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  1. Same. Been waiting a while but I really want it for both my TI's and my ColecoVisions.
  2. My body is ready for this! (My two ColecoVisions and three TI 99/4A's are also ready for this)
  3. It'd be even greater if you didn't even need the extra cost/latency/power usage of such a thing! Right?
  4. Oh man! This is great! Despite having Side3 and many upgrades... i'd still buy a couple of these for my XL/XE's. Heh!
  5. Personally, I'd LOVE a way to get Sophia DVI to include a PokeyMAX digital signal straight into an HDMI port right on the system with both video and audio and reduce the delay and power required.
  6. Am I took late to get a couple of these? (USD)
  7. Is there any way to delete disk images from the SD card from the manager without having to pop out the SD card and putting it onto my laptop to delete/manage? It seems odd not to have some kind of SD card management available straight on the system so that we don't have to travel between systems by sneakernet. If not.. I'll have to see if I can write one up--it's sorely missing. Also... HUGE thanks! As a long-time Atari enthusiast who was a network engineer in a former life back in Silicon Valley... This is a GREAT device with enormous potential!
  8. Let me know when it's open for pre-order! I'll certainly be interested and want to know which systems it'll work in. (I have many.)
  9. Same here.. interested in this once it's available!
  10. I should have just gone to the link above in the previous post before posting my comment. I did see it later and I've already emailed him. Thank you so much!! This is a wonderful product for a wonderful product!
  11. For anyone looking to get those key sticker sheets... https://www.4keyboard.com/commodore-keyboard-stickers/591-commodore-atari-non-transparent-keyboard-stickers.html
  12. Yeah yeah, patience. How long does that take? Kidding... thanks for the update! Let me know if you can put me on a list to hold one for me! My big fear is somehow missing out on at LEAST getting one. (Might want two or three since I have a second house in another state and an uncle I'd love to surprise with one). Thanks!!
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