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  1. I’ll be in for 2 and if price is right, I’ll take 4. Cheers
  2. yes i could of , now i know and so it will be done... so let it be written so let it be done.. i get it...
  3. no worries wasnt trying to , this was a joke.. but a private message would of been great. Cheers !!!!
  4. The price of meatballs has gone up , hasn't it
  5. So till me people , what has the inflation been this year, last year and the year before... Put that in your mind and then you can see why the price has gone up.. wake the f up ..... man .. That limit was over three years ago ... come on people .. where has common sense and logical and critical thinking gone......
  6. Still as dumb as f..... meatball
  7. (106) Human sheep looking to mate on family day! - YouTube
  8. Thanks my brother, is it not great to be alive !!!!! how lucky are we....... That's for sure.... I really hope its not dead, Considering what has and is going on in the world for over two years now , we need to hold on to hope and faith... That it will come to be. Because we know who to blame for this and much much more in the world today... If you are awake to truth you will know what im talking about...
  9. Well , ill give it a shot... those alligators are crazy ... lmao
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