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  1. I never heard back from Batari, so I have one broken Harmony Encore sitting here...
  2. I'll send a message to batari and see what he says. So good to play Space Rocks again🙂
  3. Yeah that seem the best option. And the only option really, cause I've not got much use for it now! I also think there is a chance it could be made to work again, even though it could be a bit complicated to do so.
  4. The update is that I received a Harmony Cart in the post today at the sorting office and tried it... and it works! Well well, thank goodness for that. The older one continues to not work at all and seems utterly fried. I would like to thank Batari for his help in this very awkward situation. Looking at this sub-forum, it doesn't seem too common that a harmony encore stops working completely, and that's what worried me. I'm just wondering if there's anything I did that could have caused it. All I was doing was turning it on and off to play games, and often only a couple of times per session. Maybe it was just a dud cart. Who knows?
  5. I'm not sure what to do next to be honest. I'm not sure how to remove the corrupt usb device driver.
  6. I finally have the right cable, but when I attach it to my PC it says "the last USB device you connected to this computer malfunctioned and Windows does not recognise it." Does that make the Harmony beyond repair?
  7. I got the cable in today, a day later than advertised from an Ebay seller, took it out the packaging and... he sent me the wrong bloody cable. Talk about frustrating? 🥵😡
  8. And that could well be it! I am using a cable without knowing whether it's 4 pin or 5 pin. Didn't even though the differences existed. I use the cable for a digital camera and a Dictaphone device, and while I see on ebay that mini b 5 pin cables can also be used for cameras, I'm pretty sure that's why it's not being recognised, so I've ordered a 5 pin cable off ebay and I'll see what happens later this week when I get it.
  9. It's a big problem though because the PC is not recognising the Harmony Cart when I connect it. The red dot appears at the bottom of the pop up menu to show this. My USB cable works fine on that PC for recognising other devices, so the problem must be with the cartridge. It seems totally dead.
  10. I bought a Harmony Encore Cart in 2018 and have been playing it again recently, trying out some of the great Homebrews with melody enhancement. I was playing Space Rocks these last few days, and this morning when I turned the Atari on and selected it from the menu, I got the spinning ball in the middle of the screen as you do. But the spinning ball never went away, so after half a minute I turned the console off. I turned it on again to find a blank screen, then several more power cycles gave me various colours, vertical bars and sustained high pitch noises. In other words, it's buggered!! I tried some other carts and there's no problem. I have to say I'm deeply disappointed because I've only been using the cart for less than two years on and off, and that's it broken already? My Cuttle Cart from 2001 still works fine, so I'm a bit angry. But are there any miracle suggestions to try and fix it?
  11. Your page certainly has a lot of tasty alternatives that I never knew of before. The ball shape on the controller with the extended shaft is a good idea.
  12. But... I thought you could use the second controller keypad to select the difficulty level?
  13. Those Ruggers Customs Megadrive controllers (NOT Genesis 😁) are really something special, no doubt about it. Most games are covered by it that I can think of. Maybe some games like Ladybug need all the numbers for the options menu, but for the game itself, the controller just about does everything necessary👍
  14. I use an original controller. I like the physical nature of the stick as opposed to a joypad but there are some games like Star Force that are pretty rough on the hands and wrists. I have seen the Famicom Network Controller and it looks amazing in terms of potential. Where did you get it, did someone mod it for you and how much did it cost?
  15. As the title of the topic says- what controller do you use most when playing a colecovision? I'm curious to see how many people use the original controllers as opposed to the other options that have been shown on here the last few years.
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