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  1. I'd like to be added to the list. If I need to msg or contact someone, please LMK. I do not want to miss out!
  2. Agree, they have a great aesthetic. I also have an Odyssey 400 and another in that series. Video Pinball is one of the great bronze age arcade games. Wouldn't mind picking up a console.
  3. Recently picked up a pong variant arcade curiosity: Allied Leisure Hesitation The thing has a unique cabinet design and numitron scoring. I wrote up an article about it with an embedded video demo. http://www.arcade72.com/allied-hesitation-1974/
  4. This Frogs (Gremlin, 1978) arcade video game shirt may be of interest to some of you. Frogs was developed in the 70s by Gremlin before they were bought by Sega. It has no relation to Frogger, developed by Konami and released by Sega in the states. A few years later, Frog Bog for the Intellivision bore a striking resemblance to Frogs. Shirt is available in tri-blend ($24) and cotton ($20). Once it's out of print in the next couple of weeks, it's done. https://videoarcade.bigcartel.com/product/frogs-shirt
  5. Orders are shutting off for this shirt tonight. Just a heads up for any fence sitters out there. Thanks for the love, NE146!
  6. z3k3

    Shark Jaws

    Yeah, me too! Luckily, there are more and more folks who appreciate the era. Still, you'd think some Atari diehards would be all over this.
  7. Thanks dude, I think it's a great shirt. Too bad sales have been lite. Maybe they'll pick-up before next Wednesday's deadline.
  8. z3k3

    Shark Jaws

    In Jan, yes. Probably a Rockola shirt, not entirely sure. Unfortunately, the Shark Jaws T was a bit of a dud. The Nichi shirt sold well, I'd like to do something that sells at least in between the two.
  9. They came out well, here's a pic of the tri-blend. Orders are only open until midnight EST 12/6. Makes a good x-mas gift, and I ship overseas.
  10. z3k3

    Shark Jaws

    Sent out the first batch of Horror Games (Atari) Shark Jaws shirts, and they came out great. Orders will close Sunday 12/6 midnight, so if you want to ensure you get one order now. Makes a great gift for Xmas. In the one pic, you can see the Gildan on the left and the Next Level tri-blend on the right. Orders have been lite for this one, so it will definitely not come back in print. Just wanted to get the word out cause they're pretty badass if you're a hardcore Atari fan. http://videoarcade.bigcartel.com/pro...ark-jaws-shirt The other is of me modelling a small Next Level.
  11. z3k3

    Shark Jaws

    Thanks, they're being done in batches. Orders for the first batch of shirts is closing this Wed midnight, so if you want a shirt soonish get your order in now.
  12. z3k3

    Shark Jaws

    You are correct. I state as much toward the bottom of the article.
  13. http://videoarcade.bigcartel.com/product/shark-jaws-shirt Get a shirt based on the notorious Atari bootleg game based on the JAWS phenom of the mid-70s. For a limited time this Shark Jaws shirt is available. Shirt will be screened to order in batches, and mailed as soon as possible. Please be patient. Shirts are printed on vintage turquoise Next Level tri-blend tees. Athletic fit so they are a bit snug. Go a size up if you like them roomie. Also available on black on gold printed on a Next Level cotton crew, just leave a note with the order. Sapphire 100% cotton Gildan shirts are also available.
  14. I recently published this write-up about Shark Jaws, Atari's attempt to cash-in on success of JAWS. Enjoy! http://www.arcade72.com/atari-shark-jaws-horror-games-1975/
  15. Yeah, good idea. How about the Taitronics logo on a red shirt?
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