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  1. Look Kieren, I'm sorry about that post which has obviously offended you, but you've got to believe me when I say I didn't write it. Honestly I didn't. One of the moderators has altered my post after he hacked my account!!
  2. What excites me most about this thread now is the outside possibility that it might actually reach a thousand posts. A thousand posts!! Just imagine that
  3. That challenge to him is far, far too long. You need to be more direct. Just say to him "give me a direct link to the evidence". That's it. You've got to focus on one thing and you're not doing that. The point you're making is lost in the size of the message.
  4. Thanks yeah I'm just trying to digest the site now because there's tons of stuff on it. I take it all of these games on your site are sold out? None of them can be purchased?
  5. Okay, here's a couple more questions... is this for a standard Colecovision? Do you think it's better than the original?? EDIT: I see its for the original and not the SGM. So it's just the other question for Pixelboy, because I assume he's played it!
  6. Apparently a version of Zaxxon II was released for the Colecovision. It's very hard to search for this because it has a user-unfriendly name. Google searches just give links for Zaxxon, so I thought I would go on here as I can't go on to any facebook pages about it. The questions are as follows: Did it get released, and if so, when? Is it still in print, and if so, how much does it cost? Anyone got any links to the cover and screenshots? Who here has played it? Did you think it was any good? Ta for reading
  7. I do think it might be an overreaction to describe Laird as a psychopath. In saying that though, when I spoke to him on the retro canteen chat a few weeks ago, he discussed how he finally fell out with Chris Wilkins, and said: "he may have fooled me at first, but he didn't fool my mother." 😄😄😄😄😄
  8. That Commodore 64 text is awful. And of course some of it is just lifted from the introductions of other books. The grammatical errors are so obvious. How on earth could he release that without correcting them?
  9. I can't do that because I'm in the UK and this is an American model: only a composite NTSC signal can be converted, not rf. Do you think interference is causing the lines on the screen, or is it something else?
  10. It's from a video mod - composite. And it's a great mod too. The colours are bright and the picture is sharp. The only problem is these bloody jailbars!
  11. I get these thin, moving parallel lines on my Colecovision screen, like shadows, often referred to as "jailbars", and I'm wondering if there is a way to get rid of them. Would better shielded cabling make a difference?
  12. I've just tried it now, and what can I say? It's perfect. You're a star, Mr Batari!🙏❤️😉
  13. Okay, ta for the info. I still have a cuttle cart, and it works with it, so if I really wanted to, I could load it through that instead. My main concern was that people would try the bin file and say "it works fine on mine, you must have a fault in your Atari/Harmony Cart."Then there would really be a problem!
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