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  1. Hi. I've got a tutorial on STinG online: Click here! Don't know about possible additional stuff on the netusbee. Take care about the tabs.
  2. Skip the memory test by pressing the [space] key (or whatever), then press [Alt].
  3. I have both, so I would be amazed in both cases...
  4. Hi. Don't tell me that without having played Crown of Creation.
  5. I had stability issues running GhostLink at 115200 serial speed on my Falcon, set it to 57600, and it was running absolutely stable since then. Now I'm using an Ethernec for networking which lets me leave the serial port unused.
  6. This differs between the series. ST: 19200 STe: 38400 Mega/STe on Serial2: 115200 Falcon on modem2: 115200 TT on Serial2 (depending on the chip it is equipped with): up to 230400, else 115200. HSMODEM does not speed things up, it just provides routines which behave much more stable than the original ones.
  7. And what on your Falcon if it should run?
  8. It's a Sparrow board, not a Falcon one. The Sparrow is a prototype of what later became the Falcon.
  9. If you look at pictures seven and one you might be able to imagine it's the step between 1040 STe and Falcon. The board which seems to be the development board has some looks of a 1040 STe (pic 7), and the prototype looks very much like a Falcon (pic 1).
  10. You can take ID1 floppy drives and use a twisted floppy drive cable to get around the need to solder them to ID0.
  11. Caterpiggle: You'll have to find a SCSI2IDE converter that your TT will like, then it will just be a matter of using your hard disk driver. I'd think that on atari-forum there should be more overall experience on this topic.
  12. Hi. I've got a Spectre GCR as well, but never tried it out. I think you could use Macintosh System 6, maybe 7, and iirc the TT is the most advanced Atari you could use it with. I'm quite certain about System 6, but uncertain about the rest.
  13. Transferring data is fine (but slow) through serial line. I disassembled one of ST-Book to exchange the hard disk for a bigger one, so I could use it as one partition and install HdDriver.
  14. Nvdi will change the system font, but not any other programs' setups. Could you by accident have saved Teradesks deskinfo while having an A: window opened?
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