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  1. Atari 2600 Astroblast 32 Baseball by Sears Eggomania 239 Kaboom 42 Solar Fox 63 Mostly a paddle week as I gave them a good cleaning.
  2. Atari 2600 Dark Cavern FB HSC 104 Dig Dug 38. Scored over 400k Eggomania 82. First time playing a paddle game in a while. ms. Pac-Man 8 Pole Position 19 Solar Fox 108
  3. Only one quick session of Solar Fox for 22 minutes. When I first got this game many years ago I thought it was one of the absolute best.
  4. Arcade Asteroids 30 all bad scores Gaplus 24 PB Atari 2600 IKari Warrior 5 Solar Fox 62
  5. Sorry for the late submission Atari 2600 Keystone Kapers 25 Solar Fox 154.
  6. Atari 2600 Dig Dug 36 Miilipede 25 Pole Position 16 Solar Fox 83. All fun.
  7. Times for the week: Arcade: Asteroids 11 minutes - all bad scores Mappy - 14 minutes - all bad scores Atari 2600 Astroblast 12 minutes - ok scores Solar Fox 104 minutes - all good scores
  8. Another great season Vocelli. Thanks for running. Congrats Kermit. favorites were Dark Cavern and No Escape. surprises were Jungle Hunt and Subterrania. Worst games Venture and Spikes Peak.
  9. Times for the week Atari 2600 Astroblast 38 Commando Raid FB HSC 18 Moon Patrol HSC 39 Solar Fox 50 forgot to post Taz three weeks ago 20 HSC has ended. Didn’t even make the playoffs. Terrible season for me against great competitors. Good luck to Oyamafamily and Atarian7 in the playoffs.
  10. Nice Solar Fox score. I track my solar Fox time using 10 minutes per million. I skip most racks during the game. Nice moon patrol score also in the HSC.
  11. Arcade Mappy on ps one 37 mins Atari 2600 Crossbow 11 Dragonfire 51 Millipede 8 Solar Fox 83
  12. My solar fox time should be 33 instead of 55. Thanks Carlsson.
  13. Atari 2600 Jungle Hunt 10 Ms. Pacman for FB HSC 37 Solar Fox 55
  14. Times for the week Intellivision Pinball FB retro comp 19 Atari 2600 Birthday Mania HSC 2 Eggomania 16 Fire Ball HSC 3 Kaboom FB retro 32 mins. Score over 3,450 Mario Bros FB HSC 82 Ms. Pac-Man FB HSC 17 Pac-Man Jr. FB retro 8 Solar Fox 55 mostly just competing on some Facebook retro competitions.
  15. I only have a regular console with 180 common cart and a bunch of flashbacks including a FB9 with an sd card. Not a high tech person.
  16. Atari 2600 Plaque Attack for HSC 14 Solar Storm for HSC 9 Solar Fox 76
  17. Unscrewed them. Put alcohol on q tip and rubbed q tip around. I am not tech savvy at all. Paddle games are my favorite. I have bought some flashbacks just for the paddles.
  18. Times for the week. Eligible Eggomania 28 Kaboom 48 Plaque Attack HSC 8 Solar Fox 50 inelgible constantly cleaning my 2600 paddles 25.
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