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  1. I have received my notification now thanks. I should have checked my email again before posting above. Thanks. I’m just to eager.
  2. Any idea when those of us who requested a copy via email yesterday will hear that we have one?
  3. I remember reserving a copy years ago. What’s happened to that reservation list? Please don’t leave me out.
  4. Have just registered my interest. I assume it is designed to work on a pal system without any issues?
  5. My 2 cents. Serial numbers only have any relevance on limited edition runs. The 6 in 6/50 is meaningless, it's the 50 that has meaning. Knowing you have 1 of only 50 in the world is special. Use serial numbers only when you can guarantee a set limited production run.
  6. Old School ran too fast on pal systems. Test and consderation for pal systems is required.p.s. put me down for one.
  7. Please put me down for the next avalible $70 one.
  8. Ok. I can't tell the difference between normal and fast speed. The bullies zip around like they're on steroids. Also it is hard to turn (you can't catch a gap in the wall). I'd be glad to send it back for re-programming if that is ever available. It just needs a tweek for PAL on off switch in the options or perhaps an option to adjust the speed from unrestricted to very very slow. The card has memory it could remember your preferred settings.
  9. In the United Kingdom. It is a PAL console. That did cross my mind but I thought there were standard programing methods to compansate for this in every game (surely this is the first thing you have to consider when determining time flow in any Intellivision game). Was this considered with this game? Are there any other PAL console users reading this forum?
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