ebay.com/str/blueskyrangers
  14. I haven't checked in on this game in a bit, but I just played a few times and Wow! This is really imaginative and engaging. I like everything about it, and I wanted to contribute a bit, if that's OK. (I'm better at proofreading than playing video games, so this is in my lane. 😀) On this first screen, the usual phrase would be "In the year 2105" but maybe "the" won't quite fit? Maybe "It's 2105, and cargo ship Costaguana…" would work. Or how about "April 2105 – Cargo ship Costaguana…" On the screen above, there should be a space before "while." If you add the space and move "while" to the next line, that will likely fix the other issue of the period after "team" being on the wrong line. I might also add "and" before "good luck." On this screen, "urgently" isn't quite right in the context of the message. "Promptly" would be a good substitute. "Please schedule it promptly. Thanks." Finally, the screen above should have the period after "reactor" inside the bracket. [Both near the reactor.] I'm OK with the prompt to call the elevator, even if it's disabled. It's like pushing the call button on a real elevator. You won't know it's not working unless you give it a try. Great job on this game!
  15. Here are some great places to start: Freewheeling Games has released free downloads of some games: http://fwgames.ca/roms_new/ Christmas Carol is a free download that you'll want to get: https://www.carolvsghost.com/game/pg_game.html And the programming sub-forum always has lots of in-progress games to try out: https://atariage.com/forums/forum/144-intellivision-programming These links will keep you busy for quite awhile.
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