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  1. By other you mean you, right ? 🤣
  2. Make your original song, send it into compo, maybe next time you can win too 😀 Yes, compo rules are not same as in-game music. Duh.
  3. Hardly. Yet again you have no idea what you are talking about. 😀
  4. Right, that might be. We will know when there is XEX released. I thought the mode transition is quite on the left side .. I did it in Sails of Doom splashscreen, and it wasn't so easy. But I did 2 mode changes per line, and here is only one, so it won't be that much of a problem it seems.
  5. Hm .. interesting ! The Medical Machine is quite clear, but that Invasion ? How is it done ?
  6. Some 'special' modes can be used in games too. Like that 4 colors hue/brightness interleaved mode. Here is small demo. It's character mode, 4 hues, 5 brightness levels, which makes 20 colors. No flickering, it doesn't go well with the movement. Btw. this has the most complicated kernel handler I have ever written 😁 pong.xex
  7. That's pretty much impossible I'm afraid. So far I can handle simple dlis with severe penalty to timing precision (see irq/nmi thread in programming section). Rasta converter seems out of question atm.
  8. Added simple drums loop to demonstrate the 4th channel really can be used for anything 🙂 IRQ.xex
  9. If by 'powerless' you mean low volume, it can be, it depends a lot on the audio system you use. Those are rather low frequencies. TV or cheap earphones will not play it well. You need subwoofer or decent earphones.
  10. Some new progress ! I can now somewhat combine this new bass with RMT. At the moment I use simple approach: I expect RMT to play A distortion on channel 1. I then take the frequency a volume, and play this new bass on channel 1 instead. There is some basic PWM, but there is no control over it, and it is not even reset based on notes in RMT. That will come later. I can use E or C bass in RMT .. and then change the instrument to use A before export. I play the notes 2 octaves below the original frequency. I don't use the naive 'skip 7 play 1' approach anymore. I convert every source wavelength into new 16 bit wavelength. Let's say I get divisor 9F from RMT. That means wavelength $A0, 4 times that is $280. Which means I should do IRQ with FF divisor twice, and then one IRQ with 7F divisor. There is still one complication. In some cases I could get realy small divisor in the lower byte. For example if I wanted 201 wavelength. I wouldn't be able to serve the IRQ fast enough. So instead of 2xFF+0 I can do FF+80+80. So I actually use table with 3 bytes for every source frequency. This gives me nicely spaced IRQs, with very little CPU overhead. I'm also after all noises and crackling which can occur. One source was I played RMT in VBI, as usual. That leads to very long NMI handler, which delays IRQ too much. So this example calls RMT from main thread, syncing using VCOUNT. Short DLI or VBI handlers are no problem. I also use shadow registers for all 6 values I use in IRQ bass, and they are updated only on down edge. Changing them directly disregarding the actual phase of the bass was another source of minor crackling. At the moment it should sound rather clear. I suggest turning off channels 2 and 3 in Altirra, and to turn on the audio monitor, to clearly see and hear what's going on. Please note you still need real HW or Altirra. We discussed Atari 800 IRQ timing with Petr Stehlik for like 2 hours this spring, it's rather clear where the problem is. It just wouldn't be easy to fix, and it might break easy portability to old systems like Atari ST. Who knows, maybe one day 🙂 The song is just some unfinished idea, not even sure how much original it is. I mean I don't know what song it is, but I still have feeling it is some song 🙂 But it proved useful for this testing. The lowest frequency is about 30Hz. Probably too low. But hey, it's a test. IRQ.xex
  11. Not really. IMHO C64 is generally superior. Yes it has way less colors. Yes it has less flexible modes. But for most games, you need 4 color GFX mode and sprites. Both is way better in C64. And it's certainly not problem of few less kB. There are areas where Atari has theoretically an edge, especially 3d graphics, but it's typically the same game with somewhat better FPS on Atari.
  12. You can also mix 4 hues and 4 brightness levels in 4 color mode. If you add character mode and PMG, you get 6 brightness levels. And using 2 frame flickering you can get 8 hues and 11 brightness levels. That can make images like this: Also check the Rasta convert thread ..
  13. And there are much faster methods compared to bit by bit multiplication. We just need to know what kind of numbers are these.
  14. Let's see this thread. You make title, which really doesn't make any sense. You link to XXL work. OK. Then you claim it would work better in character mode. People with lot more experience come, and say no, it wouldn't. Basically everyone who joined the discussion made similar type of engine in past. Then you show game, which is completely different, which could really work well in character mode. You say 3D is 3D, so there is no difference. You also claim C64 only has character mode. So yes, you may have meant it well. But most of what you said was just wrong, and you didn't even accept. So don't expect other to take you seriously. Also your criticism may be meant well, and I take it as such, but some people don't. And I much rather lost you than let's say Fandal, who basically left AA after what you said about Stunt car racer. Maybe it's just communication. Most of what you write sounds like you are mocking people. It's not Antic D ! Listen to 99% ! Maybe try to clearly say that you mean well, and if you mean something as a joke. It's not passed easily in written language. I know especially us Slavic guys are very tough on this. We don't hint sarcasms at all. But we are also lot better at picking it up. But look at Americans. They will start the post with several sentences praising the authors, expressing how happy they are. Then they add criticism, and if they mean it, they will apologize once more. And if they don't mean it, they will openly express it was meant as a joke in next sentence. It seems silly to us, but it makes things much clearer. I certainly mean everything I write in the same way. And I actually believe you do to. We just don't communicate it so well.
  15. I don't get the reference to NMI/IRQ thred (which is mine ?) .. I accept you as Atari fan. I don't accept you as coder. Simple as that.
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