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  1. gauauu


    Hmm, that's strange. I've heard issues about Quad Games not loading on some Harmony Carts without an update, I'll see if I can find details. (My Harmony is maybe 4 years old and hasn't been updated since I got it). No idea about the WoW demo, we'll have to see what @johnnywc thinks about it. There's a 4-player Surround-style game on QuadGames.
  2. Hi,

    I have a sketch of a circuit for the 8 port NES expander, as well as some code.




    Base is Arduino board (Nano) and plain IDE functions. Some speedup can be done using registers directly for I/O. Code was written to be ported with ease for other micro-controllers, as most of logic is in plain C, letting the IO in macros.



  3. gauauu


    Yeah I think so. The real cost would be the enclosure and 8 NES controller sockets. Being a non-standard connector, those things aren't as easy to pick up for cheap.
  4. gauauu


    A DIY version that chains together twice as many controllers. (The four score and satellite stream 2 controllers-worth of bits for each port. I want 4 on each port)
  5. gauauu


    Still tempting though with just using the buttons. Although it will be tough finding people that are willing to buy 2 or 3 extra sets of paddles and get a group of 8 people together. Niche market of niche markets 😂
  6. gauauu


    I have a lot better luck getting my wife and kids to play the tiny demo-style 4-player games (like the little stuff on my quadgames, or @Karl G's raindrops demo) than I do other more involved games. The hardest part is getting them comfortable with the Atari joystick. It's amazing how kids these days can't figure out how to use that thing. They all fight over the genesis gamepads so that they won't have to use the joysticks.
  7. gauauu


    No, on the NES...just extending their existing idea of serializing two gamepads back-to-back on one port, instead I'd do 4 back-to-back.
  8. gauauu


    It would be 4 on each port, but using the same method that the NES 4-player multitaps use. The NES reads controller data serially, so the multitaps just stream 8 more bits of data on the same port.
  9. gauauu


    I've been plotting for awhile to next make an 8-player multitap for the NES. (although this little project has proven to be more difficult to get right than I expected, so I've learned that I'm not a hardware guy)
  10. gauauu


    Just shy of 6 feet.
  11. gauauu


    Yeah, I went back and forth on this one while prototyping. I've got a handful of sockets, I can start distributing them with the kits. I'm still tweaking what screw to use there. I had some better screws for it, but it turns out that the screw holes were sized differently from the prototype enclosure from the factory, and meant that my original screws were too small. so I had to pivot and get something else quickly.
  12. gauauu


    So I decided to recruit some help to speed up assembly and try to get caught up. I'm not sure things are going any faster though....
  13. gauauu


    Yours shipped a couple weeks ago, should hopefully be there soon!
  14. gauauu


    Totally understand. I figured that some people would really enjoy putting them together, and it saves me time on assembly (and thus saves you a little bit of money) Win-win 🙂 If you run into any problems with assembly, don't hesitate to reach out!
  15. gauauu


    Thanks for letting me know. Turns out there was a glitch in the order tracking software that I use, and it seems to have double-printed labels for some orders (sigh). I'll PM you.
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