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  1. 1. Pitfall 2 2. Pitfall 3. Up N Down 4. Wizard of Wor 5. Zaxxon 6. Yars Revenge 7. Jungle Hunt 8. Qbert 9. Solaris 10. Circus Atari
  2. This may already be documented somewhere but I haven’t seen it, but I recently picked up an Atari Pic version of Superman where the stars extend all the way to the label edge. Check it out.
  3. Finally had a chance to post my Taiwan Sixer! Real nice shape. Date Stamp is June 26, 1978
  4. Dont see too many Taiwan models. Anyway I picked one up for $40 w/heavy sixer joysticks and clean as a whistle! Atari 2600 Heavy 6 Switch List Worksheet: NTSC/PAL/Sears/Special: NTSC Serial # (Ex: #54035V or #007649):T 0008040 MFG Location (Sunnyvale, Taiwan): Taiwan (Owner/AA Member), (Location= City, State, Country): Scotty, Mount Pleasant, SC A/B Channel Slot (Yes/No): Yes A/B Channel Switch (Yes/No): Yes Manf. Date: 6/26/1978
  5. Add another to the list.. Just picked up a very early Taiwan heavy sixer #0008040 Stamped June 26, 1978. C010306-H Bottom. Top has beveled areas around the switches with orange line that goes around. Has channel select switch.
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