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  1. I may have to tape my controllers together.. That run and can shoot has gotten me killed so many times.... Great score BTW !!!
  2. Me too , it sucks when you die and all the robots are around where you spawn. I lost 4 lives in a row before I got out to reach my last score. They could of gave you a 3 sec head start before the robots shot.
  3. not to mention i may not even beat my high score in this game this time around... lol I totally been sucking at this game right now.. lol
  4. Jacob, I think you got a few numbers reversed in my score on your update here... you put 53900 instead of 59,300 ... Hey how long it takes to get points in this game every little bit helps... lol
  5. 59,300 i had 5 men left and lost them all because I died once. and all three were where you come back and I got killed every time.
  6. Yup and just makes it boring (slow- mo like the six million dollar man running ) lol until you get up there in the points.
  7. Awesome !!!! Thank You for the tips !!!! Great memory with your Dad that’s for sure.
  8. Lol good one. Yup your Canadian for sure. Then take a year to clean the goo off
  9. Yeah I do for tron deadly disc because there is no maze but for this sometimes you need to be precise to enter. It’s tough doing that using two hands.
  10. Yeah I now that pisses me off all time. I Usually get killed that way. That would make the game much easier for sure.
  11. Great Score !!! Wow was that in Disc Mode!!! My Record was around 110,00 or so +\- Disc level a few years back here in the HSC. Any Tips for the invisible guy and such would be greatly appreciated. 👍🏻 Once again great score !!! Cant wait to see your record.
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