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  1. Yes there are , that was just a general quote ,still there are way more people that can't work from home then can. Consider yourself lucky. But if this continues even people that are fortunate enough to work from home will be effected as well. I'm just hoping people and governments take this serious and listen to what needs to be done to reduce the curve and beat this covid-19 .. Stay Safe and Help those that need help in times like this... Toronto the largest city in Canada is a ghost town right now.. Just like many many cities and countries around the world.. ❤️
  2. Considering that only essential workers are working at this time and countless of people without work or laid off at this time and no income. Those numbers sold in two hours are amazing with no and very little marketing. Hopefully this Covid-19 will be on the down swing here in Canada(and the world) soon. Stay Safe and hopefully this will pass sooner then later...
  3. Man , Do I luv that you and IE have been thinking and acting outside of that Modern Corporate ideology ... Thanks again, hopefully you and IE have started a trend and model where other Companies can follow ... Cheers !!
  4. Some people just can't think outside the box , they are so engulfed in their own little world that when they get a glimpse of anything or anybody thinking different than their thought's and idea's the hate spews out of them..
  5. That Just Rocked !!!!! Got goosebumps when watching this. Especially when that short clip of D&D came up !!!! 🤘🏻👍🏻🎸🍻😎
  6. Considering what you are saying something clearly went on with your refund request, where , why and how can be debated. I glad to see your trying to keep it civil. Your refund has been resolved and that's what clearly counts right now. So it may be a good time for all parties just to end this. So let's just all move on and enjoy what life has to offer..
  7. Tommy posted that pm here and no where did it say that. please scroll back and take a look. People have been saying a lot crap here just to stir things up and Tommy has always been honest and upfront.
  8. Really!!! Do you think this is really in question. I know who I would bet my money on. I have no doubt who is that for sure. Someone who has been transparent here since his first post in this thread. TT and IE.
  9. I was not offended but with it being text and how it was written, then read it sounded like a Oscar going at Big Bird for listening and talking to Snuffleupagus. With the cookie monsters watching and hoping that salad was a cookie lol
  10. BTW , what credentials do you have to tell Tommy how to conduct himself and his business. As you can tell from Tommy's past and from his post's here on AA. He and IE are a made of a different mold from the typical company and CEO. He cares,shares,listens and has integrity. And from the this post complete opposite of you. It seems like your just here to stir up things.. Wow .
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