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  1. Thank you jeremiahjt, it is a really big project. Yes they are separate, to see all versions of text label boxes go to: https://www.atariopenbox.com/atari-2600-colection/cart-text-label Regards; Daniel
  2. I have long wondered how Atari built the series of games and their versions. To this end, I started researching the subject. My name is Daniel Medina and in this topic I would like to present my research project for the reconstruction of the Atari game series. RECONSTITUTION OF ATARI 2600 GAME COLLECTIONS. ==================================== I developed a website with the purpose of supporting the project and the research, so that everyone can follow the updates of the information found. On the website you will find all the explanation about the project, the method used, where to find the cataloged information and you will also be able to identify which games formed the series and their versions. I use as a study base in the research information from any and all catalog numbers available in the game sets, I also use data from Atari documents, Internet pages and sealed or complete games for catalog records. After a year of work, I defined as the initial indexing point for building a database, a number found in the boxes that I call PSN (PART SERIAL NUMBER), are found in the small tabs, usually along with the review. Through them I identify the series it belongs to and the game it contains. I have already identified 495 versions of boxes and validated 185 of them, my intention is to open the community to validate other versions and discover new ones. The idea is also that everyone can participate, sending version inclusions through channels like this forum or others that can be built in the future. Now I would like to know your opinion. Welcome to www.atariopenbox.com
  3. Phil, we have made great strides in the variations of boxes and cartridges. I just finished modeling the new project, now let's resume the checklists and move on to the missing items. Remembering that I have received many contributions, I would like to thank all collaborators and one especially to you! Daniel
  4. Dave your collection is wonderful! The way you organized your shelves makes a lot of sense to me and the impressive number of rarities puts you at the top of the world's collectors! You my Sunday much sweeter! Thanks for sharing.
  5. Phil, you're right about the investment, so being able to certify the games is even better. But I always ask myself: Why and for whom? For those who inherit or buy at substantial value to keep them closed in their homes? Let me present this to you from another angle, about arriving at a moment in life and having the opportunity after 40 years to live this emotion of opening sealed games. I will do this for my pleasure, for having this right. I don't want to encourage others to do the same. But I want to have this memory in my life, please don't take this emotion away from me! So I can answer the initial question. Why and for whom? For those who inherit or buy my games will know that they made me very happy and even helped to preserve Atari's history. Hugs dear friend!
  6. Phil thanks again. I just completed another 20 boxed print records for the requested period. I found two more different brands of printing that I will be sending you soon. My intention this year is to open all my sealed games (approximately 120) so we will have many more records to include.
  7. And about the boxes to compose the set: I think that the box version 14) © 1986, dark red box, in the warranty box, Printed in Taiwan, would be more suitable for the "mixed" versions (cartridge and manual Inc) and for the "pure" Corp version (cartridge, manual Corp) would be the version 15 box) © 1986, dark red box, no warranty box, Made in Taiwan, Printed in Taiwan.
  8. What do we need to know about an Combat Atari Corp cartridge? ========================================== By bringing together the versions found in 2012 and the two versions found now in 2020, through a graphical comparative analysis between the models of labels and cartridge formats CART 1 and CART 3, in its two variations (with or without text in the main label: "Use with Joystick Controllers"). Evidence points to the following common characteristics: • Plastic coated label • Game title off center in the end label • Plane inside boarder on the main label • Image undocked in print on the main label The results will facilitate identification as to the period and country of manufacture. ========================= Right now I see that collecting is just a detail of a great discovery! But if this is not real? Actually if it's a dream? Please don't wake me up! ========================= * Images taken for the construction of the VIDEOGAMEVARIATION website infographic | Giant Label Variation NOTE: For the construction of a CIB set between CORP versions, a good way is to use the print and copyright registration of the warranty certificate that accompanied the version. Evidence suggests that we may have Manual and Cartridge Inc with a ©1984 warranty record ATARI CORP Rev A; How can we have Manual Inc and Cartridge Corp CART1 with Warranty registration ©1984 ATARI CORP Rev B. Arriving the pure editions of ©1986 with Manual CORP B / W ©1986, CART 3 CORP, warranty record of ©1986 printed from May 1986. And so on... COMPARATIVE STUDY
  9. Dear Phil excellent rescue. As an initial strategy, Atari used the existing stock to make capital. Even reusing boxes, cartridges and printed material. Lately, as we are evidencing here on the giantlist (videogamevariation.com), the discovery of many NTSC games in boxes in International formats (5 and 6 languages), both in the Inc. era and in the Corp era. The research initially points out that there was an advance in NTSC investment for the international market in the Corp. period, thus creating new frontiers for the search for game versions by large collectors. With the certainty that much remains to be discovered, I thank you for your trust! Hugs
  10. I believe that all Childrens versions of Atari Corp "86" edition (copyright 1986) are international NTSC versions (box 6 languages). And like every 1986 edition, boxes are hard to find!
  11. Excellent Phil, I will analyze all your considerations to cross with my items here! I also understand that they are trucks of items to be included due to the versions and their editions (years of copyright). One suggestion would be to put a link on the Giantlist home page. Let's work and build! Hugs
  12. Thanks Phill, great idea to create a page with items to include. Well, I literally have a truckload of manuals and variants of cartridges and labels found. I am crossing them with the respective editions (copyrights) and versions. I think even this page will help me a lot to organize everything!
