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  1. There's actually at least three, including this one, but this one is the only SD card based one.
  2. We talked early on in testing about the possibility of having multiple saves per game in the way you describe, @str0m. I'm not aware that numbering multiple saves automatically was ever implemented, but you could handle it manually by creating multiple copies of the same game with different names (*_01, etc). Currently you manually back up a game with save intact before you want to remove it from flash. You do this from the flash menu by holding B and pressing Right on the stick. To copy the game back with that same save, you need to flash it again later from the saves folder as opposed to your main roms location. Thanks for this @SainT - I've been wondering about this for a while actually (I may have sent you a PM about it a while back I think?). My cart from SAG seemed to have a different version than my last prerelease version from a couple years back and I couldn't find any info out there about what may have changed.
  3. I don't want to get too off topic here, but since it came up in recent conversation...I just happened to tag Custom Game Cases on instagram the other day about possible repro NGP snap cases... I'm sure it's a long list but it's still exciting
  4. They didn't release a Deluxe Edition of the Game Gear ED until fairly recently, alongside the GG BitBox cases which makes sense since it would take a special case to fit those. So when I saw this announcement I was hopeful they somehow quietly made a custom NGP game case but figured that was just wishful thinking...I mean, it'd be a pretty large investment to mass produce cases like this for a console with such small demand...though if they could make them fit multiple different carts, then maybe. They've been talking about doing a "classic" console run of BitBoxes for a long time that would fit 2600 and a bunch of other older cart types but I guess that never saw the light of day. Maybe someday someone will come across a warehouse of nothing but the black clam shell cases that non-US NGP games came in for a while there or (probably more likely and cheaper) someone will repro them. I mean, we're getting Virtual Boy cases soon, so I'd say there's hope for the NGP yet! Most of my collection has either the Japanese clam shell case or original box, but I do still have my fair share of loose (with game case) carts. I'd like to one day get those cased up and shelved but it is what it is, I guess. While they're still loose in there a bit, it's actually not bad and I much prefer keeping the game cases in there, honestly. One thing I really wish they'd done with the SNES BitBoxes was allow room for the original dust covers. I manage to still have a good number of those and it's kind of a shame to case the carts up and then just have the dust covers...collecting dust...(which is, I mean, exactly what they're kinda supposed to do anyway...🤔)
  5. That's a fair point - The GBX BitBox cases will fit NGP carts both loose and inside their small clam shell cases. The foam SAG added simply makes the fit a bit more snug and prevents the cart from sliding around. For comparison, though, I've attached a couple more pics. And yes, there is enough room for these to close with the clam shell case inside, it's just not a completely snug fit is all.
  6. Got mine from SAG today. From what I can tell, the "extras" to the deluxe edition are a NeoPocket sticker, a SAG sticker, and a SAG business card (in addition the case and manual). I got the NGPC "themed" deluxe edition since AES or MVS styled stuff doesn't really "fit" the NGP to me, though I'd probably like the black AES style better overall...I gotta say, this is not really really up to their usual standard for deluxe edition artwork, in my opinion, but at least they provide options. I can also confirm that the BitBox case is just a GBA case with a bit of foam adhered in place to fit the cart. All told, it's only an extra $12 or so to get a nice case, so it's fine. Then again, once you have one of these, you'll never really need to change carts again, so perhaps a case is unnecessary? 🤔 The firmware is v1.02 (the version on RetroHQ matches the one on SAG) and I'm fairly certain my beta cart is is running v1.01 - I'm not sure what the difference is. I haven't played with it a whole lot yet but I haven't seen any noticeable differences thus far. I have a guess based on old beta testing talks with SainT and the rest of the testing crew, but can't be sure (if I'm right, it's nothing major that that the end user would notice in most cases). Regardless, I'm super happy to see this out with distributors and from what I've seen it's been getting a really great response from a larger audience. Really glad to see this getting the love it deserves. I will say I really like the new shell. It looks more like an original cart and has a super nice texture to it. The SD card sits a tad bit more flush with the top of it than it did the old shell. This is minor but definitely makes it seem more polished. Overall, I don't think there's any reason for anyone to "upgrade" unless they just want to. Personally, I wanted a second one anyway, so here we are. But if you've been waiting and don't have one yet, it may be time to go through one of these sites.
  7. Unless there's something else not advertised, you can get the deluxe edition with a case and stickers along with the manual. I did go ahead and order one since I wanted a second cart for link play anyway and just because I'm a sucker for their deluxe editions... I'm more curious if this could mean custom NGP BitBox cases? I doubt it but I'd love nice cases for the few loose carts I have sitting around. Sent from my Pixel 2 using Tapatalk
  8. Flashmasta was great but yes I'd say this is what you want these days. Just like the flashmasta was a step up from the Bung flash cart from back in the day, this is a step (or several, really) up from the flashmasta.
  9. I assume he's talking about BennVenn unless there's another one in the works someplace.
  10. Quite possibly. I'm not sure what front lights are being used now, but mine was salvaged from a broken GBA SP. For anyone mostly playing at home, I'd say a good lamp you can sit under is the best option but if you move around a lot that's when it becomes a pain.
  11. Terrible? I get the point you're trying to make, but I have all three options you mention and, in my opinion, the front light mod is by far the best solution. The worm light not only causes a glare but since it has to be pointed directly at the screen to do anything, it also blocks your view. The point is moot I guess since hastor said he didn't want to mod the system anyway. But for anyone on the fence, I'd say go for it. I got mine installed 10+ years ago and my NGPC has gotten way more play because of it, despite the color washout.
  12. Someone else could explain this way better and I could, but you can "lose" memory due to how the games are flashed. Remember, this thing is broken up into two 8M flash chips, so 16M total, with 15M free for games (see first post). In other words, you're not working with 15M in full, you're working with 2x ~8M. I'm not sure how that last 1M is broken up in there for the OS. As the guide says (unless it was removed or changed prior to final printing): "Due to the way ROM images are stored on the FLASH memory, not all the storage space can always be used when installing larger games. It is advised to install larger games first."
  13. I think this could be a fun project, especially if the code was open source so people could build one if they wanted to but someone could also build and sell them for those that can't or don't want to bother. I wouldn't mind building some for people but I don't have the know how or time to figure out the code part of it.
  14. I doubt there's enough demand to pre make them... I don't think flavor makes his anymore either. Could this maybe be done with an Arduino and proper connector? If so people could make one pretty easily.
  15. Yeah we found this during testing. All dumped roms I had were the same way which I thought was odd... Even the NoIntro rom and the so called good dump in the good set. I didn't have a physical copy to dump but it's good to know that it should dump properly. The fix is to pad the rom out to 1mb which 'restores' the save area on the rom and resolves the issue.
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