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  1. A service like Gumroad would let you put the digital version up and sell with a fee of 5%+$.25 of the price ($15 would have a fee of $1).
  2. With my sio2sd and AtariMax flash carts, I have no desire to spend $50 on a cart. Put each game up for $5 download and then I'd be buying. I guess releasing on floppy would be cool if it came with a box and instructions, but then it would need to be priced at $15 or less.
  3. gozar


    I recently picked up a Princeton 27" CRT. It has composite and VGA input, HD ready, 800x600 resolution when using with vga. Quality is basically amazing. Everything, including RF is the best I've ever seen. $2 at a school auction.
  4. I'm in for one, two once there is an XL adapter.
  5. I think you're limited to 320KB on the PBI, but since disk access would be as fast as memory access, you'd basically have as much space as you have on your IDE drive. :-) It needs 80 columns, rs232 and parallel (and ethernet?), and then you've got yourself a winner. Where's the Kickstarter?
  6. Wasn't there talk about if there is a memory expansion on the PBI bus with an IDE interface, then you could do DMA transfers from IDE drives directly into memory. Or maybe I'm remembering it all wrong. :-)
  7. I really enjoyed my Ensoniq card. The orchestral score in X-Wing sounded fantastic!
  8. The 600XL should have never existed. Atari should have focused on the 800XL and given it a proper 80 columns on the PBI. My biggest lament about my 800XL (30 years old this December) while I used it until the early 90s was the fact that it never really had 80 columns. With 80 columns it would have been an attractive alternative to the Apple //e. Even more so if they would have just integrated the 800XL with the 1090XL and sold that. But, hindsight is 20/20...
  9. I would have liked to see Atari license Action! to replace basic in the XE.
  10. Open it up and reset all the chips (I think all 600XLs are socketed).
  11. I have bought and installed two of the KRH interfaces myself, something I've always wanted since I first read about the PC Transkey. My 800XL was already socketed, so installation was pretty easy. My 130XE was modified by its previous owner to include socketed chips, so it was an easy install there too. Here's my main set up: Can't recommend them enough!
  12. I think you want Diskcomm, creates .DCM files. Links here: http://www.atari8.com/book/export/html/13
  13. Still have my original 800XL upgraded with the ICD Rambo upgrade and my 1050 with the US Doubler. Don't use the 1050, but the XL is my daily driver. Celebrating 30 years this Christmas!
  14. I've looked at it, but am unsure about digging into my cart. Plus, the cart gets to be ridiculous once I have Action! and the R-Time 8 plugged into it. :-)
  15. Yeah, the original passthrough cart works, but then you're on SDX 4.2 instead of 4.46, losing, most notably, 512 byte sectors.
  16. I'm still searching for a solution for using SDX and the OSS carts. :-(
  17. Awesome, thanks guys! I knew it had to be something simple. :-)
  18. Cool, thanks! https://www.dropbox.com/s/v6wh2m5f42gyspx/Goz-Altirra.zip (It's the whole set up.)
  19. - Check your printer driver settings and see if there is a booklet printing option. - For OS X there is a PDF workflow to create a booklet pdf:http://thekeptpromise.com/FreeApps/#CreateBooklet You'll either need a duplex printer or print the odd pages and feed the pages back in and print the even pages. A saddle stapler would be nice to have. :-)
  21. That's what I thought a first, but it doesn't use it when I set the drive to D1: or D3:, both with the boot flag set. It runs through the autoexec.bat file each time though. I know it's just something simple I'm overlooking... :-(
  22. I set up a hard drive under Altirra using the Side 2 and U1Mb option, and it seems to be working well. My problem is that it seems to be ignoring config.sys. Where do I look first?
  23. Hmmm, any thoughts on porting this to the Pi? Then you could get Ethernet, wifi, and SLIP/PPP. (Wish I could program better.... :-)
  24. Has anyone tried recent text adventures on the Atari? I think the .z3 files should work with the Atari interpreter, I just haven't had a chance to try. (http://www.ifarchive.org/indexes/if-archiveXgamesXzcode.html)
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