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  1. I tested the drives and 3 of the 4 work. Not sure how they are daisy chained but 3 of them came on and loaded the games off the diskette. One of the 800 machines would not load. So I have a good 800 and 400 and 3 working drives with all games and everything for $200 if anyone around atlanta, ga is interested. Please let me know. Thanks
  2. I would rather find someone locally in the atlanta area since It is a lot of stuff. Also found an Atari 400 computer on my shelf as well. So there are 3 atari computers ( 2 800 and 1 400) Thanks
  3. If anyone is interested in this Atari equipment and games please let me know. I live in the suburbs of Atlanta GA in Woodstock, GA. I will take $200 for everything (as is) Thanks
  4. Disk Number Games Disk 1 Zaxxon Disk 1 Starfire Disk 1 Survivor Disk 1 Dig Dug Disk 1 Anteater Disk 1 Maniac Miner Disk 1 Canyon Climber Disk 2 Shamus Disk 2 Shamus II Disk 2 Wizwor Disk 2 Whizkid Disk 2 Juice Disk 2 QUIX Disk 2 Kidgrid Disk 2 Time Runner Disk 2 Gorn Disk 2 Livewire Disk 3 Space Invaders Disk 3 Kritters Disk 3 Megalegs Disk 3 Moonshuttle Disk 3 Bug Attack Disk 3 Kayos Disk 3 Galaxy Chase Disk 3 Gorf Disk 3 Asteroids Disk 3 Space Inv 5200 Disk 3 Onslought Disk 3 Ambush Disk 3 Sentinal Disk 3 Airstrike Disk 3 Starisle Disk 3 Astro chase Disk 4 Missle Command Disk 4 Stratos Disk 4 Genetic Disk 4 Star Raiders Disk 4 Myrapede Disk 4 Moonbase Disk 4 Satans Hollow Disk 4 Caves Mars Disk 4 Vanguard Disk 4 Thrax Disk 4 Protector I will need to test. Right now I am inventorying all games on each diskette. Each disk has 4 or 5 games per side and as I recall there is a menu selection for each game on the disk. Here is another picture of the drives I have. My father had a friend back in the 80s when I was a teenager that would get him these games that we would upload onto the diskettes. Some of the games we have binders of instructions for and others we do not. Also attached a partial list of games by diskette (Only 1st 4 disks). (With 100 or so diskettes it will be somewhat time consuming to do this) Thanks for any advice on getting a fair price for all of this after I test to see if it works
  5. Hello I have had 2 shelves of atari equipment that I would like to sell. I have: 2 Atari 800 computers 4 disk drives (2 810, 1 1050, and a centurian) Read write switches Atari 1027 Printer Atari Modem Atari Recorder Over 100 games on diskette (On both sides of disk labelled) Many utilities as well (Syncalc and old word processor) Many books and manuals (Antic and analog computing mags from the 80s) Some joysticks Power supplies. I think everything works. What price could I fetch from someone for all of this? Attached is a picture
  6. Sorry, I have 2 Atari 800 computers, 4 disk drives 1 printer A recorder Modum Boxes of manuals / Antic mags and analog computing power supplys joysticks A lot of atari software (Over 100 disks of software Games) and binders of instructions Here is a pic What price could I get?
  7. Hello, I have a lot of Atari Equipment (2600) with the big disk drives (read/write switches) and all the power supplies. All of the software I have is on 5 1/4 diskettes and many of the games have instructions. A friend of my fathers back in the 80s had copied many of the games onto diskette for us. I am wanting to sell this equipment but not sure how much to ask especially with all the games on diskette. Back in the 80s I used to play frogger, frogger II, centipede, dig dug, karate game, one on one basketball larry bird and dr j. There was also MULE and others. Should I get a list of all the games to see what I have before I can price it out? Not sure if all the equipment works but it is taking up a lot of space on my shelf in the garage. Thanks In advance
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