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...well, my old About Me is two years outdated and extremely wordy so yeah, that's gone.


I'm a dude out of northwestern PA who works as an arcade tech and goes to college, Penn State, for computer engineering. I love to play with the hardware of systems, modding and building random game systems and computers as I see what looks cool, alongside just making software for said stuff.


Most of my collecting focus nowadays is old computers - I have a real soft spot for anything modular (S-100, RC2014, etc.) and old Japanese stuff like the Sharp X1/X68000 and NEC PC-60/66/80/88/98XX is what I know the most about. I don't do a ton on game consoles but I do love those and at the very least keep the ones I own clean.


Actually playing games, well I'm a speedrunner so I just pick one game and devote a ton of time to it. I have probably more hours than healthy into The Lawnmower Man for SNES, Goldeneye 007 for N64, and now DOOM for DOS and War of the Dead for PC-88. Past that I love Magic: The Gathering with a passion (Oldschool 93/94 is my format of choice) and I'm an officer for the school Game Club so I try all the new big stuff and run a few servers.


Current projects consist of building my own PDP-11/23+, repairing a DEC Personal Workstation (lot of DEC, eh?), and trying to learn more than the basics of 6502 ASM.


There's probably not a ton I can help with, but if you have any questions on stuff I'm posting about feel free to message me and I'll try to get back in a reasonable amount of time.


Thanks for reading,


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