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  1. Here's what I have so far. It's not very pretty, but it's functional. Any thoughts about using screws to retain the cover? Snaps would make it much easier to remove the flash card, but might take some development to get a durable and user friendly snap. Screws are pretty much a no-brainer to implement.
  2. I should have something later this week. I'm not sure if a screw together design is Ok, or if it needs to snap together to allow easier removal of the flash card.
  3. I knocked this out pretty quickly. Still need to get the exact dimensions and tweak the model, but the overall shape shouldn't change all that much, unless a snap type feature was used to join the halves (instead of screws). I'm not sure how easy the on/off switch would be to get to, or how visible the LED's would be.
  4. I use Creo at work everyday and have made lots of STL files over the years. I have a newer nanoPEB V1 that I could probably design an enclosure for.
  5. Sounds ABBA-ish to me, but my thoughts may have been influenced by your location.
  6. I didn't get a response from Jaime either, but I sent a friendly reminder email and he eventually responded and I got my Nanopeb. He must be busy.
  7. FYI, I bought a plain Rev F (99 Euros) from the lotharek.pl website in early March and was charged $124 for everything shipped to the US. 8 Euros was listed as the shipping cost. Exchange rates are slightly better than they were in early March.
  8. Nice music. At first I thought Gwen Stefani was taking liberties from 80's computer games....
  9. Real Iron with TI FDC and Shugart SA-455 5.25" floppy. Had to modify line 200 to point to DSK3 because that's where my real floppy is. I get an "I/O error 25 in line 220" at the fifth or sixth go/stop cycle the program. 4.490 seconds 4.308 4.495 4.184 4.369 4.187 4.249 4.399
  10. For anybody that's not using a UDS10 and would like to connect to a BBS using tcpser, I have some switch settings that may work for you. I had been messing with tcpser and couldn't seem to get it work. I stumbled onto the -i"&c0" switch and it seemed to do the trick. It apparently forces the DTR line high. The switches are set for COM1 on a Windows XP box running at 2400 baud. You'll have to change the -d or -s switch if your COM port or speed is different. tcpser -d /dev/ttyS0 -s 2400 -l 4 -p 23 -t Ss -i"&c0" I'm using a standard TIRS232 card in a PEB. I've gotten Telco to work with these settings, but I haven't been able to get Stuart's web browser to work yet. It says it resolves the IP address, but fails to download the page.
  11. If I'm not mistaken, you, or someone on here posted a link to that assembly listing not long ago. I think you said it was originally typed up by Jacques Groslouis. I probably wouldn't have attempted to type the source in from the scanned article if it weren't for that. The text is too hard to read in the article and I don't know assembly well enough to know what to expect when there are fuzzy characters.
  12. I just went through the same ordeal this past weekend.... I have a console and loaded PEB, but with no modern hardware like HDX boards, or floppy emulators. I have a Terminal Emulator II cartridge and tried to transfer between the TI and various TI emulators on my PC, but didn't have much luck for whatever reason. I ended up typing in a crude assembly program that was listed in the October 1989 Micropendium magazine. It uses Xmodem and can talk to Hyperterminal,etc on a modern computer. I compiled it and was able to transfer MagicFM using this terminal emulator on the TI and Qmodem Pro on a PC. As long as you have an E/A cartridge, RS232 card, and some kind of term program on your Mac that supports Xmodem, you should be able to transfer files and open up more possibilities. Quick and Dirty RS232.txt
  13. Where are you guys buying your Hxc's from...... eBay, or the Lotharek.pl website? There seems to be several different prices depending on where you look. The Lotharek wewebsite has thenot best price, but shipping cost isn't provided until you checkout. I'm in the US.
  14. I was at the Science Museum last January and a TI was on display then. I think those displays were at least partially put together by my hero Tim Hunkin.
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