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  1. Parents got me a Saturn for Christmas of 96. Came with the promo with Virtua Cop, Virtua Fighter2, Daytona USA, and the Bootleg Sampler. Also got Sonic 3D Blast, and Sega Rally for it that Christmas. For about 20 years those were the only games I ever got to play on the Saturn, I never knew anyone else that had one. It wasn't until a few years ago I got Tomb Raider and a Nascar game, and then about 6 months ago I found out about flashing an Action Replay with Pseudo Saturn Kai. So now I have a whole mess of burnt games.
  2. I recently got a Sunnyvale sixer that was not working and after replacing the usual parts I brought it back to life... but I'm getting some weird issues that do not effect every game and the effects are different for each game they're happening on. Examples I've found: Seaquest, after a few seconds of play the ship will stop in place along with the torpedo, if I got a chance to fire one, but enemies keep moving and the ship will not explode when hit. Frankenstein's Monster, works fine until the level that the bottom platform moves back and forth across the pit. When the platform hits the right side it gets stuck and jitters until a lightening strike happens. River Raid, video example I have not done a lot of testing yet, just got it out back together today, but other games I've tried seem to work without a hitch. So what might it be?
  3. So I was reading an article about there being a possibility of a solar flare hitting Earth within the next 100 years and frying our technology, and it got me wondering if there are any collectors out there who store anything in emp proof containers? So has anyone prepared for this? If society manages to make it through such an event cartridge games that survived would be incredibly rare.
  4. Heath. A bit over 100 miles from you.
  5. I have a heavy sixer that I would like to get working and possibly be modded for composite a/v. Anyone around here offer that service? Maybe I am not using the right keyboards but my searches for such services have yielded few results. Thanks.
  6. The super action controller is the most natural feeling in my opinion.
  7. I'd recommend getting a Super Action Controller for it too. I just recently got one and it has thoroughly increased my enjoyment of the system.
  8. I recently got an Expansion Module #1 and it's giving me some distortion in the picture while in color mode, while looking pretty clear in black and white. The picture for colecovision games looks clear and I'm outputting through Yurkie's composite mod, if that makes a difference. I'm curious what course of action might be needed to resolve this. I noticed that there is adjustable potentiometer inside while cleaning, but I'm not sure what it does. Here is a video of what it's doing. https://youtu.be/usGANOI4tnc
  9. Got a Sears light sixer the other day, my first 2600 console. Switches and everything work fine but the video signal has an issue with making a faint "ghost" image offset from the picture. It is manageable but in colorful games the colors are bleeding together and it looks pretty ugly. I took it apart today to fiddle with rf cable and after cleaning and trying a new cable it was still having the issue so I tried getting into the shielded area and found a pile of corroded material, like the stuff you get when leaving old batteries in something, accumulated on the bottom of the case and it is also coming out around the screws. Of course all but one screw would come off and lacking the proper tools and knowhow I decided to stop before stripping the screw completely or breaking something. Any advice on how to proceed with this, or any recommendations on anyone who refurbishes/mods these things? Thanks for any help.
  10. Seems cool. Will it require the Super Game Module?
  11. Got my adapter today and I am satisfied with it. Everything fits perfectly and I experienced no compatibility issues.
  12. Sorry to hear about your loss. I got my shipping confirmation yesterday, and I am patient so the delay has not bothered me any. I can understand some of the troubles bound to be faced by small operations.
  13. I ordered my seagull a week ago and have yet to get a shipping confirmation. Not sure if I am waiting on a new batch or what.
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