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  1. Well, I have played Final Fantasy 4 many times, because this game's story is very attractive. It is follows Cecil, a dark knight, as he tries to prevent the sorcerer Golbez from seizing powerful crystals and destroying the world. He is joined on this quest by a frequently changing group of allies.
  2. There are some of the classics games were awesome, and I still playing of all time. Do you still playing them? Or think they are very boring?
  3. No, you dont need the play store. How to download the emulators on JXD device? please see here http://forum.jxdofficial.com/index.php?topic=13.0
  4. I got a JXD S7800b, it is 7.0 inches, can perfect running PSP, PS1, GBA, N64 etc. emulators.
  5. Silent Hill. It is a survival horror video game for the PlayStation.
  6. Yeah, I also have one. Playing Retro games are very awesome.
  7. It's looks great, but does it can run well on Android game console?
  8. As the title said, what do you prefer, PC or Consoles? For me, I prefer game consoles.
  9. I'm playing Pitfall! It is as difficult as it is critically acclaimed.
  10. I'm playing Super Mario, it is a very interesting game
  11. Well...If you want to buy PS vita, I would recommend you to buy JXD S7800B, PSP,NDS,GBA,GBC,GB,WSC PS1, N64 etc. 16 emulators are available on it.
  12. How many hours do you put into your games on your console daily? For me, 1-2 hours on workdays and on weekend 6-8 hours.
  13. You can download Happy Chick App in your JXD S7800B, there are many free emulator games to play.
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