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  1. I made that PDF manual for Keith back when the Flashback came out. It's really nothing more than the text-only programming notes that had been available for years. Several years later I made a proper Mattel-style manual for myself and a friend so we could play the game. If you really want to learn how to play and get the most out of the game, I recommend you check this newer manual out. Takeover Manual.pdf
  2. I’m already on the list for 1, but I’d like to get 2 if I can. Many thanks.
  3. Since this is now a reservation thread, I'd be buying 1 or 2.
  4. My "Ms. Night Stalker is now available" email from David is dated October 8, 2014 and it says shipping was to start on October 20. My Ms. Pac-Man email receipt is dated January 6, 2015. I think I bought it as soon as it went on sale. Hopefully this helps you out.
  5. If you search for "Mattel Intellivision logo vector," you'll find several places to get it. Here are a couple: https://www.brandsoftheworld.com/logo/mattel-intellivision-0 https://iconape.com/mattel-intellivision-logo-logo-icon-svg-png.html
  6. Very neat idea. The game screens look good. I'd use the real Intellivision and Mattel Electronics logos, though, instead of the look-alike typefaces.
  7. Typical fashion for whom? This is their first YouTube video to have comments disabled.
  8. Had you seen the retail packaging before? I remember people asking about it. The video shows the whole thing, from what I saw. I don't understand any complaints about this unboxing.
  9. I was hoping it would be a modern version of our old friend. Now I’m hoping they’ll process my refund request.
  10. Óscar's website is https://nanochess.org. Click the "Store" link and you'll find his books and other goodies.
  11. The newest versions also let you control the border size with the -b flag. I have mine set at 5
  12. You really want to use a cable that has good shielding. It makes a big difference.
  13. I can help you out with a couple of things. I created the printed manuals for Fantasy, Ni Felter, Omega Race, and Unlucky Pony's Adventures. I also designed the overlays for Fantasy and Omega Race. Phil Boland is credited in the manuals for doing the overlays for Ni Felter, Unlucky Pony's Adventures, and Jr. Pac-Man. Ni Felter was programmed by Claus Bækkel Great job compiling all this info, BTW.
  14. Include a Best Artwork category if you want, but the box art is often not used on the overlay, and it's not a major part of a manual.
  15. Did KLAX ever officially become available to buy in 2021? That should be the criteria. Pre-release review copies shouldn’t factor in. And I think a game has to ship to buyers by December 31. When it arrives shouldn’t be a problem if the window for voting is reasonable, as it has been in the past. (It takes us longer to agree on the nominees than it does for the shipping companies to deliver!)
  16. I know I'm late to this party, but I'm glad to see the Mattel handhelds get some love on AtariAge. I recently rediscovered them and have bought a few. We're playing Baseball, Football 2, and Basketball 2 and enjoying them a lot. Actually, I'm wanting to buy a copy of the Bowling game. The box and manual isn't important, only that the game look decent and play properly. If anyone here has one they'd part with, please shoot me a P.M.
  17. Often that’s the result of a corrupted SD card. That can happen from an improper shutdown. Swap it from one of your other Flashbacks, and if that boots it, clone it to make a fresh card.
  18. That’s the box my Intellivision came in. Late 1980 or early 1981.
  19. Yeah, but look at how many games were completed and in progress for the 2600 this year! It makes sense for that group. A WIP award seems unnecessary to me, but there needs to be a downloadable, playable ROM to evaluate if there's going to be a winner declared in that category.
  20. I bought this as soon as I saw it was available! Here's my quick review. Intellivision boxing was always a great game, but you needed a partner to play against. IntvDave's Super Pro Boxing fixes that, but the improvements go beyond adding a computer opponent. I'm so glad he's completed and released this. I'm selective about what games I buy, but this was an instant purchase. I spent the afternoon going a few rounds, and here are some thoughts… – If you've got someone to play against, now you can have two identical boxers go head to head. They no longer have to be the "balanced" fighters. It's understandable why Mattel didn't allow same-colored boxers, but now we have the choice, which is better. – You've got lots of options for the duration of the fight, from 2 to 12 rounds. This makes it easy to play a quick game if you want. The rounds are now the standard 3 (simulated) minutes instead of the minute and a half of the original game. – The boxer selection screen now shows you the fighter's characteristics when it's you against the computer. No need to memorize them or consult the Mattel manual. Much appreciated. – David's added a simple "energy indicator" to the screen (player vs. computer only), and it's a great addition to the game. Could this be added to the two-player version? – He's also put the scheduled number of rounds for the fight at the top-center. This is great for keeping track of which option you picked. – Showing the computer boxer in black eliminates any confusion with same-colored boxers in a one-player game. I'm not sure why he chose not to show the type of computer boxer until the end of a Pro or Super Pro fight, but I guess the aim is to increase the difficulty a bit by not knowing your opponent at that level. Fair enough. – The game definitely feels fair. Even though the computer beat me up, I still won my Golden Gloves match by knockout. And I went the distance and knocked down my opponent twice in the 11th round using the "Super Pro" setting. You'll want to pull out your overlays and keep a copy of the Mattel manual on hand if you haven't played this in awhile. Great job, David! And thanks for updating this classic and sharing it with us.
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