  13. Wow, looking at my collection I come across the game Pigs in Space in the Atari Corp © 1986 version in 6 languages made in Taiwan, tab flap style box, CA019744-114 REV. A . Manual © 1986, black, C019787-114 on back, 18 pages (folds out), printed in Taiwan. I am sending the images to include in the list.
  14. I'm still adding and sorting information in the related folders and that's been almost a year. I have to create a domain and hosting for the project. I used Combat to exemplify (image), because it has many versions and variations. The "no warranty box" box made in Taiwan (10 Box Color in the image), I initially classified as a version. With the contribution and feedback, it will help to evolve the version structure (folders). I still have inclusions from Parker Brothers to send, nice move to your new home.
  15. Hello Phill, first I'm sorry for the off-topic post. I found the questions excellent, this image (Combat Game) is the complete structure of versions for all game boxes launched by Atari, whether from the Silver, Red, Color, Children collection, etc ... The empty folders denounce that for the time being I do not register boxes launched for the versions of a certain game. PS: A few days ago I found a version of Warlords released by Atari Corp. and it became easier to update the information in my database. On the issue of Combat Gatefold, I classify it like this: "Gatefold version contains 2 variations of boxes and 3 variations of labels. When entering the version folder, there are other folders with variations of boxes, manuals and labels. This is the modeling of the database for use in the future. I think it will help answer many questions that I have by crossing this data. I hope I have clarified your initial doubts, Hugs!
  16. ATARI 2600 GUIDE ============= The objective of this project is to rescue the composition of the Atari 2600 game box versions with their manual and label variations. The research came from my collection of North American games NTSC, joining with all sources of references for research and sales. I'm doing consistent mining and cross-checking of historical information. The Project initially captures information from records found and is organized by folders and subfolders, in the following model: games-> boxes -> versions -> variations (attached images). I started with the line of games manufactured or launched by Atari in the NTSC format, then I will move on to the other game development companies. I believe that soon we should have a topic for everyone's participation and contribution. Hugs; Game Folders Box versions PS: I created an initial nomenclature of box versions to organize and date the existing models. (similar Gamevariation model, stipulated by Phillflound)
  17. Hello Hunter and Phil, it is wonderful to rescue the variations of the versions of games released by the manufacturers. I am putting together the workflow by manufacturers, collections, their versions and variations. Soon I will post the outline of the project. Hugs;
  18. Hello hunter, I have been working for a few months on: Which cart and manual belongs to which box. And soon I must present to you this research. The project is cool. And it will help all collectors. From basic to advanced. Hugs;
  19. Cool, meanwhile, I am organizing and checking the lists of M Network and Parker Brothers. In December I will work on the Sears Tele-games series.
  20. Thanks Phill is a pleasure to collaborate with this list. Fast food certainly has the variation of the box "Assembled in Mexico". We have items available for sale on EBay that confirm. Already the other games in this collection, we should look more.
  21. Thanks Phill, I am available to contribute more to your research!
  22. RALLY RACER - MORE WORK GAMES | ATARI 2600 ====================== Friday, a day to try out "More Work Game" second game, Rally Racer. What a excellent choice! Opening the box, I found a well-crafted material, containing many more printed pieces than a traditional Atari game. A rich illustrated instruction manual, logbook and record sheet for record and distance notes with a stunning map on the back, rarely seen on this platform! It also incorporates a "English version" manual, some leaflets containing extra information such as upcoming games to be released. In principle, the game reminded me of Enduro, a classic from Activision and Atari. Big mistake, Rally Racer is much more engaging and addictive! Reading the instructions of the game, I realize that my Atari becomes the control panel of the Lancia Stratus HF 1973, where I have control of the music radio (color key), Pit Stop (selector key) and can even restart at a certain stage using the Power key to skip the steps! This game has already caught my attention because one of the passages takes place in the South (Brazil, Uruguay and Argentina), a place I know very well, after all is my home! I search the map from which I leave and the routes I will take, opening my curiosity to read the Pilot Diary. So I put the helmet on, not to take it off anymore! With good graphics, it didn't take long to understand the dynamics of the game. On the TV screen, I can easily identify the odometer, distance marker, gears, and distance indicator. I could hardly wait for START! The time counting begins, I wait for the green light to finally live this thrill! The landscapes I pass are cool and the opponents are my old acquaintances. At each stage new obstacles and greater difficulties. Demanding from me a lot of skill and expertise. Despite Atari 2600's low memory capacity, don't expect to complete this game in a day. It has much more to offer than a simple rally race! Today, Sunday, I have been immersed for three days in the races and have just arrived from the 3rd stage where I was crowned champion. I am posting photos of the podium. II know I have the last and hardest test ahead, yet with free time I update my spreadsheet, write my diary and can convey my experience in Rally Racer. Well, I have to get ready again, after all I still want to close the circuit today. With the certainty that Atari lives and pulsates strongly, See you soon!
  23. I have 30 titles in Sears boxes, and also some looses ... We can work in sync. The deadlines look great to me! I will contribute.
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