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  1. You can use SAP-A and specify both Init and Play vectors in header, and the SAP player will provide timing. Or you can use SAP-D and use VBI, IRQ, VCOUNT, whatever you want. You just have to do directly, without ROM. At this moment I think SAP-A should be the easiest one.
  2. In SAP-D you only need one vector. Your code has to provide the timing though. My SAP is based upon RMT XEX export, which relies on VCOUNT.
  3. Hmm .. could be the issue .. my SAPs (which work) are as all my programs - they don't use ROM.
  4. Indeed, tried to redo one of them myself .. same result. I'm using foobar SAP plugin. You simply went too far 🙂
  5. Here is example of simplest possible SAP header, AFAIK, and resulting SAP. Should be good starting point. ahead.sap sap.txt
  6. SAP is the routine. SAP is basically XEX. Turning XEX into SAP is adding a header, and sometimes removing stuff not needed for music. There is no need to use SAP-R only because you use custom routine. Of course, you can still use something which is not supported in SAP players. But so far I haven't find anything. For example my IRQ bass works fine in SAP players, even if it doesn't run at all in Atari800 family emulators. Read the documentation I linked, and you should be able turn your XEX into SAP easily. If you have XEX for example exported from RMT, I suggest using SAP-D, as you simply set entry point. SAP-A requires you to have Init routine and Play routine, which is also simple to do, but SAP-D is even simpler.
  7. So why SAP-R ? Why you can't use normal SAP ? Good documentation is here: http://asap.sourceforge.net/sap-format.html
  8. You can also turn off ROM and use everything 🙂
  9. Look, it's Tramiel's baby. Basically a C64. Absolutely do not get it ! 😉
  10. Something completely new, and very different. My goal is the tracker to be easily extended. It might actually end up being target platform independent, so it could be used for making music for Sid or AY or whatever really. I want something which allows experiments. Let's say I come up with new sounds using something not heard before. I would like it to be possible to simply add short piece of assembler code, say what features it supports, what tone table it uses, and with no change to tracker itself, I should be able to use it. Same with samples and soft synths. Over the years there were many cool experiments in this area, only reason why it's not used more is missing tracker. That means completely new playback routine, which wouldn't even be fixed binary, but would be linked together from bunch of asm sources, completely new format vague enough to contain anything, and of course, completely new front end, again, flexible enough. So I guess now you understand why you might not live long enough to see it. But your kids might !
  11. My first ones were graphical stuff. On PMD85, which is super simple Czech school computer with 8080. Programs which draws rocket, or helicopter, from lines. I was like 12. I was never really interested in anything useful, just games and GFX. Basic on PMD had simple software sprites, so I tried making a game with that, but I soon moved to assembler, as it just wasn't sufficient. I had a book from a friend about machine code for 8080 .. I carefully wrote down all instructions, flags, codes .. but when I returned the book to him I said: ok, I know how to move numbers around, but how can I do anything besides that !? Ah, good times. And yeah, IT college, and IT work since then. Both our college and early companies were all friends from IT club on elementary school. I only moved to Atari recently, as it has best community around here.
  12. Sure ! Mark 2030 in you calendars !
  13. I'd like to do it, but I still have many other projects, and very ambitious plans for the tracker. So no idea if I'll ever start. But multi-platform is a must.
  14. Ok, NOW I understand how someone can feel offended by videogame
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