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  1. Flashmasta was great but yes I'd say this is what you want these days. Just like the flashmasta was a step up from the Bung flash cart from back in the day, this is a step (or several, really) up from the flashmasta.
  2. I assume he's talking about BennVenn unless there's another one in the works someplace.
  3. Quite possibly. I'm not sure what front lights are being used now, but mine was salvaged from a broken GBA SP. For anyone mostly playing at home, I'd say a good lamp you can sit under is the best option but if you move around a lot that's when it becomes a pain.
  4. Terrible? I get the point you're trying to make, but I have all three options you mention and, in my opinion, the front light mod is by far the best solution. The worm light not only causes a glare but since it has to be pointed directly at the screen to do anything, it also blocks your view. The point is moot I guess since hastor said he didn't want to mod the system anyway. But for anyone on the fence, I'd say go for it. I got mine installed 10+ years ago and my NGPC has gotten way more play because of it, despite the color washout.
  5. Someone else could explain this way better and I could, but you can "lose" memory due to how the games are flashed. Remember, this thing is broken up into two 8M flash chips, so 16M total, with 15M free for games (see first post). In other words, you're not working with 15M in full, you're working with 2x ~8M. I'm not sure how that last 1M is broken up in there for the OS. As the guide says (unless it was removed or changed prior to final printing): "Due to the way ROM images are stored on the FLASH memory, not all the storage space can always be used when installing larger games. It is advised to install larger games first."
  6. I think this could be a fun project, especially if the code was open source so people could build one if they wanted to but someone could also build and sell them for those that can't or don't want to bother. I wouldn't mind building some for people but I don't have the know how or time to figure out the code part of it.
  7. I doubt there's enough demand to pre make them... I don't think flavor makes his anymore either. Could this maybe be done with an Arduino and proper connector? If so people could make one pretty easily.
  8. Yeah we found this during testing. All dumped roms I had were the same way which I thought was odd... Even the NoIntro rom and the so called good dump in the good set. I didn't have a physical copy to dump but it's good to know that it should dump properly. The fix is to pad the rom out to 1mb which 'restores' the save area on the rom and resolves the issue.
  9. These are the official hard cases from snk. I've never seen a source for just those but you can find them when buying some non US games on eBay and such...usually at a premium, especially for the few English games that I think had them at one point.
  10. Yep. Those cases are great. I have them for most of my carts but obviously not all.
  11. I haven't downloaded it to be sure but I imagine it's sized for a NGP clamshell case.
  12. I guess that's one way of looking at it. Based on how the NGP handles saves this is really the only good way to do it, I think. I suggested to SainT that it would be a good feature enhancement to one day let the OS scan the saves folder at flash to see if a game is being flashed that has a corresponding save and prompt the user to either load the clean rom or the saved version, though I imagine that could slightly slow down the flashing process. I also suggested to support multiple saves by tracking on a number to the end of the saved rom's filename or something similar. I'm sure the feature set will only get better from here on out [emoji4] In the end, it's not bad as it is, so long as you understand how it works and flash/save/delete accordingly. I guess it's kinda risky if someone else picks up your NGP and jacks with it, though.
  13. I beleive it saves based on filename and is one per rom currently. The save function just saves the whole rom to the saves folder so if you delete it from flash, you'd have to flash the one in the saves folder next time to pick up where you left off. You only need to save to the saves folder when you plan to delete from flash as the flashed rom will retain your save like an original cart. And a second save of the same rom will overwrite the previously saved rom.
  14. Also, not to get anyone even MORE excited, but..... You guys are gonna LOVE this cart
  15. For sure but definitely no rush on it. It'll be good for those (all too) rare instances where someone wants to play vs. I can wait until you're caught up on all the preorders
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