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  1. Ok, thanks both. I'll check that over the week-end
  2. Hi, I installed two vintagegamingandmore av mods on both a 4 switch and a heavy sixer last week-end. The one on the 4 switch is working fine but the one on the heavy sixer returns a very dark blurry screen. These are not the first mods of this kind I've installed. In fact I've installed about 8-9 in the past years with no problems whatoever (with the exception of one unit but it was the TIA chip, nothing to do with the mod itself). I followed the instructions again as this was my second heavy sixer ever. I removed Q202 and R213 and also the RF unit. Although my soldering skills are not very good, all of them seem to be fine. Sound is great but video as you can see is really bad. Any ideas? Being it a heavy, should I have to have removed any other components? Any ideas would be appreciated. I'm sure most of you have a lot more experience than me at this. The pictures on the left are the 4 switch, the ones on the right are the heavy sixer's screens. As you can see there's a huge difference and something is clearly not right. Thank you.
  3. I see, thanks. Which one would you recommend better than this but at an affordable price also?
  4. Hi, I've just successfully completed a vintagegamingandmore av video mod on my 4 switch today. The image and sound are ok but there's a little ghosting. Following the web instructions I've only removed the rf box, c209 and q201 transistor. I've seen on different sites though that it's advisable to also remove L201 (the big red piece in the middle) and a couple of other small resistors. Question is would this really make a difference in image quality? Should I try it? Thanks
  5. It actually did work. I had to do it several times but here's the result. I grabbed an old 4 switcher not to spoil my heavy. The lever in the background has been polished. There's a big difference if compared to the one in the foreground. Thanks!
  6. Ok, thanks for the advice. Let me give it a go and will come back with some pics.
  7. Hi everyone. I was wondering if there's a way to clean / polish the console levers (game select, reset, on/off...etc). My heavy sixer is in great shape but the aluminium on the levers looks dimmed because of time or use. Has anybody ever tried to polish them? I know they can be replaced but there's nothing wrong with them only the look. Thanks
  8. Hi, I'm trading my PAL versions of Kung Fu Master and Polaris for the NTSC ones. The carts are in perfect working condition. I live in Spain. Mail would be around 15 bucks for both. Cheers.
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