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  1. Okay I will take your advice and wait for the 2021 Club thread which I assume will appear in this sub forum in the New Year sometime. I can wait until then, and I will count the days until I can play the Collectorvision rarities.
  2. So do I wait for a Collectorvision 2021 thread before trying to get some of these games, and should that appear sometime in the New Year?
  3. How much did it cost to join the 2020 club just out of curiosity?
  4. Okay that clears the Arkanoid question up, thanks. So is there any way to get the ROM now or is that it gone for good?
  5. I tried contacting them recently and there was no answer
  6. Sorry I don't get that. I'm looking at buying the games in the Collectorvision ROM download on the Collectorvision site: https://collectorvision.com/shop/colecovision/collectorvision-vault-rom-pack/ I want to know if Arkanoid is now available in that ROM pack. It doesn't show in the list, but some of the answers here suggest it might be. Can someone clarify if there are additions?
  7. That's interesting because Arkanoid wasn't in the list of games on the site, but if it has been added then that's excellent.
  8. The Collectorvision Club 2020 is over, but does any of this affect the games available in the Collectorvision game pack that's for sake on their website? Have any more been added, such as Arkanoid?
  9. The Arkanoid release for the Coleco by Collectorvision is a port of the MSX version, but you need the Super Game Module to play it. Was the MSX version good?
  10. Aargh it's not been released yet! It's completed but they still have to get the cartridges and boxes finished according to the website: http://www.teampixelboy.com/zaxxon_2.php
  11. The SG-1000 version of Zaxxon has been released for the Colecovision as Zaxxon II, but the others, like Bomb Jack and Galaga haven't been SG-1000 ported as far as I know.
  12. Okay I've sent you an email with corrections
  13. I second that. They make you think "I want to have that on my shelf."
  14. Oh no!!! Fair enough, I wrote that line about the writing being amateurish without thinking about the writer actually reading my comments! There are quite a few mistakes though. In saying that, having looked at your kindle download of issue 20 where you talk about Space Invaders, the standard is clearly higher. Maybe I was unlucky and looking at bad pages, I don't know. But thanks for giving us those downloads to begin with. If it's any consolation, at least understand that when I criticised your books, it was because I thought they were worth talking about. They are informative and give really useful advice on the dipswitches and skill levels of each game. It acts as a reference guide to the games as well as a review. I have already got the kindle version of your first Arcade Compilation guide, and I may now go for the other one too. The Parker Brothers one looks tasty as well. But one piece of English language advice: "it's" only has an apostrophe when it is an abbreviation of "it is". Don't use an apostrophe otherwise ie. "on its own". There! I had to say it!
  15. I've also noticed that Michael D. Salzman has written a lot of paperbacks in his "Unauthorized Atari Companion" series that are very similar in style to the Brian Matherne books I was talking about earlier, and they cover individual software houses as well as arcade conversions in general: https://www.amazon.co.uk/s?k=unauthorized+atari+companion&i=stripbooks&ref=nb_sb_noss I think they look quite good, but judging by the sample pages, the writing is terrible! Virtually every sample page has grammatical and/or spelling errors that make it look like it was written in high school. Surely someone has told Mr Salzman about this so he can fix them? They are so amateurishly written. Such a shame because I would be interested in purchasing some of his books otherwise.
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