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  1. The Verge did a write-up on Wyatt's Gameboard-1. Inside is an interesting reminder box: Lessons learned? Or brief moment of lucidity?
  2. Saw one a few years ago while binging SYFY's Defiance. Came here, and sure-enough another intrepid TI fan spotted first:
  3. Vladr, I hope you have a safe, uneventful trip and prove us wrong.
  4. Holy smokes. Much better to spend that $50 on a camera and/or mic and become a YouTuber.
  5. I think a lot of people liked the original case design. I'm not so sure how they felt about the updated, thicker version. But perhaps by that time the project was too tainted. A modern take on the joystick was interesting. My opinion is they should've only stuck with getting that right, then down the road offer a console.
  6. Nobody can understand what you mean, @tripletopper. Can you boil it down to something like, "I'd like an Atari CX40 with a button on both sides and works with PCs"? Or something like that? If it's not a simple change of a current design, you may be looking at a lot of money. I'm not an electronics guy, though.
  7. @Welshworrier has a running tally, at least as-of 2016. I recommend the Klax thread to see how helpful the people (like CJ) were, who had a better idea of hardware limitations than him. Vladr is no saint, and instigates a lot himself. Here's WW's list:
  8. We're clearly in a giant virtual world 95% full of NPCs. Convince me that these two posts aren't AI-created and that Atari blog posts aren't made by a corporate-speak word generator. Naturally, we're all humans here.
  9. Exactly why most of my purchases have been digital. I think it was Destiny: The Taken King which had a disc for the main game and a piece of paper with a code for the expansion. That effectively negated any real resale value. They're also more convenient since disks usually have to be in the drive to play.
  10. SSD would be my number one reason to buy a new Xbox. 4k would be my second, though those spots would switch if we bought a 4k TV.
  11. I imagine you'll have your work cut out for you to get over the perception of it being a retro console--having a retro brand name with retro-based controllers, while showcasing updated retro games. And to get people to look past the hardware when "hardware is king" has been promoted for decades. I'm sure the Ooya comparisons will come, as well as critiques of the controllers without trying them (as seen in this thread). Hopefully those perceptions will change in the coming year. 😁
  12. I weep for all the gameplay videos lost in the great blizzard of '19.
  13. They say they have things working, haters.
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