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  1. It's been awhile since I posted. But yeah, the dude had some issues. He bragged about going 3,000 miles to prove some insignificant record. The man was banned from four different ownerships at Twin Galaxies. One time he was banned for harassing Walter Day. I never talked on the phone with him, but I knew him. Like many people, I was Facebook friends with him who eventually unfriended him over going to far. I still chatted with him outside of Facebook. I noticed that his viewpoints became more extreme, and he started to believe off the wall conspiracy theories. I'm surprised by the news, but I'm not shocked. To be honest, I'm more surprised the person he killed had nothing to do with gaming.
  2. homerwannabee


  3. This is sort of saddening to hear. The way you started out in the thread it's obvious that you didn't have a grudge against Todd. If anything, you were pro Todd Rogers. Omni Gamer I don't know from Adam, but I have been around the community long enough to know you are an upstanding person. So based on this evidence, it's not looking good for Todd. He's been so entrenched in talking about this score, that I fear a coffee stain excuse won't work this time.
  4. The argument is this. Is that not only is Todd not able to do it, and not only is no one else able to do it, but it's not possible if you TAS frame by frame inputs. So either Todd found a trick that hasn't been thought of by anyone else or Todd's got really bad memory, and mistook a 5.57 for 5.51 those three times.
  5. Thanks for the clarification. I appreciate it.
  6. My whole point wasn't about fame, but to illustrate the fact the concern over this score isn't limited to Twin Galaxies. It's a lot bigger than people think.
  7. That's because the 5.51 has been put on some kind of gigantic gaming accomplishment pedestal. There is a video on YouTube with millions of views that says Todd's record is one of the three hardest speedruns to break. Omni Gamers video calling Todd's 5.51 a fake has over 1.3 million views. The 5.51 Dragster score is a lot more popular than could imagine.
  8. Can you join the debate Thomas at TG. Some people are treating Omni Gamers argument as the end all be all, and I believe your argument should be heard over there.
  9. So this is a hack of the NTSC version, and the only change is the fire button assist? If this is true this changes everything.
  10. Right now there is a dispute on Todd's 5.51 Dragster score. Here's the problem. Omingamer reverse engineered the Dragster game, and then studied the code, and said he was able to find that 5.51 was impossible. The problem is there is no second hand verification. That's why I posted here. I was wondering if any programmer who has a deep knowledge of the code could examine these claims as being true or not. What's at stake is one of the most legendary scores in gaming history. I decided this post was worth a shot. Here is the Twin Galaxies thread disputing the score. http://www.twingalaxies.com/showthread.php/175364-Dispute-Dick-Moreland-Atari-2600-VCS-Dragster-NTSC-Game-1-Difficulty-B-Fastest-Time-Player-Todd-Rogers-Score-05-51
  11. Here is the place to register! http://tournaments.twingalaxies.com/#/event/igby2016/main
  12. Alright, no more offers. Congrats to Smokeless Joe.
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