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  1. @Rebeep So how about you ? You are not old times Atari user then, right ? How did you find us ? 🙂
  2. I can get you some .. shipping is $10,000. 😁
  3. We have discord for ages. There is 39 people there and like 1 message per week. In other words, nothing much. It would be good place to start though. Good for getting people know, seeing who's online, and it can do meetings by itself. Invite link: https://discord.gg/kajzZjn
  4. We were changing GTIA in friends 800XL, and one of the drawer GTIA we put in there did mad stuff with PMGs, so that would be my guess too. Glad to see you solved it.
  5. You can .. you know .. report it to AVG cart author ? 😉
  6. I have raw working version of file based Bad apple, which also needs 1MB. But as for playing animations and such, you are actually using that RAM as ROM. Cart will be always better for that.
  7. Since discord is kinda dead, I don't give it much hope. Btw. Discord also has video call built-in.
  8. No, it was sudden and unexpected. Could happen to anyone. Makes me thing about my unfinished projects. Gotta work harder.
  9. He was such a nice guy, talented musician, and was just starting with coding. Being just 30 years old, he was new hope for the scene. Dying this young just purely sucks. Rest in peace, Petr.
  10. I can vouch for this one too ! Only issue is it's a bit big. Might be an issue if you have really thin notebook. Cable mounted ones are more .. flexible .. 😁
  11. Then readjust it and send another diff, it's hard for me to see the differences like this. RMT player needs to be specifically aligned and I have no idea how to do it from CC65. Baktra on the other hands has lot of experience with that.
  12. Well judging by the diff the WRONG version has the DOS header, as you said. RMT module pointer needs to be on that RMT marker. That is considered start of the module. That has to be on the address specified in export (4000 by default). RMT file is DOS file, so it does contain the header. Ie FFFF, start address, length, 6 bytes in total. In assembler you either use manual ORG and then skip 6 bytes when including the file. Or you use 'opt h-' (in MADS) to end previous assembler generated segment, and include the file as is, with the header. That way it will simply treat the RMT file as new DOS file segment, and use the address from the header. I have no idea how to do it correctly in CC65. But all you need is those 'RMT' marker bytes end up on the address specified in RMT export, and used when calling rmt_init.
  13. I don't hate it. I just don't care. As I said, I don't want 'next generation Atari'. RAM upgrades were done back in the day. SD cards and HDMI outputs allows your device to work in current context. But VBXE is just random extension of capabilities. Some people will mount modern engine into old timer car. Good for them. I don't care about that.
  14. Nah. For me Next is pointless. Even VBXE or Rapidus. If want more colors or fast cpu, I have PC. If I want old computer, I have genuine old Atari. Even FPGA Atari seems pointless to me, PC emulators offer more features. I simply see no use for device like that.
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