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  1. I have the CSGD banner program, just have to find it. Here is PagePro Banner Maker. It uses PagePro Headline fonts. I have included a few on the disk. It can be configured for 80 columns. I have included a catalog of the dsk. BNRMKR.dsk BNRMKRCAT.pdf
  2. That’s pretty cool. Which program did you use? i have other banner programs, just have to dig them out.
  3. Here's a couple dsks to fart around with. The TIBANNER dsk is the one put out by TexComp back in the day Docs are on the disks in DV/80 files. GREATLAKES.DSK TIBANNER.DSK
  4. I figured I'd start out with one of the "Super Groups" newsletter - Chicago Users Group - Chicago TImes. I always looked forward to receiving them, especially their Super Summer Issues. I was always envious of all the talent in the group that were willing to submit articles. Getting someone in my group to submit something was like pulling teeth. Anyway, this pdf is not the greatest, but it is readable. chicago8608.pdf
  5. Main TI is in normal configuration. Second system is in tower configuration. Both have covers on.
  6. Being the President and newsletter editor for VAST for a few years I looked at all the exchange newsletters we got from other groups. There were many that I liked a lot. I’ll try and dig up a few that really were special to me to give this thread some legs.
  7. Just picking at you a bit. as Monty Python has said “ I’ve had worse!”
  8. Hey, Matie - Me name is Sparkdrummer, not Sparkdummer. Or are you indicating my intelligence level?
  9. I'm not sure if these are what you're looking for, but DRAWABIT1.dsk has MX80 on it. DRAWABIT1.DSK DRAWABIT2.DSK
  10. tmop69 Thanks very much for what you are doing. The game I'd like to see compiled is DRAW POKER. It was released by TI. It is attached to this post. DRAWPOKER
  11. I like TI’s Poker game and play it fairly often but it is pretty slow. It would be nice to have it compiled.
  12. Boa Alley The Last Robot Nerm (as stated above) TImagination software. Lots of good console basic games out there.
  13. October 2020 calendar OCT20.pdf
  14. Artist's Companion #2 - 2 disk set TICOM21.DSK TICOM22.DSK
  15. Gram Kracker - FG99 took it's place. Although I still miss the mods in Gram0
  16. Thanks +twoodland. I truly try to publish “old” news that enthusiasts like myself might find interesting.
  17. I do not use the cartridge, but TI-Writer 80 column is used for every issue of Yesterday’s News for text editing.
  18. Module Emulator by Pilgrim’s Pride required a SuperCart.
  19. A Supercart and the program Batch It are a big part of Yesterday’s News production.
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