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  1. Wow! How did you get all that for $70? Good find.
  2. Two that come to mind are Frosbite and Tapper. Both great games and not as popular for some reason.
  3. Freeway is as simple as it gets and pretty fun.
  4. My favorite space shooters are Demon Attack and Astroblast.
  5. Demon Attack, although didn't he fix that bug in later runs?
  6. Haha...read my haiku from earlier.
  7. Haha...got it. Boulderdash and Qb!
  8. Strangers are waiting Up and down the boulevard Their shadows searching
  9. Catch a falling star Famous doctor or lawyer Kaplan would be proud
  10. Bugs bugs everywhere What's a gardener to do? Oh right, petunias!
  11. Overrated - Star Raiders (really wanted to like it, but never could get into it) Underrated - Air Raiders (played this game for hours)
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