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  1. My computer doesn't like it. The game looks sweet, though! Keep it up!
  2. First off, sorry if this is in the wrong forum section, but I couldn't find any specific area for gaming advice. So, recently I have got the chance to buy a Milton Bradley Microvision system for $75. It comes with nine games, but the system itself is broken. The LCD ink leaked (or something) so the system turns on but the screen is dead. The games are all in the original packing, and are in good condition. The games are: Blockbuster (duh) Sea Duel Baseball Star Trek: Phaser Strike Cosmic Hunter Alien Raiders Pinball Connect Four So, nine working games but a broken system for $75. Is it worth it? Could I resell it later? Is it possible to fix the screen? Thanks in advance.
  3. To contest IPhone gaming I would release about 10 free mini-games on the 3DS eshop and encourage other companies to do the same. There may be microtransactions and ads, but still. I would revive a few old franchises. They are already reviving Star Fox, so why not throw in F-Zero, Duck Hunt, Excitebike, Balloon Fighter, or Mother/Earthbound. Then, release some crazy awesome Smash Bros 4 DLC. Release console connection, like Sony. What is mean is if you downloaded Super Mario Bros. on the 3DS you can get it on the Wii U. Lastly, release a new redesign of the Wii U and give it more power to keep it "next-gen".
  4. Mappy was ported over to this really weird failure console but other then that no. (Well, except for Wii Virtual Console) Also Sky SKipper never got ported to the NES. It had an atari version but it wasn't the same.
  5. Hammer Bros. fro Super Mario and Eggplant Wizards from Kid Icarus.
  6. Xbox One. The bane of my existence. Oh, and the Game.com. And R-Type. Pretty much anything Tiger or Microsoft actually.
  7. Super Smash Bros. for 3DS Tomodachi Life (3DS) Pocket Money (Apple ii)
  8. Thanks for the tips. Wow, though 8 Microvisions? How fast did they die out?
  9. Voted for Microvision. Sorry, but the Lynx is still a pretty good system, but most Microvision's are in a state beyond repair.
  10. So, I'm interested in buying a Microvision. If you are unaware, this is a 2nd-gen handheld. It is the first handheld ever to have enter-changeable cartridges. It was released in 1979. The problem is, it was somewhat primitive technology at the time, so it can have a lot of problems. So if I get a working one, I would like to know how to prevent problems, especially screen rot. I do know that you should never leave it in the heat/direct sun but is their anything else I should know? Also is their anyway to fix/replace the knobs if they break? I would especially like info from anyone who owns the system itself. Thanks a ton!
  11. Hmm... I would get a SNES and maybe a Dreamcast. Dreamcasts are going cheap right now and I need a SNES desperately. If I had money left I'd get carts and a Atari 7800.
  12. Wii U, Atari 7800, Intellivision, NES or SNES are my top wants. Plus, I'll basically buy any console as long as it's cheap so... yeah.
  13. A sharknado game would blow my mind. There is also a second movie. And they are making a third...
  14. Wow, got a lot more replies than I expected. I didn't know that Atari got the chance to make a flashback console... that would have been amazing. Interesting seeing what people have to say.
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