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  1. Hey, Here is the link to the video explaining how to play the game. I hope you all have fun! André
  2. 79 Pompeii 16kb - NTSC - One Player Finally! I always had the dream of creating an Atari 2600 game. Here it is! 🙂 It wouldn´t be possible without AtariAge community. Thank you! Thank you all!!! I´m posting the ROM here, but you can download, learn how to play and play it online on my webpage: http://www.repolhoroxo.com/en_index.html 79 Pompeii is a game set in the ancient city of Pompeii, during the volcanic eruption of the Vesuvius, that destroyed the city in year 79. The objective is to escape before everything is destroyed. In Adventure style, the player needs to explore the places and colect important items to be able to advance. The whole place is in chaos and there are many dangers. Any mistake could be fatal. * Updates * Actually, the updates were only to fix a couple of bugs (generated after I decided to change a variable for another), to improve the Game Endings, to simplify a very difficult (almost impossible) situation, and perhaps I changed one or other variable to improve the game experience. Game didn´t change much. Probably the last update. 79Pompeii.bin
  3. Hi all! This is my first topic. I have created a game and while debugging I found something weird... with "set debug cyclescore" and a 10 digit score_graphics all is ok, but when I try the 16 digit score_graphics, digits go red. I use the score as inventory and that happens mostly when I call the routine to change item. Without "debug cyclescore" and only monitoring the cycles (ALT+L), no sign of anything wrong. Is it safe to assume that the extra cycles are due to the cyclescore combination with the 16 digit graphics?
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