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  1. My second patch. Freeway. Fun game.
  2. Times for the week are; Atari 2600 only River Raid for the 2018 Activision Patch Quest 7 minutes River Raid II for the 2600 high score club 21 minutes Solar Fox 95 minutes
  3. Breakout Super Breakout Dodgeem Solar Fox Demon Attack River Raid Dig Dug Enduro
  4. 5950. River Raid 2. Need a lot of practice.
  5. River Raid. 24,990. First patch of summer.
  6. Battlezone Atari 2600 for the high score club. 156 minutes. Solar Fox. 40 minutes.
  7. 77,000. I will continue trying a lot today.
  8. Small improvement 35,000. Way behind still.
  9. Im playing Battlezone every day but not improving my score. I will keep trying.
  10. Times for the week are: Atari 2600 Battlezone. HSC first week of the playoffs. 36 Minutes. Atari 2600 Solar Fox 178 mimnutes.
  11. Not too good yet but will keep trying.
  12. Thank you Nads. Good luck to you also. Good first score. I will be trying a lot the next few days to beat it. AGB.
  13. No. Much much more. At one point I was regularly going over 500,000 per game. Hit 599,000 earlier this year.
  14. Tetris is by far my fave NES. I imagine I put in 10,000 minutes over the years on that game. Good luck with the 200,000.
  15. Favorites: River raid Beam Rider Best Surprise: Seawolf Squish'em Least favorites: Pele Soccer Quick Step Congrats to Leto for a great season. Thank you Vocelli for all the hard work you put into this for a fun season.
  16. Times for the week are Solar Fox 40 minutes Tunnel Runner for HSC 35 minutes. Fun game.
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