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  1. Crackpots - A game where you play as Potsy moving back and forth along the roof to drop pots on the bugs before they can get close enough to enter the windows:
  2. The pipeline seems to be slowing down a bit. Is there a reason why these two games aren’t on the Atari Age Rarity Guide? @high voltage PictureMate a 10 for sure. SongMate maybe a 9.
  3. Hand cramps and wrist fatigue causes scoring problems or is it a side effect of not scoring? 🤔
  4. So I just picked up a SongMate. Do we know how many confirmed copies of SongMate and PictureMate there are?
  5. Video links are outdated, but here’s a Top 10 list of movie games for the 2600. https://www.toplessrobot.com/2009/03/the_10_best_movie_games_for_the_atari_2600.php
  6. How much is something like this worth paying for? Lol
  7. @neotokeo2001 I hear ya, I’m not looking at it as an investment, just trying to not overpay for ones I don’t have as I grow my collection. Been checking out sites like pricecharting.com and gamevaluenow.com and it has helped a lot. They just don’t have any info on homebrews. I’m just getting back into collecting, but I’ve been playing the Roms online. Will support the developer on the games that I like. 👍
  8. Thanks @atari181 I get that there are some great games and supporting the community and Atari Age. Just was curious as to how to value them when buying on the secondary market.
  9. Hi guys, I just recently got back to adding more 2600 games to my collection after a 25-year hiatus. For that reason, I’m still learning how to navigate this new auction/ecosystem and looking to get the best deals and such. I also do not own any homebrews so wondering if the prices of these go up and how to tell which have limited runs. Any advice you can provide is greatly appreciated!
  10. Anybody know where this came from? Seller says it’s a repro from the 90s. https://www.ebay.com/itm/383664425010
  11. Wow! How did you get all that for $70? Good find.
  12. Two that come to mind are Frosbite and Tapper. Both great games and not as popular for some reason.
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