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  1. Hi, please add me to the list for a cases cartridge, thanks!!
  2. Hi, looking for a button ribbon for my Atari Lynx II. My "ON" switch has a damaged trace, looking for a replacement to fix Thanks!
  3. Hi, I have lots of extra Jag stuff for sale: Jag CD + Blue Lightning - Working - $200 ICD Catbox - Working - $250 Jag + Katsumi Ninja + Controller + Composite Cables(new aftermarket) + AC Adapter - Working - $90 - some scuffs on console surface, see pic Jag + Tempest 2000 + Controller + Composite Cables(new aftermarket) + AC Adapter - Working - $115 Rayman - cart only - working $50 (not pictured) Let me know if you are interested in any. I am located in Chicago IL pickup is always an option.
  4. Considering imagin only needed the case tooling for their camera and not the controllers, it is possible they either never got the controller molds or scrapped them. That being said, someone should save the tools before they are gone. It is incredible they have survived into 2014! $6000 is not a bad price considering.
  5. Hi, I am new to this forum. Is there any update on this project? I have managed several plastic injection molding projects at the company I work for, can help with questions in that area. Biggest problem I've come across with trying to re-use molds is the molding technology can vary from vendor to vendor, moving one mold to another company could be a huge headache and cost almost as much $$ as just making a new set of molds. You should consider having the vendor that molded the imagin parts quote you 500 sets of controller parts in black. Keep in mind the circuitry will have to be a different vendor, and then assembly you will have to do or contract another company. Good Luck, I am interested in one if you succeed.
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