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  1. The CFFA is awesome but has not seen any development in some time. The R&D firmware is the latest one. I hope that at some point they add woz support though. Gesendet von iPhone mit Tapatalk
  2. Have you tried to reflash the CFFA firmware? Mine corrupts itself from time to time. I suspect that it lies on voltage surges, given that some of my power supplies were requiring some maintenance. Now I keep a 16MB CF card inserted all the time with the firmware in it so that I can trigger the operation as soon as the CFFA starts misbehaving.
  3. Michael describes in the post I linked the effect. You would get an additional entry called A with a size of 999. But I really doubt that many users would have seen it because you would probably boot directly with the disk in the drive and would not have anything above the buffer stored yet. Alas, I have seen that Deckard’s excellent page is gone. Fortunately his disassembly is still available in http:// https://web.archive.org/web/20190812061503/http://boutillon.free.fr/Underground/Outils/Beautiful_Boot/Txt/Boot2_Beautiful_Boot.txt It is strange that there are two separate counters, OBJNUM and BIN_COUNT, where only the first one should be necessary. They should both count up to 14 and stop, but somehow BIN_COUNT was allowed to go up to 15 thus messing things up.
  4. Oh hi, I just found your post. I’m the one who created that fixed image. What questions do you exactly have? Gesendet von iPhone mit Tapatalk
  5. This is correct. On the other hand the wDrive can: - switch from smartport to Disk II emulation without changing firmware. - has an on screen menu as an alternative to the built in display for selecting disk images. - is able to work with non contiguous files This last one can be pretty cumbersome on the floppyemu if you frequently try new disk images and reorganize your SD cards The wDrive 3D printed case is also included in the price. You can get a drive switcher (with a 3D printed case) from kboohk as well: http://www.mfa2lab.com/opcart/index.php?route=product/product&product_id=59 He also sells a card to enable smartport on Apple IIs with slots that costs a fraction of the Liron or Yellowstone cards. Gesendet von iPhone mit Tapatalk
  6. This emulator is better if you are not planning to use it on a Mac too, and is cheaper. http://www.mfa2lab.com/opcart/index.php?route=product/product&product_id=62 It usually states that is out of stock but if you write a message they usually stock them for you in a short time. I’m very happy with mine, even if I also have a FloppyEmu. Gesendet von iPhone mit Tapatalk
  7. The FloppyEmu is expensive and has problems with non contiguous files making unnecessary operations mandatory when you are developing something and need to create and delete many versions of a file. With a //c you have already a serial port that can be used to transfer files using http:// https://www.adtpro.com. Making a cable is pretty easy and way much cheaper The normal HGR command in AppleSoft will allow you to display a graphic of 280x160 pixels leaving 4 lines of 40 column text. I like Blazing Paddles as a drawing program a lot. It provides shades of colors that many other programs do not support in Hi-Res. Gesendet von iPhone mit Tapatalk
  8. I haven’t tried it yet but it seems to be in this disk image https://macgui.com/downloads/?file_id=6219 Gesendet von iPhone mit Tapatalk
  9. Another alternative would be to access an http mirror like this one http:// https://mirrors.apple2.org.za/ftp.apple.asimov.net/ Gesendet von iPhone mit Tapatalk
  10. I just finished building this project https://github.com/hoglet67/RGBtoHDMI and it works great!
  11. The PAL Apple //c was usually sold with the monochrome 9” monitor. If you wanted to have color, you would buy either the PAL modulator or the Chat Mauve. The same applies to the Apple Europlus. It required a PAL card on slot 7 for color. In Europe Apples were not known for having color. This only changed with the introduction of the IIe.
  12. It doesn’t. That’s why you need one of the accessories listed above.
  13. No, that wouldn’t work either. It only picks the composite and audio signal from the video connector. There is a separate Apple //c PAL Modulator/ Adapter, Model No. A2M4023 that appears from time to time on eBay that would also produce color, besides the two options mentioned above. Gesendet von iPhone mit Tapatalk
  14. I’m really sorry to read this. We will miss him. Gesendet von iPhone mit Tapatalk
  15. I can also only think of these two games. Otherwise I guess that applications like AppleWorks benefits the most from an accelerator. Gesendet von iPhone mit Tapatalk
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