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  1. Seconded Keeping the core game rules as an option would be a great nod to the classic, but new modes would be great! If the action moving and shooting parts of the game are satisfying with the controller, then any game variation that uses this mechanic should work well (I assume it's use disc for movement and rotate disc for bow aim? Maybe its swipe in the direction you want to shoot like Night Stalker?) I'd like to see a multiplayer mode where one player controls the map, traps, and monsters with hidden info on their screen and tries to thwart the exploring 'party' of other players.
  2. I was going to chime in earlier when the discussion turned to board games and names Monopoly, Parcheesi, Operation, etc. were thrown around. Classic games like these might help to sell units, but I'm expecting the Intellivision team will chase down newer board games like the ones you are mentioning. I'm pretty sure I've heard Tommy say that board games are a bigger competitor than the other big consoles, and he's mentioned Texas Hold 'em, Catan, and of course Farkle. I'd be glad to see any of the top 500 games listed on BGG get an Amico treatment before Risk, Battleship, or Sorry. There's so much better out there than the classic 'roll and move' games and other nonsense that we endured as kids.
  3. I'll echo that the anxiety followed by short frantic action was and is why this game is such a classic. The sound effects of the monsters in the fog of war coupled with dwindling arrow supply is what makes it so intense. You might offer a 'classic mode' that is very similar to the original (and just as short to complete) that keeps these same mechanics intact, but and also offer a campaign mode with health, buddies to rescue, new weapons, strongholds, caves, dungeons, quests, what have you. That's where some of the new action sequences can further develop. Wondering how multiplayer would work with this, unless split screen is on the table?
  4. The first time I beat this game as a kid, I was BLOWN AWAY by the Wagner victory music. I immediately started again on a harder level with a mission :)
  5. To echo comments above, I had friend with Ataris for a couple of years while I was console-less, but my uncle took advantage of a special Intellivision offer where he bought the system and had a slew of games mail ordered to 3 or 4 different addresses of family members on the cheap. It was the finest Christmas ever. My brother who was a huge sports fan played baseball, football, and basketball with me. My uncle taught me how to play poker with Poker and Blackjack, and my older and nerdy friend next door and I learned to master Utopia and had epic Sea Battle fights. I spent time solo with Sub Hunt and Cloudy Mountain, and was terribly excited to get a decent home conversion of Qbert. Eventually when the crash hit and cartridges were everywhere in bins for a few bucks stumbled on a handful of later releases (including Tarmin, which was life changing). Although an Atari 800xl and then Atari ST took over, I still brought out the Intellivision from time to time, even taking it to the college dorm where we would have Horse Racing events after dinner. The system was innovative with 16 directions and a keypad, depth with games that utilized different controls and strategies, and the Intellivoice module. The games had charming box art, and artful use of overlays with cool instruction manuals. It seemed so much more 'grown up' than the more popular Atari 2600. It's still my favorite system ever, and many of the games hold up well even today.
  6. Just left a vegan Mexican restaurant in San Antonio with my wife, 3 kids, and mom. Best food I've had in a long time.
  7. Tommy, please please get Wendy Carlos' score integrated somehow in the reimagined Tron games
  8. Overlays for baseball were absolutely a hindrance after you knew the keypad player positions...just hover your thumb over the 8 key (pitcher) and wait for that swing. It was no fun to play a newbie in baseball because they always had to look down during the action. Not a chance! The Utopia keypad is firmly etched into my brain - no need for an overlay. Sea Battle , Space Battle, and Sub Hunt I used to know well enough to play without but need a little help these days. I've always needed the Space Spartans overlay. Oh, and I played Tarmin so much I could find my way around the controls blindfolded, drugged, and missing two fingers. Did anyone use the 'glance left' and 'glance right' buttons? I thought they were pretty useless, and slowed down movement. I liked to fully go around a corner and use the zero key (retreat) if there was a nasty monster there rather than spend time to glance ahead of time.
  9. Very cool! I wonder if what I suggested is what is planned for Armor Battle control, i.e. press disc to move tank, rotate disc to aim turret? It sounds like it would work, buy may be clunky in practice. I'm sure considering all of the control options at your disposal (touch screen, side buttons, motion, pressure sensitivity, rotation, 64 directions, etc.) you and your team have experimented quite a bit.
  10. About the control in Night Stalker (pardon if this has already been addressed) - I see rays of color extending from the players in directions. Can I assume this is how players aim (spinning the disc) while pressing the disc is movement?
  11. Tommy, if you haven't seen Uberleben you might take a look. 1-7 player simultaneous game where you simply move your falling skydiver around the screen avoiding obstacles in a canyon, mine shaft, snow cavern, etc. The last person falling still has to try to make it though to the landing zone. The blood could easily be removed This is great fun, even crowding around a single keyboard. Rooting for/trash talking the last guy while he tries to finish without distraction is half of the charm.
  12. You are the only one to mention B-17 in this thread (that I saw, anyway). This is one game I want fixed! The first mission was rather fun, then it got crazy with the AA guns replacing targets, and it was near impossible to hit more than one long distance target and have enough bombs/fuel to make it worth the trek. Plus, the long flight to and from England was too long and uneventful. Think of the multiplayer possibilities - your teammates are your gunners, and opponents enemy fighters or even AA gun turrets shooting up at you as you fly overhead, each with their own dedicated screen info. As an aside, I could totally see Bomb Squad being a multiplayer race against the clock game, much like some real-time board games. There's a countdown timer, lots of orders being shouted, codes to be deciphered, and lots of chaos/confusion
  13. That is THE COOLEST. Please tell me the fishing sound effects in Utopia are employed as well.
  14. I think familiarity has everything to do with the original controllers getting a bad rap for so long. With a few minor gripes, I really like the feel of them. Most people when picking one up for the first time don't intuitively know how to wield it. We Intellivision owners quickly figured out what worked. The side buttons indeed were too small and not as responsive as they should have been. I think the Flashback Intellivision controllers are better in this regard. Most of us that are seasoned Tarmin/Baseball/Sea Battle players can instinctively and without looking down have the absolute tightest control. That's one thing that worries me about the touchscreen - I like the tactile feel of the keypad 'bubbles' on the original. After really knowing the game, overlays were more of a hindrance. But, the possibilities of hidden information and board game type mechanics that are opened up with a touchscreen hopefully will far outweigh this concern! None of this applies to the Intellivision II controllers. Ugh, was that a step back.
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