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  1. I hope the games can still run on an ordinary 800XL setup, with the 1mb Ultimate upgrade and SIO2SD device - this is the setup I have which Lotharek kindly upgraded at Sillyventure 2k13 in Poland Is it just a case of copying the game images onto the SD card ?
  2. My wife and I will be at Revival 2014 - helping out with the Centre for Computing History's area as we are both volunteers there. Other friends of ours will be there as well who we'll have to introduce you to and you'll also see Kieren there too.
  3. I'd be interested in going to this, so might CiH as well, but we need to have dates confirmed first. For example, October 21st-24th are out for the both of us, due to attending Alternative Party in Helsinki that weekend. The same also for November 10th-13th, as we will both be over in Poland for Sillyventure 2K11, which I'd advise all of you to attend, as it is an Atari-only party but I'm sure it'll include the Jaguar as well Cheers, Rich
  4. This sounds rather good news ! It also doesn't clash with the Sundown party weekend either, which is cool CiH and I would be up for this, certainly for the Saturday on a full-day basis until after the evening meal and possibly also on the Friday too, again till after the evening meal. We'll probably not be staying overnight at any point so would only need to pay for the tickets. My problem currently is that I haven't been working as much as I would like to hence money is rather tight, if we do make it then I would prefer to have the option of buying my ticket on the door if this was possible. Thanks for organising this, Laird ! Cheers, Rich
  5. Blimey, some possible activity regarding Jagfest UK 2009 at last ! Luton would be an OK venue for myself and CiH to get to though we doubt we'll be staying overnight as both our home cities, Cambridge in my case and Northampton in CiH's case, are not too far away. As long as the dates don't clash with the Alternative Party in Finland, which are from the 24th to the 26th of October, then that should be cool. It'll be great to see you all again - and maybe we'll see some of you before then, at the Insert Coin event @ Northampton, the weekend of July 18th and 19th - from what I gather it'll be a recreation of the seaside arcades we knew from our childhood (which now, even though they are still there, have been totally replaced by lame gambling machines )If ppl need to know more about Insert Coin there is a thread going on Retro Gamer's (Imagine Publishing) mag forum. Cheers, Felice
  6. The latest range of TFT LCD televisions will work fine with the Atari 8-bit, even giving you the best picture possible, which now is better than what we used to get even with the specialist Atari monitors. Cheers, Rich
  7. Colour monitors will work happily with the Mega STe, as long as you have the right lead to go with it If you have no lead, get an ST-Scart lead from sonewhere and that can plug into any modern TV, even the newer TFT/LCD ones. Technology is quite advanced now to give as good as or even better than picture that we used to get on the older monitors. Hope this helps, Rich
  8. Tyrant, First off, you are correct about the Mega STE not having an RF-out connector, they never had those included and were always, back in the day, sold with either a colour or a mono monitor. When you do choose a keyboard, make sure you get a Mega ST one as the original Mega STe/TT keyboards can be a bit flimsy. Nick Harlow may have some in stock, since his "takeover" of System Solutions. Alternatively there is also Ebay.de (in Germany). Congrats on getting the machine btw, they are highly sought after. Even if it is a French machine, the TOS roms can easily be swapped & Nick should have some of those in stock too. Hope this helps, cheers, Rich
  9. If you're in need of a replacement Jaguar - scart lead, you can do no worse than get in contact with Nick Harlow @ http://www.1632systems.co.uk . He's based in Kent in the UK, so postage of the item should only be a day or so. Cheers, Rich
  10. Most demos tended to be OK for showing on ST or Amiga, just as long as there was no bad language included that was on the screen for a long period of time. The Lost Boys' 'Ooh Crikey What A Scorcher' was a favourite at my local store on ST, whereas for the Amiga it was more like the Red Sector Megademo. Cheers, Felice.
  11. Lars, As the magazine is still commercially produced I honestly, unfortunately doubt you'd be able to use scans without permission, but if you get in contact with the editor of the mag, he may well say yes. The URL for the magazine is www.retrogamer.net . They export copies of the magazine around the world too. Hope this helps, Felice.
  12. Nick Harlow may well have some in stock, give him a call cheers, Rich.
  13. There's a brief report over on http://www.dhs.nu from CiH (Chris Holland) relating to Jagfest 2004. A more in-depth report is expected later. Cheers, Felice.
  14. maybe someone should point Nick Harlow and Stone to all this stuff :-) cheers, Rich.
  15. If you can get hold of them, the Phillips CM8833 mk1 and mk2 monitors are also hard to beat. They were popular here in UK and also (I think) in Europe, not so sure about the US market. They are fine monitors even now and work well with PS2, Gamecube, etc. Check out Ebay to see if there are any there. Cheers, Felice. http://www.thesmartertraveller.com
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