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  1. Awesome! Just ordered mine Order no.: 12503 Any idea if we can get a rom file too to use with a flashcard?
  2. Does anyone has the dump of this game at all? And if so, has it been verified? (like if it's not corrupted etc.) What about dumping Majong? Mateos was going to provide you a dumper for it
  3. That's a nice pinout you've got there! Any idea if we can invert the output of the screen and somehow "fix" the audio?
  4. So, who's gonna edit the first post with all the latest informations?
  5. Bumping this thread, I still wonder what happened to the "getting 'Journey to the West' to work".
  6. I know it's to connect 2 SuperVisions with the link cable, but did they even released any cable like that? If not, I should find somewhere some broken Atari/MegaDrive controllers and solder one myself to see if it's working at all. On a side note: I've noticed that the music on some games, are REALLY off... The games developed by B.I.T.S. are actually sounding VERY good (but they also sound VERY good on the SuperVision, surprisingly their games are also decent) Seems like those guys knew how to develop for the SuperVision I'll make some comparison video soon Which one do you mean?
  7. Yeah I just noticed the price of the Framemeister... That price tag is WAAAAY out of my league I still wish there was another way to get this fixed
  8. Framemeister huh? Changing the colors, AND HDMI!? What more could I ask for!? I've got to find some more info about this device. The border colors that you've mentioned, are actually also not correctly shown. It seems like they couldn't figure out how to fix their own problem I've took a screenshot of the output, with added negative filter, and also one without taking the borders, see for yourself of what I mean.
  9. Heh, thanks ^^ Who knows, more to come soon Well, I probably would have start a new thread I'm glad I can help the community with new stuff Yeah, it is meant to play like that But any idea if there is a way to have a 'negative' output? Any chip that we can alter/change?
  10. I'm actually wondering if there is a 2player link cable was available at all to play a game with 2 players. I haven't seen one at all. The connector is the same as the one on the Atari 2600 and the Sega Genesis/Mega Drive. I've connected them to the SuperVision, and the game just crashes. The game Tennis Pro '92 has an option at the beginning to select "1 Player" only.
  11. It seems like it's the same for all the games, I couldn't find a way to change it. Yeah, just like you said, playing it from a PAL land. Colors do match if using RF output and composite, my TV shows that it's NTSC and when I change it to PAL, it'll be grayish ugly output. The 2 top wires that goes to the back case are for the batteries, and the others are for the LED's. It's exactly my thoughts. This device is actually a whole SuperVision without a screen and buttons. I've noticed that the box of the TV link is showing an orange pallette on the background, while mine it's blue-ish (just like all other SuperVision TV Link videos I've seen on the internet) Edit: Added pictures of the box
  12. Sorry for the double post: I've done a little test, and indeed the TV Link plays the games a fraction faster then normally. Any recommendations? (Maybe some hardware modifications?) I'll post some pictures from the insides of the TV Link Edit: Added pictures of the main board
  13. Ok, I just noticed that on the bottom of the TV Link, it does say NTSC. I didn't know that there was a "NTSC SuperVision's" out there? Other than that, these days TV's can handle the NTSC format on a PAL TV just fine... Edit: Funny fact: It says 6V but they have whitened it out and wrote 9V on it, it seems like it's been teared away after years I just realized that I actually have the manuals! It seems like this is the first time that a SuperVision manual is appearing on the internetz Check out the manual that I've attached. It doesn't say anything about a color palette though
  14. Sorry to necrobump this thread. But I've got the TV Link for quite some time now. Apparently the output is negative: Everything white, is black, and black is white. The games are almost unplayable! The audio is also much high pitch and a bit faster sounding I really don't know why they have done it that way Is there some way that we can change these things on hardware to fix this? If needed, I can share some high res pictures of the main board from the TV Link. Edit: I've uploaded a video on YouTube of what I'm talking about:
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