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  1. IMHO only reasonable way to do samples or softsynth is WSYNC. MTP does it that way. It's cheap, simple, and can be easily combined with simple screen modes. Not so much with DLI of course.
  2. I only tried Raspberry pi zero, results are not ideal. Sound never works just right. The rest is OK.
  3. Oh the ideas I have. But what good is it when there is just no time. And this one will need a lot.
  4. Sure sure .. totally not dead. Totally number 1 project. Still there was not much progress in 2020.
  5. I don't understand, how is this different from RMT 8 channel ?
  6. Still it sounds like weird solution. I would call for new feature to said program.
  7. This is the box for Pi 4, with cables on one side, fan, and power button. https://www.argon40.com/argon-one-raspberry-pi-4-case.html
  8. You have boxes for Pi with ports moved all to one side. You can do whatever you want with the ports. My issue with 400 is I move the keyboard around. Or even stow it away. It was not possible with 8bits, but it would be preferable for me even then. It is possible now. Why go back ? Keyboard with 2 cables, one of which is thick HDMI, and second one must not be pulled otherwise the machine will turn off ? No thanks, that's retro too much
  9. I find it highly impractical. Having all the cables in the keyboard, especially when it's this light, is not good. Pi 4 in separate box and standalone BT keyboard seem better in every aspect. I like the exposed header, it would make good education device.
  10. @Rebeep So how about you ? You are not old times Atari user then, right ? How did you find us ? 🙂
  11. I can get you some .. shipping is $10,000. 😁
  12. We have discord for ages. There is 39 people there and like 1 message per week. In other words, nothing much. It would be good place to start though. Good for getting people know, seeing who's online, and it can do meetings by itself. Invite link: https://discord.gg/kajzZjn
  13. We were changing GTIA in friends 800XL, and one of the drawer GTIA we put in there did mad stuff with PMGs, so that would be my guess too. Glad to see you solved it.
  14. You can .. you know .. report it to AVG cart author ? 😉
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