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  1. You can use ProDOS 2.4.2 on unenhanced IIe as well. Maybe it is possible to replace the one used by the Disk Server? Gesendet von iPhone mit Tapatalk
  2. Most of the Apple II games use simplified routines to read the joystick because of timing limitations set by the circuit when two paddle values are read. This means, almost every game would work just fine with a digital joystick. Paddle games will work differently but still be playable. Only a few games, like Choplifter, really made use of the analog values. But they can still be played once you get used to it.
  3. It’s back in stock! Gesendet von iPhone mit Tapatalk
  4. It appeared not long ago. I think it would be available again soon.
  5. Yep. https://console5.com/store/byteboosters-sega-atari-snes-joystick-adapter-to-apple-ii-e-c-c-iigs.html
  6. I tried it. Cool stuff. Love the custom icons. Unfortunately the Finder Extra breaks the Sierra Adventures somehow. I have been playing Space Quest and after installing the FinderExtra it stopped working so I had to uninstall it. Is there any other player available? Gesendet von iPhone mit Tapatalk
  7. Where can we get the disk images to play them on real metal?
  8. The shape table looks fine. I guess the rocket was defined that way. There was a small typo on line 1310, where RUM instead of RUN was written. Trying to fix it caused a hang-up. It seems like your previous tries destroyed some zero page information damaging the file. I fixed the length manually and corrected the typos. I also removed some files on the disk image to make room for future programs. See attached file. On Disk - Programs from Home Computer Magazine.dsk
  9. You mean the obstacles in cannibals? They are drawn by line 1320: 1320 HCOLOR=6:FOR I = 0 TO 5:HPLOT X%,Y% + I TO X% + 4,Y% + I:NEXT :NEXT Which will draw 4 by 6 blue rectangles. Applesoft does not have primitives for drawing circles. They could have used a shape table for them but they didn't. The screenshot on the magazine must be from another system.
  10. Erm, the disk image I attached on my previous post contained all the programs we have discussed so far in it’s corrected form. What glitch do you mean? Gesendet von iPhone mit Tapatalk
  11. Whoever says that has never typed in a program from a magazine! This happens more often than anyone would like to admit. Unfortunately DATA mistakes can be hard to spot but they are necessary in order to define shape tables or use assembly routines for generating sound. I use an echo Speech synthesiser and the TextTalker SW to let the Apple II dictate to me the data statements for checking. The MESS Emulator is able to emulate these cards in case you are curious. There were a couple of the aforementioned typos in the program. I think I corrected all of them. I can't remember which one caused the illegal quantity but I think it might have been one CO() array being spelled simply as O(). Attached you can find the updated image with all the programs discussed so far. For editing the ESC mode is a nice feature but requires some discipline and it's easy to mess things up. I would recommend you to use an editor like ProgramWriter instead. I attached my favourite version that can be booted both in ProDOS and DOS mode. A short manual is also attached. They are available somewhere on the net, but I can't remember if I got them from Asimov or somewhere else. On Disk - Programs from Home Computer Magazine.dsk ProDOS_DOS_ProgramWriter.dsk program.writer.manual.txt
  12. I haven’t checked yet, but I don’t think there’s anything wrong with the listing on the magazine. The assembly routines embedded in the data statements usually don’t use any DOS I/O hooks, so they should work under any OS. They do use a clever argument parsing that may lead to issues if called incorrectly. For archeodroids there were a lot of typos in many lines outside the data statements that caused the reset to monitor situation. I would suggest to check the complete code again for any typos.
  13. There was a small glitch in Kors-elf caused by an errant zero in one of the DATA strings. I corrected it and added it to the disk image as well. On Disk - Programs from Home Computer Magazine.dsk
  14. I only found two on Asimov. Here is the other one https://mirrors.apple2.org.za/ftp.apple.asimov.net/images/magazines/HOME_COMPUTER_MAGAZINE_VOL4_NO5.dsk
  15. On Disk - Programs from Home Computer Magazine.dsk I found a disk image of another issue of the magazine and pasted the two programs we had so far in it. Archeodroid works on the emulators I tried so far.
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