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  1. Atari 2600 Astroblast 21 mins Beamrider 121 mins Laser Gates 5 mins Solar Fox 95 mins no more gaming for the week.
  2. The 2600 is my favorite system. I have lots of systems in my house but the 2600 is my favorite. I think competing in the high score club is the best part of playing the 2600. So much fun competing with others on this site. Give it a shot, you won’t regret it.
  3. Atari 2600 Astroblast HSC 32 minutes Circus Atari HSC 114 minutes Eggomania 20 minutes Gopher FB HSC 13 minutes Solar Fox 54 minutes Street Racer HSC 40 minutes Warlords HSC 15 minutes Played four paddle games for the HSC. First time I played all four and I really enjoyed all four. I found Circus Atari to be really good. Being an active member of HSCs really makes me play a lot of new games I always had but never played which I enjoy a lot.
  4. 99-35=64. This makes better sense. Had it on AB before.
  5. Level 7. BB. 99-10. Seems too high. Did I mess up at all?
  6. I was 20 when I got the Atari back in 1981. Loved it and still do. I was a little old when the NES came out thought it was great. I played Tetris and Super Mario Every day for years But nothing else. I still have my original NES hooked up to a CRT and play it a few times a year. But with the Atari high score clubs I’m always on my 2600.
  7. Solar Groce is definitely Solar Fox. It was an autocorrect. There is always Solar Fox on my list. Very relaxing for me.
  8. Times for the week. Atari 2600 Amidar 14 mins Circus Atari HSC 34 mins Eggomania 56 mins Hangman 18 mins Solar Groce 38 mins Thunderground 37 mins FB HSC Warlords 36 mins HSC
  9. 6A circus Atari 934. I like paddle games the most.
  10. Times for the week: Atari 2600: This week I had no HSC games to play. I own 178 different atari cartridges mostly bought in large lots or $1-$2 each. I have played 95, haven't played 83 prior to this week. Some of the 83 are great games I haven't got to yet. So this week I figured I would give some a try. Amidar 10 mins -great game, very similar to Spiderdroid which I played the last two weeks. Backgammon 45 mins - had a lot of fun playing Blackjack 8 mins. Got bored quickly Casino 70 wasted minutes which I enjoyed a lot Hangman 44 mins - Another game I really enjoyed playing. Midnight Madness 26 mins - Not as good as Video Pinball Solar Fox which I have played previous;y - 41 mins. I am down to 77 I haven't played yet but hope to play some this week. Fun week of retro gaming.
  11. 2600 Breakout Super Breakout Solar Fox Arcade Asteroids NES Tetris PS Driver 2 Gran Turismo 3
  12. Times for the week Atari 2600 Eggomania 22 mins Solar Fox 82 mins Spider Man for HSC 6 mins Spiderdroid 114 mins for HSC. First time playing and really liked it. Squish’em 15 mins
  13. For the 8 point bonus since I cannot play the HB - Squish’em, my favorite home brew.
  14. This is a fun addictive game I never played before. Spiderdroid 3,775
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