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  1. That's right make it nice and shiny, before the final reveal !!!!! looking forward to seeing this game shine !!!
  2. kool !!! any updated video of the new and improved ?
  3. looks great, almost like watching a 16 bit movie...
  4. I feel like I need to be going through a Christmas Wish Sears Catalogue and wishing for the Amico like I did for the intellivision back in the day.. And I know what my Christmas gift will be in 2020.. BTW Brought up the Amico with my wifes early 30 something's brother and friends and let me tell you they are so excited for this new consol.. First time they heard anything about the Amico and now cant wait for its release. ..
  5. I will send you a PM or you could just send me a PM and let me know(or us) how to proceed since you already know my or who ever else purchased these games needs. , BTW ,Thank You for responding Mr Pandora's .
  6. You have an unhealthy obsession with assuming that its containers being opened.... Is that with the Jr Pac Man board as well.... and is that offer to everyone who purchased both those games ?
  7. What no July 27.... My source (m-crew ) thinks its going to be July 27 For some reason I going with that source... lmao !!! can't wait to see the next trailer that's for sure. What ever that date may be.
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