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    Hi there, My name is Kevin & I was wondering if there was anything that I have that I could trade for a WORKING Intellivision system. I have a WORKING Atari 2600 W/ many controllers a Video Touch Pad and 25 cartridges: SUB SCAN ASTEROIDS FREEWAY PAC-MAN REALSPORTS FOOTBALL SUPER BREAKOUT REALSPORTS BASEBALL STAR RAIDERS FLAG CAPTURE RAIDERS OF THE LOST ARC SPACE WAR SPACE INVADERS DODGE 'EM CASINO BREAKOUT YARS' REVENGE SURROUND VANGUARD VIDEO PINBALL OUTLAW AIR SEA BATTLE SUPER CHALLENGE FOOTBALL WARLORDS COMBAT & ATLANTIS I also have A WORKING Portable Radio Shack TRS 80 Model PC Pocket Computer W/ a printer interface & Manual I also have a WORKING APF TV Fun Pong Game model 401 I also have a WORKING Sega Genesis System W/ controllers & 7 games: CAESARS PALACE SONIC 3D BLAST SPORTSTALK BASEBALL PGA TOUR GOLF II JACK NICKLAUS' POWER CHALLENGE NFL FOOTBALL '94 JOE MONTANA NHL '94 And I have 6 Nintendo Carts DONKEY KONG CLASSICS DR MARIO BIONIC COMMANDO JOHN ELWAYS QUARTERBACK MIKE TYSONS PUNCH-OUT SUPER MARIO BROS./ DUCK HUNT Please let me know if we can trade. Thank you Kevin White [email protected] [email protected]
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