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  1. Mine also arrived yesterday, will be playing it tonight, finally.
  2. My copy was posted on Friday 6th December and only left France yesterday according to the tracking website.
  3. IronMongeR

    Impulse X

    Mine arrived yesterday, it's really amazing quality, thanks Matthias.
  4. IronMongeR

    Impulse X

    Payment sent, really looking forward to this release.
  5. #122 ... hope this is dispatched soon!
  6. IronMongeR

    Impulse X

    You can add me to the list too!
  7. IronMongeR

    Impulse X

    I really want this game, but haven't got a Jag CD to play it on. As soon as the cart version is ready I'll be making an order...
  8. Pre ordered yesterday! Really looking forward to this release!
  9. I like the physics of the cars, the premium cars look good, some of the tracks look good, but overall it certainly doesn't live up to the hype. Some of the stuff I thought would be cool isn't exactly like I thought it would be - weather & night cycles only on certain tracks, damage is almost non-existant, car interiors only on premium cars, can't move the camera around in interior mode to check what's around you and buying most of the cars seems like a lottery from the used dealer. Oh and you can't upgrade your brakes? Wtf? Add 200hp but keep the stock brakes??? It's still a good game, just... 5 years? I expected perfection!!
  10. Anybody else playing hardcore mode? It seems to add an extra dynamic to the game - always need to be on the look out for some food and water to horde, but it hasn't made the game too much harder like I was expecting. In FO3 you could just get by using Stimpacks and Nukacola for most of the game, but now you have to scavange more varied supplies, which I like. Having to use a doctors bag or make a trip to a doctor to fix crippled limbs is a bit of a pain though sometimes.
  11. Preordered the collectors edition so I'm hoping it could be here by Tues or Weds next week! If this is anything like FO3, I won't be getting out much for the next few months!
  12. There hasn't been much worth buying new for me in 2010 so far... but the last 3 months of the year are full of stuff I must have on day 1! Dead Rising 2, F1 2010, Gran Turismo 5, Fallout New Vegas, CoD Black Ops, WRC Championship, Halo Reach, Fable 3, NFS Hot Pursuit... Same as every year, all the good games seem to come out at the same time. Some of them may have to wait until Christmas.
  13. I only just bought a 250Gb hard drive about a month ago. When my current 360 dies, I'll probably upgrade to a slim, but for the moment there's not much point for me.
  14. I prefered ME2. Felt a lot more polished, less boring stuff and lots more action. I did enjoy ME1, but not as much as most people.
  15. I'd love for a Shenmue Trilogy boxset one day. Though I can't say I'd look forward to driving around on a forklift or carrying books about for hours again.
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