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  1. Hey guys n' gals, I recently found myself a copy of Chiller for NES. I tried cleaning it and testing it on different systems but it doesn't work properly. It screams at me (which is normal) but it is a white screen. I press start and I can hear sound and see the monsters but the monsters are all solid gray and the environments are missing. I opened up the cart and judging by a picture I found online, I think this board is missing a resistor. As you can see in the picture of my board, there are 3 resistors at the top left, but in this picture I found online, there should be 4 there. I am hoping this is the issue and that it can be solved. I could probably replace the resistor but I can't tell which one I need. Does anyone else have a copy that they can take a look at the board and check? Thanks.
  2. I haven't tried it yet, I was wondering if anyone else on here has yet. I am looking to mod my Nomad but I keep hearing about these type of issues so I'm a bit hesitant at the moment.
  3. Has anyone tried this screen from dealextreme? The pixel resolution also seems more accurate (320x240 as opposed to the one Galix says works which is 320x234 pixels).
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