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  2. It was me. I fat fingered it while responding on my phone. I am not #113. Sorry for the confusion.
  3. I just got reservation 113, and a maybe 😰
  4. Might I suggest also putting together a kit form for those of us who would like to build it too
  5. Great, thanks! Now I just need to find or make the KiCad footprints for the connectors, and I should be able to crank this out.
  6. Where are the schematics? I wouldn't mind trying to laymen out myself.
  7. Hi all, again. I am assembling my parts to put together my Geneve as a working system, and will start my refurbishment of the board soon. I picked up a cheap PEB on eBay with the disk. disk controller card, RS232, and 32K installed for $100, all working too. I got an XT keyboard, and the SCART Genie with an HDMI upscaler. I do have a few questions for the Geneve gurus: Can I use the TI disk controller as is? Can/should I do the 80 track upgrade to the card? Will that work with the original TI disk drive? What kind of mouse does the Geneve use? I understand that I can't use the 32K card with the Geneve. However, what PEB cards can I use with the Geneve? What ones should I seek out for a good Geneve system? Should I do the 2 amp upgrade to the PEB, or will the stock power levels for the PEB work fine for the Geneve? I do plan on getting rid of the noisy fan and replacing it with a quieter one. Any Geneve modifications I should consider a "must have"? Thanks!
  8. Wow, thanks! I will study this closely to try to untangle what was done to my board.
  9. BTW, does anybody know if there exists a schematic for the Geneve 9640? I want to figure out what my board's previous owner was trying o do with some of these add on sites, and It would be nice to know what the pristine circuit should have looked like.
  10. I do plan on refurbishing this board some, if only to get rid of those awful 450V capacitors (I'm still confused as to why someone would do that). It's just a matter of finding time IRL. Thanks for the pointer to your website.
  11. Sorry, you are right. There is on 74hct04, and the second unsocketed chip on my board is a MC1733CP.
  12. Here are some up close images of the modifications on the backside: Yes, the wire with the tape in the middle was simply two wires soldered together and the tape covered the solder joint. And yes, it is mostly socketed. Two of the ICs are not socketed (just the 74LS04s).
  13. What would have been a better routing for the address (?) line? Yes, they are 450V 22uF capacitors. It looks like the person who changed them had to drill new holes or wider holes to allow the fatter leads of these capacitors to fit. I have not tried using it yet. I was kind of expecting I needed to clean things up some. Would you recommend re-capping the whole board and using lower voltage 22 uF capacitors where these 450V ones are used? Also, I can give a knotted picture of all the mods I see on the board. With exception of the memory expansion, they all look to be power related.
  14. OK, sorry for the slow follow up here. IRL has been a bit busy. Here are the photos of the Geneve 9640 I got. One thing you will quickly note is that a previous owner changed out some capacitors with 450V versions. What would they do that? Seems excessive to me. This capacitor mod looks kind of hacky (look at the back of the board). There is another mod in place. It looks like they stacked a second RAM chip onto of the previous one, and adjusted some address lines to go with it. This mode looks a little better executed. I am slowly assembling everything I need: I have the SCART Genie, I got a cheap PEB on eBay ($100!), looking for a SCART monitor and the right kind of keyboard. Next I need to look into what sort of disk drive I need. The PEB I got has a TI controller and a TI drive. Is that good enough to start? Should I do the TI controller mod? Advice welcome. Thanks!
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