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  1. I have a question to which I have not yet found an answer: On the XL boards (and I think also on the XE boards) a bridge "W1" is drawn in the circuit diagram. This connects on the Pokey pin 10 (P4) with pin 11 (P5). On my board this bridge is set with a 0 ohm resistor. I do not understand what function this bridge has and in what cases is it opened? Can someone help me there?
  2. PLease, can you explain why you used 2N4401 and 2N3906 and not the original transistor types (2N3904 and MPSA55)? I'm asking, because i am restoring an old 800XE board with some bad transistors and asking me, if i can/should replace them with the types from your new XE PCB. I would be very grateful for a brief explanation.
  3. If i connect only A4 and set A5-A7 to ground, can i use anyway the configuration tool (pokeycfg)?
  4. If i like to use the Pokeymax V3 only as a Stereo (Dual) Pokey, should i connect the Pins A5, A6 and A7 to Ground or can i leave them open?
  5. Is it normal that the R38 (500K) trimmer no longer has any influence on the color if the Sophia2 is installed? Not even on the analog outputs (S-Video and Composite)
  6. @santosp When looking at the circuit part for the PAL frequencies (around U21 74LS74 and Y2) I noticed that Inductor L8 in the original XE circuit diagram has a value of 15 uH. On your board this has a value of only 1.5 uH. Is this correct?
  7. In the V3 Install-Diagram is no switch in the A4 Line to set Stereo on/off. Is it possible to use a switch here, like in the V2 Version?
  8. It is often recommended to remove capacitors (C77 and C78 / DATAIN and DATAOUT) to improve the "SIO HI Speed". As described here: http://sio2sd.gucio.pl/wiki/HighSpeed_en Is this also necessary with the new XE board?
  9. i would like to pre-order one of your Sophia 2 for my 800 XL. Is this still possible?
  10. Done! My new old Atari is doing fine. @santosp Thank you so much for this great piece of hardware. You did a really good job with this project.
  11. Ist ist still possible to buy a Pokeymax V3 (Stereo Auto)? I wrote a PM to Duddie, but geht No answer.
  12. Just to be absolutely sure and not to make a mistake: I only need to do a solder between 1 an 8 of U12? I really don't need a connection between pin 5 and 6 of U12? In the original circuit diagram from HIAS, this is expressly listed in note 1, if no battery is fitted. Otherwise the connection between the GAL (pin 18) and the memory chip (pin 22) would be missing.
  13. I would like to buy one or two SIO-Sockets fpr soldering in my new XE-PCB (Atari 130XE Remake - Atari 8-Bit Computers - AtariAge Forums). Is this still possible? (I am from Germany)
  14. I would like to buy one or two SIO-Sockets fpr soldering in my new XE-PCB (Atari 130XE Remake - Atari 8-Bit Computers - AtariAge Forums). Is this still possible?
  15. In the original schematic of the 512k extension from hias is a note, to set two connections if you don't use the battery and the DS1210 IC. If i don't use U12 (MXD1210) should i set two jumper on the empty socket of U12 (1-8 and 5-6) to set the two bridges like in the digram?
  16. The Ferrite Beads (2Ohm / 5) are currently not available at mouser. Not again until December. Is there an alternative for this? Can I use Beads with other values? like these: 40X FRH035060-A Ferrit: Perle [email protected] 100MHz: 60Ω Montage: THT [email protected] 25MHz: 30Ω FE | eBay or https://www.reichelt.de/emv-ferrit-entstoerfilter-axial-21-ohm-10-mhz-bead-8-21-p105526.html?&nbc=1&trstct=lsbght_sldr::7112
  17. Is it still possible to buy a Pokeymax V2 Stereo Auto? I wrote a PM to Duddie over a week ago, but i didn't get no answer.
  18. On the pcb (Abbuc-version), three 4,7 uF "Bipolar" Caps are drawn (Tantal?). Also in the Component List. But in your mouser basket are three normal Elecrolytic Caps (not bipolar) 4,7 uF listed. What should i use: Bipolar or normal Elko?
  19. What kind of transistor is Q3 (npn or pnp)? The lettering for Q3 is missing on the mainboard (abbuc version).
  20. Lotharek has a 64KB SRAM module that replaces base ram of 64KB in all 8bit ATARI. So you don't need the two 41464 RAMs. There is also a Freddy-replacement from Lotharek. SRAM 64Kb by Lotharek FREDDY MODULE by Lotharek Would it be possible, to use these two replacements with the new xe-pcb?
  21. I would like two boards. (1x Atari400 , 1x Atari 800XL both PAL) - shipping to Germany. Is this still possible?
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