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  1. Wow is this game frustrating. This at least unlocks Atlantis for me, I think.
  2. 4,430 A friend of mine told me he was so disappointed with paying money for Dragonfire that he took a hammer to the cartridge in his driveway.
  3. Remember begging my uncle to get me Qbert for Christmas. I was enamored with the arcade version, and drooled over screenshots of the Inty version in ads (esp. compared to the Atari version). I don't seem to have the same control issues as other people have posted, but maybe because I am used to it. I do roll my thumb a bit in the direction I'm headed, especially when moving from a stopped position, like starting the board or after riding a disk to the top. 59,625
  4. Been away for a while. Plus, I couldn't do Zaxxon. I just couldn't. 52,249
  5. Thanks for noticing :) It's my custom built Intellivision cabinet, and it's given me many years of joy. See here for build details and pics.
  6. 2 player simultaneous adds: Dog Daze Deluxe Seawolf 2 Kikstart
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