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  1. My PC Tech friend has got around to try and fix my Atari 800XL. He found 3 bad caps so far.

    1. SoundGammon


      Can you post what caps he changed for future reference?


      Thanks, Rob

    2. Classic Pac

      Classic Pac

      3 non polarized caps near the cart port 

  2. A while back a friend gave me an Atari 800XL in perfect condition. Finally got a power supply and AV cable turns out it doesn't turn on. Tried a trick someone suggested still doesn't work. I have a PC tech friend who is going to see if it has bad caps. 

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    2. x=usr(1536)


      @Classic Pac: when you say it doesn't turn on, if you leave it powered up for ten or fifteen minutes, do any of the ICs or other components get warm?

    3. Classic Pac

      Classic Pac

      I'll check it out thanks


    4. Classic Pac

      Classic Pac

      I just confirmed everything left hand side of motherboard warm, right hand side room temperature.  

  3. Went out yesterday with friend to check out yard sales. Then encountered heavy rain and a tornado warning. I think we all are pretty lucky, we did get some nice bargains.

  4. I have been watching Double Dare season 1 on Paramount Plus and was delighted to find out that the very 1st prize in the Prize Run at the end of the episode was an Atari 7800

    1. Rick Dangerous

      Rick Dangerous

      Double Dare from Nickelodeon with Mark Simmers? Loved that show!

    2. Classic Pac

      Classic Pac

      Double Dare would not be Double Dare without Marc Summers

    3. Rick Dangerous

      Rick Dangerous

      Just looked him up; apparently he's alive and well (relatively).   I really need to revisit that show; thanks for bringing it up!

  5. So far I know of 3 nude figure mods for 3 games. This pandemic needs to end soon.

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    2. carlsson


      Oh, nude Tic-Tac-Toe. Somehow I can see there is a market for that.

    3. TwentySixHundred


      Qbert isn't shy of nudie runs :)

    4. cedropoole


      The Nude Mario Bros. mod. You cannot unsee Mario naked.

  6. Videogames Then and Now fixed my Blue GBA SP and the screen which hasn't worked since I bought it looks incredible. No wonder this model is so much in demand.


  7. My PS3 and my blue GBA SP are both finally repaired. I pick them up tomorrow.

    1. Rick Dangerous

      Rick Dangerous

      Is it the BC 60GB PS3? CHECHA01? 

  8. I own a Gameshark Update disc. How rare are these? The only one 1 know of is the one I own.

  9. I got a Spam this morning from now get this KILL INC with the subject line "How Much is Your Data Worth". I deleted it ASAP, who knows it could have been ransomware.

  10. What is wrong with YouTube? 5 unskippable  ads before a video

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    2. MrMaddog


      Ad block extensions work great on browsers, but not on phones and other streaming devices.  And I couldn't even get a ad blocking DNS to work either...so I bite the bullet and got a Premium subscription.  Money well worth spent on never seeing any damn political ads!

    3. The Mr. Video

      The Mr. Video

      If you have an Android phone, then there's Youtube Vanced.

    4. frankodragon


      Yeah, YouTube has gone down the toilet with ads and they don't care.  I use Chrome so I use a combination of adblockers such as Adblock Plus, Adblocker Ultimate and Adblock.

  11. I decided even when there is a vaccine available for Covid, and I do get it. I am still wearing my mask 

    1. AAA177


      I've decided that as well. When you think about it, shouldn't we always have been wearing masks in crowds, during holiday shopping-season, in doctor offices, etc., just to avoid influenza and regular respiratory infections? Not in a mandatory sense pre-pandemic, but I'm surprised the use of masks wasn't simply a recommended tip for daily life. I'm also considering a face shield at this point, too...

  12. Turns out the optical drive in my PS3 went bad, now it needs to be replaced.

  13. Had an expert look at my PS Vita after it got water damaged, their verdict... It's toast and I should think about getting a new one.😥

    1. ClassicGMR


      THAT sucks...

    2. English Invader

      English Invader

      Did you leave the Vita for a week or so before turning it on again after it got damaged?  I've heard that the real killer from water damage is shorts on the motherboard from not letting it dry out properly.


      I'm sorry that's not much help to you now (if it could have even helped at all) but hopefully you'll be able to get another one.  The Vita is a system I've been interested in but I wonder how much of a future it has once Sony drops online support for it.

  14. Got some good news yesterday, a friend thinks they know what is wrong with my PS3 and best of all they know how to fix it, which they agreed to do.

    1. GoldLeader


      Or...Ya could give me the Motherboard to fix one of mine... :)

  15. Got some good news yesterday, a friend thinks they know what is wrong with my PS3 and best of all they know how to fix it, which they agreed to do.

  16. The Blu ray drive in my PS3 died

    1. Crazy Climber

      Crazy Climber

      bet your atari 2600 still works though :)


    2. pce_collector


      They don't make 'em like they used to, whether it be cars, consoles, or women.

  17. Got a couple of games for free, been thinking about making them available in the Free Games. Frankly it doesn't make any sense to charge for these games that are worth $10 or less.

  18. Had a weird little problem when trying to join AtariAge on Discord. It says I am a member but I can't access their Discord channel on Discord software. Now what?

  19. It's really getting to a point where I can't even stand watching the news without feeling like throwing something at my TV

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    2. Joe C.

      Joe C.

      Anyone that "watches" their news isn't getting facts.

    3. ls650


      The only news I've been watching is the local news reports for about the first 15 minutes, just to see if there are issues with closures, etc.

      I've been reading a fair bit of news online, but as Joe writes above you really need to shop around different sources and not expect any one of them to be reliable.

    4. Joe C.

      Joe C.

      Reading is the way to go, different sources as well.

  20. Playing my 1st Ace Attorney game, Justice for All. Fun game, that has it's own unique pattern.

  21. So far the PCs in the Veteran's Computer Lab at the VA hospital in Chicago have had no internet access for over a month. 3 PCs of the 13 have been in a non working state for now get this 5 months. I beg you to contact your elected official to get this problem finally fixed.

  22. 100 FREE DD Perks Bonus Points - 1st come gets the points



    1. Stephen


      Perky DDs you say?  I don't think that's possible :)

  23. I leave for Washington DC for a week later today

    1. save2600


      Sounds like a field trip!

    2. Flojomojo


      If you are coming in via BWI, this is really close. Lots of old arcade games. http://www.crab-towne.com

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