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  1. These people just can't and won't ever get it, even how you have just spelled it out once again. It's like speaking and explaining things to a toddler. They only hear what they want to hear. If your post here doesn't ring a bell in their brain nothing will. Thanks for posting this Jaybird !!!
  2. lol, I think you have me confused with JasonlikesINTV !!! you know since your mind blown it tough for you to remember things.. 😜
  3. That's good to hear , last we spoke was over a year or so ago.
  4. To bad that Eric can't rise and come back from the Abyss. Miss his excellent adventures and him..
  5. I had the same feeling for the game until , It came up in a HS challenge and once I put some time into it and learned how to control the dude properly it became a fun and challenging game to play.
  6. and for all the hater's with their constant negativity and bashing to finally be silenced and eating crow for over two years of that crap.
  7. Same thing happened to me in grade nine when I took typing but I had the last laugh when they would see me with all the girls. LMAO Lots of hotties in that class.
  8. New members, low post counts . you know what this shit is.. The same 5 or 6 people playing their games with this community . It's becoming a fn joke. It's like going in circles here with these dudes.. One worried about defending the lies and half truth about the Amico. With real facts the real information.. Same few with the same shit. Get Real People. There are preorder with real brick and mortar companies now and this still goes on with them..
  9. You guy are so picky, I take anyone one of the that would want me.. Odds are that means none for m-crew !!! lol
  10. Wow, did this bring back memories of Christmas Past for me. How My brother an would look through wishing and bothering my parents what we wanted for Christmas , Birthdays and special occasion.. That last page well , Ill keep that private, but the bikini sections was where it really went hardcore porn back in the day... lmao !!!
  11. It’s a good thing no one reads that thread anymore. Lol 😂😎
  12. Sorry I can't read those pages as well... But I get what your saying..
  13. Sorry , missed that part. But this was asked in this thread and it was responded too. That was what I was referring to..
  14. How is this not receptive ? That is completely a false statement.. as you can see.
  15. Where did you get that comment from. No where did they say anything not to be receptive to that idea.. Why even suggest such a thing and put it out there to the public.. I need to find RX exact post ,but I'm sure you know exactly what was said. People are strange that's for sure.
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