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  1. Sounds like a bomb-diggity Indiegogo! We can make hiring a programmer an internal (hidden) stretch goal.
  2. I think I'm ready to crowdfund, guys: What's in the box?
  3. Storm Atari Interactive: They can't stop all of us. Sept. 20, after lunch. We will all meet up at Chipolte and coordinate our entry.I If we naruto run, we can move faster than their Facebook banning. Let's see them working Atariboxes.
  4. Was considering ordering Asian delivery today and came across the most disgusting five-star review you'll read all day:


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    2. Flojomojo


      The picture definitely adds a certain something. 


      But I'm with @Albert, extra protein! I never quite understood the disgust of finding a chicken head in one's nuggets. Eating meat from a sloppy kitchen entails a certain amount of risk, and it all gets digested away anyhow. 


      Even so, I wouldn't go out of my way to eat their cabbage worms. 



    3. PlaysWithWolves


      Maggots are protein, but that doesn't mean I want to find them in my beef and broccoli.🐛🐛

    4. Flojomojo
  5. Just like when Apple put out misleading pictures, videos, and 3D-printed boxes with battery-operated lights to drum up crowdfunding dollars. If that's true, he's absolutely right!
  6. RetroArch, coming soon to a Steam Big Picture Mode near you: https://arstechnica.com/gaming/2019/07/retroarch-the-worlds-largest-emulation-front-end-coming-to-steam-july-30/?amp=1
  7. For a limited time, Age of Wonders III is free forever again: https://store.steampowered.com/sale/age-of-wonders/?snr=1_41_4__42
  8. I don't have an account, but here's what I see:
  9. Flojo did the screenshot that to show us that horribly-offensive post--which was just showing it was a rerun. Weak, Atari. Weak. Also, I find that the ever-astute @Flojomojo documented a now-deleted(?) Reddit post where Pdubs said he invested tens of thousands of dollars in Atari stock Well, I think that's what Dubs meant with this:
  10. PowerDubs showed us his unhappy-investor email to Atari which begins, "As an investor of tens of thousands of shares ..." Last night I also saw he wrote elsewhere in the innerwebs that he invensted in "tens of thousands", but for some reason I can't find that post again. He didn't say what he paid, but in a Reddit thread he says, "At less than .45c a share it won't take much to bring a huge smile to my face." Back then, PONGF didn't exist. So I presume he'd have had to buy ATA. Today's ATA is 0.39EUR, which is 0.44USD. I'm not sure, but that also seems "less than .45c [sic]" Disclaimer: I'm totally winging it with that last paragraph and know nothing about nothing. Also, @JBerel could be right that neither does Powerdubs.
  11. PDiddles wants that $1 stock price, bad. Considering that when he posted in Reddit he invested "tens of thousands" in Atari stock, I can see why. He'd double--nearly triple--his investment. If getting that dolla-bill stock means wearing a silly hat and pumping up a company he admits have been inept, then so be it. Just don't call him a shill. 😂
  12. Their "working VCS" looks suspiciously like a PC. From CNET's video: I'm getting the idea reporters don't go to these things to do investigative reporting.
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