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  1. Would be interested in seeing a few screenshots of this in action if you have time!
  2. Can anyone please advise what I might need to do to fix the problem?
  3. Thanks. The bizarre thing is that blue works appears in other games and applications, and on the desktop too?
  4. I've noticed the colour output on my STE is a bit off. On two games, some of the blue/greens are washed out. See the attached screenshots. Level 1 of Manic Miner is fine. The actual game part of Team is fine. I opened DPaint and all the colours seem to display OK in there. These are the only two times I've noticed this issue. So it may just be related to those colours, Can anyone please advise what the issue is and what I might do to fix it?
  5. I'm trying to locate an ST Noistracker mod file called norder.mod. It was a version of New Order's Blue Monday. It often came bundled as one of the example mods with Noisetracker 1.5. Unfortunately my copy on floppy is damaged and the only version I can find online is also corrupt. Does anyone have a copy they can stick online? Thank you!
  6. This blog post explains how Videomaster and an STE was used in the production of the video...
  7. Yeah there is plenty of NES nostalgia. I guess the systems you grew up with are the ones that you cherish the most, so we all end up with favourites
  8. Yes, they are from the UK! I guess a Gameboy sneaked in...
  9. This new pop video from a band called 'robberie' is a bit of a retro gaming feast, including Atari STs, Spectrums, Gameboys and an Atari Lynx! The Gameboy and Lynx are modded, too...
  10. I've been using a NEC 1970VX with multisync cable on my ST and have been loving being able to get all three resolutions on one monitor. I just picked up NEC EA190M, thinking it might be better due to the built-in speakers. In my opinion, the 1970VX has far superior picture. It is less blurry and the colours are more vibrant. The EA190M just doesn't look as as good. The built in speakers are good but the lowest volume setting isn't that quiet. I've posted screenshots below which don't show the differences as well as the naked eye, but you get the idea. Just thought I'd show this for anyone considering taking the plunge with one or the other.
  11. I tried cables with several different wiring combinations but never managed to get my Jaguar working with it via VGA. Likewise I did some investigations about connecting my Spectrum +3 but was told it wasn't possible.
  12. These symptoms sound similar to me when I dug out my old disks. Have you opened the metal bit of the disks and had a look at the actual floppy inside? Many of my disks had some visible mould on (had been in a damp cellar), which was causing problems. I cleaned both sides by manually turning the disk and using record cleaning fluid and ear buds. I managed to get quite a few of them working again.
  13. I fitted the screen a couple of weeks ago (it looks amazing and has transformed my Lynx gaming) but only got round to fitting the VGA socket tonight. I used a craft knife to gradually scrape off plastic and make the indent bigger, mainly on the top half of the Lynx and also a little bit on the bottom. I left a small gap around the edge of the socket to ensure the edges of the plug had enough room to wrap around it when plugged in. A glue gun was used to fix the socket in place and when I reassembled it saw that, through luck, the edge of the main Lynx PCB was helping secure it too. I need to clean it up a bit - there's a few bits of stray glue, but the attached photo shows it installed. Also - thanks to the user Insert Coin on here who also very kindly supplied me with a replacement plastic screen, after I dropped a blob of hot solder on the old one.
  14. Have you left it for a few seconds longer? I've done the mod and I get a multicoloured screen of pixels when I turn on. Not sure if this is normal, but if you wait a couple of seconds, the game then loads as normal.
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