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  1. Atari 2600 cosmic commuter for HSC 101 minutes Checkers for HSC 15 mins Kool Aid Man for HSC 42 mins Squish’em 10 mins Solar Fox 77 mins All fun
  2. Bonus. Squish’em cosmic Comm 7,803
  3. Atari 2600 Dolphin 20 mins for HSC Solar Fox 87 mins Space Jockey 92 mins got FB HSC All good.
  4. Atarian, did you get any high scores in Solar Fox and are you enjoying the game?
  5. Times for the week All Atari 2600 Crackpots 26 mins for HSC Eggomania 48 mins Solar Fox 37 mins All fun.
  6. Times for the week are atari 2600 crackpots 25 min eggomania 12 mins seawolf 5 mins stampede 47 mins solar fox 120 mins All fun
  7. Times for the week are atari 2600 Beany Bopper 60 mins Joust 5 mins Solar Fox 58 mins.
  8. Times for the week are All Atari 2600 Defender 2 - 62 mins Eggomania 33 mins Joust for HSC 10 mins. First time playing. Reminds me of NES Balloon Fight. Solar Fox 103 mins. all fun.
  9. Thank you Carlson. That would be a little difficult Times for the week are: atari 2600 Defender 2 for HSC 33 mins ms Pac-Man 27 mins HSC pac man 29 mins HSC solar Fox 107 mins worm war 1 for Facebook HSC 202 mins. Had fun with This game. Got above 500,000 but took 2 1/2 hours To get there so I stopped. Fun week
  10. Thank you Wongojack for the link. Unfortunately I am not tech savvy where I can download and play games like that. I would love to play a different but similar version of Solar Fox as I have been playing the same 20+6 screens for 35 years. times for the week are; eggomania 29 mins entombed for FB HSC 26. An interesting maze game I played for first time. ms. Pac-Man for HSC 83 mins pac man for HSC 40 mins solar Fox 79 mins worm war 1 for FB HSC 39 mins. all fun.
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