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  1. I drew the cover artwork for Unlucky Pony. I was a professional (and occasionally official) My Little Pony artist for a couple years when the show was new and popular, so that lent a certain authenticity to the project.
  2. I drew and painted the cover art for Rev's planned release of Unlucky Pony on Intellivision. I guess that never happened and this different game is planned instead. In addition to painting many covers for Rev, I was a professional My Little Pony artist for a few years so that brought a certain authenticity to the work.
  3. Looking good, Collectorvision. It will be terrific to have a modern, expanded, working console for Colecovision releases, providing everything that a fan of this era of retro gaming needs. I hope you can meet your goal and therefore meet the $200ish price point. I've been continually impressed by the work being done by programmers (here at this site!) for the Colecovision system today. Turns out that Colecovision hardware is capable of miracles, given a little help (and the expanded power of the Super Game Module or this console). I don't think that $230K is too much to ask - obviously it's not cheap to produce a new, full console in bulk, so that sounds about right. Is it doable? Well, I regularly see Kickstarters for card games, board games and video games break the $500k mark, if they go viral. I do think this console needs our help to go viral outside of our own little community, and I hope people will share this link on every social media they've got so the Kickstarter has a better chance of succeeding.
  4. Thanks for the kind words- what a fun thread. I'm doing something new for Rev right now. Maybe I should upload all the "coloring book" line art from those projects somewhere ....
  5. Neat! Rob and the Zapper were a major reason why the NES succeeded at first. It allowed the system to be sold as a "toy package" and bring up less memories of the video game crash.
  6. I did the art for this one. Glad you like it! http://tygerbug.deviantart.com/gallery
  7. Did you not use the art of the two humans? http://tygerbug.deviantart.com/gallery
  8. Wow! I only just saw this thread. I'm the artist of most of the art in this thread - game art which I did for Rev. It cracked me up seeing the work colored, and I'm a little jealous of the grit which the winning entry has compared to the real thing. You can check out my work here: http://tygerbug.deviantart.com/gallery And I'd be happy to provide coloring-book versions of more things.
  9. This one still looks great, hoping to see it next year.
  10. Hi everyone! I'm a cover artist for Team Pixelboy, Acclaim/Collectorvision, and Intellivision Revolution. I've done art for Intellivision, Colecovision, SNES, Switch, etc. Vidak suggested I link to some of my recent game art, maybe just as inspiration in this thread. https://www.deviantart.com/tygerbug/gallery/49366057/Video-Games
  11. Nice. I've done a lot of Doctor Who art - my intention at one point was to animate all the lost episodes from the 60s. That included The Daleks' Master Plan with Jean Marsh as Sara Kingdom! https://www.deviantart.com/tygerbug/gallery/34702148/Doctor-Who
  12. No, these are mostly ports of existing games, which I'm not involved with. I did pixel art for Royal Heroes, and in-game / cutscene art for Dead Tomb, Sydney Hunter, Maze Blaster and various personal projects.
  13. Hi everyone! Been doing art for quite a lot of exciting game releases. You can see many of them in my gallery. https://www.deviantart.com/tygerbug/gallery/ I am looking for more work. You can contact me at gilchristgarrett at gmail. Partial list of games I've worked on: Knight Lore Wizard of Wor QBiqs Blow Out, Hard Hat, Space Cadet Inty Basic Showcase Volume 1 Arcomage Jumpman Junior Maze Blaster (unreleased) Crackpots Sydney Hunter and the Sacred Tribe Dead Tomb My History Teacher Ate Lemons 1942 Huff N' Puff (Oink!) Burgertime Super Pixel Bros. Unlucky Pony Jawbreaker Royal Heroes
  14. It can be. I'm trying to be positive this time round. It's tough, but we'll see.
  15. Yes, unfortunately Disney's "Aladdin" was quote unquote inspired by Richard Williams' nearly 30 years of work on The Thief. This was one of the factors that led to Warner Bros dropping the film, and to it never being completed.
  16. Qbiqs is very similar to the arcade classic Qarth. It's sort of a Tetris/Galaga hybrid in reverse.
  17. Thanks so much everyone! Asaki, I've mostly been working as an illustrator lately, but I'm definitely still doing writing and filmmaking as well. I've just moved back to Los Angeles as of last November and I'm struggling with money, but I've been shooting a new project I'm excited about, that I'll talk about when it's done. (I'm probably best known for my eight-year restoration of Richard Williams' animated classic The Thief and the Cobbler (2006-2013) as "The Recobbled Cut." My last feature as a filmmaker was "Shamelessly She-Hulk" in 07-08.)
  18. Intellivision Revolution commissioned me to draw/paint the covers to Blow Out, Hard Hat, Space Cadet and Inty Basic Showcase Volume 1! You can see my work in full quality here: http://tygerbug.deviantart.com/gallery/ I'm available for paid work if anyone needs any.
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