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  1. Solar Fox. Instead of score which has been rolled, can I use racks. 99 racks.
  2. Super Breakout and Breakout. They are two of my top three favorites.
  3. Must own I think are Super Breakout, Breakout, River Raid, Demon Attack, Solar Fox, DigDug, Enduro. Over rated Pitfall, Space Invaders.
  4. Two decent games that I owned for years but never played until tonight.
  5. Are we allowed to substitute cruise missile for Exocet? Thank you.
  6. I like to use a 19 inch crt. Anything above 25 inch doesn't work for me.
  7. I always loved Dodge'em. I think Grand Prix, home run, basketball and Turmoil are under rated.
  8. Hi SBaz. I think you may have missed my cosmic commuter score from last night around 10:50. Thank you. AGB
  9. Laser Blast. My second patch of summer. More to come I hope.
  10. 42,980. Nice improvement for me but way behind the leaders.
  11. I didn't think it would work. How bout bugs bunny birthday blowout -NES.
  12. 30,190. Better but far from everyone else. Bonus. Three-D Tic Tac Toe.
  13. I just discovered this. I like it a lot. Thanks for updating
  14. I think basketball as well as home run were very fun games. My friends and I enjoyed playing against Each other a lot. .
  15. Currently hooked up, one per TV: Atari 2600 NES PS 1 PS 2 Flashback 6
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