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  1. Someone needs to edit the code to improve it. Time to phone Thomas Jentzsch- he's got a new job to do!!!! 😀 😄
  2. I think there should have been a rapid auto fire rather than the slow one the game has to help preserve the feeling in your thumb when shooting all the time. Jeff Minter's rip off for the C64 "Attack Of The Mutant Camels" has the fast auto fire and in that area is better for it.
  3. Best Electronics are selling CX30 paddle controllers upgraded with what they call "S5 Lifetime Super Pots", and I'm wondering if anyone on here has purchased them. If so, are they as good as they make out?
  4. It's needed but surely not to the degree you only use about a quarter of the paddle's turning capability. The less you need to turn it, the more jitter is amplified. If you played arkanoid in the arcade with the disc controller, for example, I'm sure it needs to be turned more than that.
  5. Another paddle game that could really do with editing is Super Breakout. The paddle control is way too sensitive, and turning it just 50 degrees or so moves the bat from one end of the screen to the other. What this means is that if your paddle has slight jitter, you cant play it. There should be a version where you have to turn the paddle just about the whole way round to get the bat moving from one end to another, as that would reduce the effects of jitter. Probably nobody understands what I mean by that though.
  6. Correct. The original harmony couldn't handle 64kb, which was one reason I regretably opted out of beta testing it. The Cuttle Cart by Chad Schell could handle 64kb, so does Zippy work with that?
  7. I've got a composite modded Colecovision, and it's great. One I noticed though was that when there is no sound in a game, I can see faint vertical shadow lines moving in parallel across the screen. It's very obvious when playing a game like Video Hustler which has lots of gaps in the sound and a plain green playing area which shows the shadow lines moving quite obviously. In the majority of games it's no big deal, but I wonder what would cause that. When sound effects occur, the lines disappear, then come back when the sound stops. Again, I'm stressing it's faint, but my previous CV didn't have it. Anyone else recognise this effect?
  8. There aren't many, but I'm wondering what games came out for the Atari in the ultra primitive 70s that can be played by one player and are half decent. Most seem to be two players like Combat but what single player games are worth a go?
  9. Aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh! Okay thanks guys . I downloaded the game and so didn't read the additional notes in the manual. There was I thinking there was a problem with the machine!! It's a brilliant port, so it doesn't matter a jot. Now I know!
  10. I've been playing the great Bank Panic conversion for the Colecovision using the Atarimax Ultimate SD flash cart, and I've noticed occasionally little corruptions on the screen. They happen where the dollar symbols show at the top of the screen where the door numbers are to show when you've collected a money bag. Sometimes the dollar symbol changes colour or becomes a different symbol that flashes when you move left or right, or it just becomes corrupted in general. It happens more with me when I start on level 6. It's not every time, but it does happen. I'm wondering if other people have had this. I've used two colecovisions, two power supplies, yet I see the exact same thing, so I don't think it's to do with the console. Any ideas?
  11. At the risk of getting ripped apart here for asking a tired question, I am new to the Harmony and Harmony Encore scene and am looking to buy one of them, but how many games as of April 2019 can be played in the Encore which cannot be played in the original Harmony cart? Does the Scramble homebrew play in them both?
  12. First of all, it's not a PAL-NTSC problem. as I have another NTSC Atari that works fine. The glitches on the six-switcher include Combat tanks jumping randomly and instantaneously around the screen, ghosts in Pacman moving in slow motion and games starting with the score counter at 999999 with a malformed power pill, and general graphical glitches in Ms Pacman. It's more than just a dodgy composite mod, and it's a problem that's out of my league to fix. But maybe there are some potential genuises on here who can fix it!
  13. I'm in the UK, and I bought an old 6 switch woody from America, but it was faulty, with odd glitches showing in the graphics. I got a refund, and I've got it still sitting in a box in my bedroom. I don't want to throw it out, and I'd love to get it working with a good picture because the original 6 switch model is such a classic design, but I'm wondering if there's anyone with the expertise to be able to do something like that. Are there any Brits/Europeans who would be willing to sell their services and repair it?
  14. Because the seller doesn't ship to the UK. Here again is the British amazon listing I mentioned in my previous post: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Plug-Syncwire-Wall-Charger-Interchangeable/dp/B072XD4CSP/ref=sr_1_5?ie=UTF8&qid=1551088230&sr=8-5&keywords=syncwire+charger Do you think this plug is the same as the one colecojoe listed from America?
  15. That does look quite good, yeah. I'm in the UK, and I've found this one on sale in the .co.uk store: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Plug-Syncwire-Wall-Charger-Interchangeable/dp/B072XD4CSP/ref=sr_1_5?ie=UTF8&qid=1551088230&sr=8-5&keywords=syncwire+charger It's black and has a british 3 prong socket, but appears to be the same as the one you have linked to. Do you agree they are basically the same? Edit: I see that Syncwire products are made in China. That does make me a bit more cynical I admit
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