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  1. Ice... makes me wonder... did Vanilla Ice Play Last Resort? I also notice T. Making me think of Mr. T. Zul. I didn't know that the makers of this game were fans of Ghostbusters... (though it is actually spelt "Zuul" not "Zul") I also see Lee (Bruce Lee? Or a descendant of Bruce Lee himself-or his ghost.) The rest, feel free to use your imaginations.
  2. I created THIS: http://atariage.com/forums/gallery/album/2434-neo-geo-manuals/ because I feel that nobody even had the GUTS to upload scans of the Neo-Geo Games' respective manuals! Coveting them for their own personal collections. Bear in mind, these are a few of the manuals I have for the games in my collection. Many more will soon be available. If anyone wants to contribute to this gallery, feel free to do so-I ain't stoppin' ya!
  3. Gecko1993

    Neo-Geo Manuals

    This is a collection of manual scans from the Neo-Geo (ENGLISH, might I add. You're welcome). If anyone wants to turn these into .pdf files, or add more to the mix-feel free to do so! :)
  4. My apologies, everyone. I am relatively new here (though that isn't saying much considering how I hardly use this account as much). I understand that I basically made a rookie mistake, and I hope not to perform it again. I know that I am also late with this reply as well, but better late than never I suppose.
  5. Hey I know that it this topic is probably ancient history, but is this item still up for sale?
  6. I have some problem with VisualBB. Whenever I try to operate it, the following problems occur. Keep in mind that I am using Windows 7 via Bootcamp on a Macbook Pro 13" model. Whenever I start it up, no matter how many times, it always takes me to the VisualBB Setup Wizard. It is pretty annoying. It doesn't showcase the project that I am working on in the recent projects like as if it has forgotten that I was working on a project to begin with. There is always a shield next to the icon VisualBB where it will always ask to run as administrator (I know that the program is safe). This never happened to me on my other computer that uses Windows 7. Is it the current model of computer that I am using? If anyone knows how to overcome this, please be sure to let me know.
  7. I am having the same problem with my version of VisualBB (not the Tinkernut version, but this one is the up-to-date version). My set up is a bit different as I keep VisualBB (with a shortcut to it on the desktop), and Stella in the same folder.
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