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  1. High Voltage, I assume you must have your issue by now. If anyone else has any issues with downloads let me know. We had a problem with the service we were previously using for the hosting of the magazine for download. We have sorted that all out now and are back on our monthly schedule of releases. Today we just got a subscriber from the Dominican Republic which means we are up to 17 countries and in the triple digits for subscriptions. At this rate we will be over 1,000 soon! The interview with Jim Blackler is fantastic, def. worth a read for everyone interested with coding for the SEGA consoles. If anyone needs anything, PM me on here or email: [email protected] -Josh
  2. Thanks guys for the positive feedback! New issue coming soon for this month! Here is a sneak peak..
  3. Hello everyone. Hope you are all having a great weekend. Just wanted to let people know that issue 2 is out and should be in your inbox if you have subscribed. For those who have not subscribed do so today and you can still get issue 2 in your inbox. For those who want to check out the magazine before deciding to subscribe or not, here is a link to issue 1 live on our website. http://classicconsolemag.weebly.com/blog/issue-1-october-2014 Thanks!
  4. Thanks guys for all the feedback! We are hard at work on Issue 2. Thought I would give a sneak preview of the cover..
  5. Just wanted to give a quick update on how things are going! We have had overwhelming response to the first issue, in fact we have subscribers from 16 different countries and counting. I will make sure to post some teasers on here when we start revealing more details about issue 2 which comes out next month. Thanks everyone who has subscribed or messaged me on here about the magazine. We truly appreciate it!
  6. Correct, sometimes it takes a few hours for it to show up in your inbox, but you will get your issue in your email. At the end of the month we will upload the issue to the website as well, but as incentive for people to subscribe they get it first in their email weeks before it shows up on the site.
  7. Just wanted to also let people know that in our next issue we will have a feature on adventure and RPG games with an emphasis on PRE-1985.
  8. Thanks for the reply! Basically we are covering any and all, but one thing I will say is that we don't cover any consoles after 1999. The only time we cover new stuff is reboots of classic franchises and retro-inspired games, as well as homebrew titles. Although the main emphasis and the title of our magazine refers to home consoles, I would say that a fair amount of what we are covering so far is 2nd, 3rd and 4th gen home consoles as well as some arcade stuff and classic PC games. I think you will find there will be a much greater emphasis on 2600, intellivision and colecovision stuff in our publication vs. many of the others out there right now.
  9. Hello! Long time lurker of the forums here at AtariAge, this is my first post ever! I wanted to let you know of a project I am involved in, a New Retro Gaming Magazine called "Classic Console Magazine". As someone who has lurked on the site for a while, I know of all of the people who claim they are working on a retro gaming magazine, only for it never to see the light of day. I also know that there is an awesome magazine called Retro that many on here subscribe to. Understanding that, we are attempting to approach things from a different avenue. We are doing this as we are fans of retro gaming, and are offering it for FREE and via digital only. The old model of magazine subscriptions is dying, and if we did it the traditional way and offered print copies from the start, we wouldn't last anymore than a couple of months.. we are also a monthly publication, as we felt having monthly issues instead of bi-monthly will help us grow a larger base of subscribers quicker by offering more good content. I also decided to wait until the first issue was out to post here just so everyone knows we are really serious! We are in this for the long haul. If you would like to subscribe, simply visit our website: classicconsolemag.weebly.com I am always looking for article submissions, so if you have any ideas for an article you might want published send me an email: [email protected] We already have a small team of dedicated writers in place, but the more the merrier! Unfortunately at this point we can not provide any compensation for articles submitted, we are all doing it as a labor of love.. maybe someday that will change. I have added a few pics so you guys can know what we are all about. Thanks for your time! -Josh
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