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  1. Perhaps some sort of video digitiser? The SAM video digitiser has an RCA in: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/324670444778
  2. Hi, I'm trying to get hold of some ST software called Easel by Heavenly Music. It's an editor for Roland Sound Canvas SC modules. A review if the full version of the package is here: http://www.muzines.co.uk/articles/heavenly-music-easel/7600 It was also available as Ease Junior desk accessory version: http://www.muzines.co.uk/articles/easel-junior-sound-canvas-editor-accessory-for-atari-st/10799 Any pointers would be appreciated! Thank you
  3. Thanks for all your advice on this. I tried the cleaning using a HD disk but it hasn't fixed my problem of four bombs on boot if a floppy present but exploring a disk via clicking the A: icon works fine. But that is probably for another thread!
  4. I have a question about HD floppy disks on my ST. My standard DS/DD floppy drive needs the heads cleaning. I have an cleaning kit with a HD disk. Is it OK to use this cleaning disk in my drive - will it still work? Should I cover over the HD detect hole? Thank you.
  5. There are several variations of this kind of thing available: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Atari-ST-USB-9-pin-Mouse-Adapter-ST-STF-STFM-STE-TT-Mega-Falcon-Compatible/133544939238?hash=item1f17e60ee6:g:lnsAAOSwS5tfexqS
  6. I did read that the developers built in some anti-piracy measures which made very subtle adjustments to the game which would hinder or halt your progress. They could easily be mistaken for a bug for people cracking the software. Perhaps this is part of that?
  7. Would be interested in seeing a few screenshots of this in action if you have time!
  8. Can anyone please advise what I might need to do to fix the problem?
  9. Thanks. The bizarre thing is that blue works appears in other games and applications, and on the desktop too?
  10. I've noticed the colour output on my STE is a bit off. On two games, some of the blue/greens are washed out. See the attached screenshots. Level 1 of Manic Miner is fine. The actual game part of Team is fine. I opened DPaint and all the colours seem to display OK in there. These are the only two times I've noticed this issue. So it may just be related to those colours, Can anyone please advise what the issue is and what I might do to fix it?
  11. I'm trying to locate an ST Noistracker mod file called norder.mod. It was a version of New Order's Blue Monday. It often came bundled as one of the example mods with Noisetracker 1.5. Unfortunately my copy on floppy is damaged and the only version I can find online is also corrupt. Does anyone have a copy they can stick online? Thank you!
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